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>>Nanonymous  1sep2018(sa)19:18  No.62198  OP  P1
Pleasure BonBon

Pleasure Bon Bon Strip Poker

BJ_pbb_violet2012.swf (1.47 MiB)
725x500, Uncompressed. 19 frames, 30 fps (00:01).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  1sep2018(sa)22:04  No.62202  A  P2R1
not allowed on this domain
>>Anonymous  2sep2018(su)02:25  No.62207  B  P3R2
right click > play
>>Anonymous  2sep2018(su)02:51  No.62208  C  P4R3
Way too much effort for a pure RNG simulator
>>Anonymous  2sep2018(su)05:03  No.62211  D  P5R4
the game is clearly rigged for the dealer
>>Destrosity  2sep2018(su)14:24  No.62218  E  P6R5
Yea it's clearly weighted towards the dealer.

First fuckin' deal and I get 13. Hit. 21. Stay. Dealer hits. 21. Push. No one wins. Next hand I have 12, hit, bust. *Clicks x in top right corner* I'm good thanks.

>>Anonymous  2sep2018(su)15:48  No.62219  F  P7R6
blackjack is the devils game.
>>Anonymous  2sep2018(su)18:34  No.62220  G  P8R7
You can win at this game, and this is all you get.


>>Anonymous  2sep2018(su)19:38  No.62221  H  P9R8
Looks like shit
Typical RNG furfag trash game
>>Anonymous  21oct2018(su)03:10  No.64196  I  P10R9
I was gonna say that i was surprised Pleasure Bon Bon is still around, i figured that Zone flash was probably the height of their relevancy. But this is from 2017 and their site's last update was last christmas, so...
>>Anonymous  21oct2018(su)04:29  No.64197  F  P11R10
>>Anonymous  21oct2018(su)12:15  No.64200  J  P12R11

How many furfag games do you know that have RNG?

Way to expose your powerlevel, faggot.

>>Anonymous  21oct2018(su)23:54  No.64204  K  P13R12
it's not weighted to the dealer it's just shit RNG

I won the first 3 rounds with no issue
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