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>>Anonymous  12sep2018(we)17:08  No.62445  OP  P1
Enjoy degenerates

Fillyfuckfiesta. 1.02

Fff.swf (46.93 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 41 frames, 60 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  12sep2018(we)19:35  No.62450  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  12sep2018(we)21:52  No.62454  B  P3R2
its amazing how much more on board i would be with these types of games if they had a "chest titties" options
>>???? ????  13sep2018(th)00:20  No.62459  C  P4R3
"Patreon only preview please do not distribute."
Looks like he failed at stopping that.
>>Anonymous  13sep2018(th)01:21  No.62461  D  P5R4
to think how much time was spent crafting this garbage...what a waste
>>Anonymous  13sep2018(th)02:29  No.62462  E  P6R5
this reminds me of how SJW successfully un-derped Derpy, which makes me mad.
also this flash was not made possible by patreon, it was "made possible" by the donators. too much credit given to that site, they don't really "made anything possible" in regards to this flash.
>>Anonymous  13sep2018(th)03:58  No.62474  F  P7R6
makes me think that intentionally using LZMA compression would be the actual best way of stopping uploads, at least to swfchan or /f/

well providing the platform and donation services is still something
but yeah, blatant saint-ism. it should at least say patrons on patreon or something. donations existed long before that site

>>Anonymous  13sep2018(th)13:00  No.62481  G  P8R7
L O S S ?
>>Anonymous  13sep2018(th)17:52  No.62483  H  P9R8
sell out
>>Anonymous  14sep2018(fr)15:50  No.62494  I  P10
Into the fucking trash. I can't believe people actually like that hack's shit.
>>Anonymous  15sep2018(sa)10:11  No.62509  J  P11R9
>fast blue horse has 6x multiplier with a dick but 0.4 with vag
what did he mean by this?
>>Anonymous  15sep2018(sa)11:43  No.62510  K  P12R10
would like this a whole lot more if it wasn't my little pony or they at least looked somewhat human
>>Anonymous  15sep2018(sa)21:11  No.62514  L  P13R11
What's wrong with Mittsies exactly?
>>Nanonymous  17sep2018(mo)23:22  No.62545  M  P14R12
Really? Why put so much effort into watching two cartoon horses f### each other instead of, oh i dunno....something that looks even vaguely human?
>>Anonymous  18sep2018(tu)08:19  No.62559  N  P15R13
Why censor your fuckwords if you're commenting on porn?
>>Anonymous  20sep2018(th)15:39  No.62596  E  P16R14
don't clue creators in on LZMA please. besides, people just need to swap compression or decompress the swf and it'll upload just fine.
>>Anonymous  24sep2018(mo)15:08  No.63656  O  P17R15

Ah, the people confused or still getting riled up that others have different kinks and tastes.

>>Anonymous  24sep2018(mo)16:48  No.63659  P  P18R16

BuT It'S DegEnERatE anD iT hurts ME yOu CuCk!!!!

>>Anonymous  24sep2018(mo)17:25  No.63661  Q  P19R17
It's not that it's weird fetish shit. It's that this is just fucking garbage.
>>Anonymous  25sep2018(tu)21:40  No.63675  I  P20R18
Ugly style and shit fetishes.

t. patreon cuck

>>Anonymous  25sep2018(tu)22:19  No.63676  O  P21R19
Many characters, unique dialogue, character-specific speeds, many other customizations.

"just fucking garbage" is just lazy.

You think I would pay/donate for porn, lol

>>Anonymous  30sep2018(su)14:36  No.63802  R  P22R20
i dunno man, its like people have a fetish for this or somethin...
>>w7 890  11oct2018(th)17:12  No.64040  S  P23R21
remember guys

just a little tip from the Yiff.Party pirate
for the love of god always chose
Prevent B: Communicating with external servers
when opening pirated swf files in swfchan
they can use it to track u

>>Anonymous  12oct2018(fr)07:01  No.64053  F  P24R22
I think it's on that option by default.
Also, opening something with the .html wrapper on .org at least blocks links (aka option Prevent A).
>>not-a-namefag  30oct2018(tu)07:13  No.64456  T  P25R23
im not w7 890

i have a little question
what if an assnut reports the file
will antz remove it or not
in case this gets taken down i still have a copy

>>Anonymous  30oct2018(tu)10:31  No.64463  U  P26R24
>Many characters, unique dialogue, character-specific speeds, many other customizations.
All that extra shit and none of it helps the art style. To think people actually paid for this crap.
>>w7 890  17nov2018(sa)12:20  No.64949  V  P27R25
secrets anyone?

does this swf contain any other secrets
[runs flash decompiler]

>>w7-890  14dec2018(fr)18:44  No.65461  W  P28R26
OMG extra extra

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