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>>Anonymous  31aug2018(fr)20:28  No.62164  OP  P1
Yu-Gi-oh.swf (3 MiB)
800x800, Compressed. 7 frames, 45 fps (00:00).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  1sep2018(sa)00:46  No.62177  A  P2R1
This was actually really good. I only wish the hand drawing animations were faster (or nonexistant).
>>Anonymous  1sep2018(sa)01:20  No.62179  B  P3R2
Definitely an interesting concept.
Nice touch with the choice of cards.
>>Anonymous  1sep2018(sa)09:49  No.62188  C  P4R3
can you use the impregnation thing?
>>Anonymous  1sep2018(sa)13:30  No.62191  D  P5R4
some characters are hidden. how do you find them?
>>Anonymous  1sep2018(sa)23:07  No.62203  E  P6R5
dope as fuck
>>Anonymous  1sep2018(sa)23:07  No.62204  E  P7
HELL yeah
>>Anonymous  3sep2018(mo)02:25  No.62227  F  P8R6
Really funny with the cards actually, I think I found like 5 girls with their alternatives? Is there actually any ending or such? Because I have to reload the game to pick something from the menu.
>>Anonymous  3sep2018(mo)08:44  No.62231  G  P9R7
Not bad.
>>swords  3sep2018(mo)17:09  No.62240  H  P10R8
yu gi oh

If they could make this with sounds this would be godlike. Some high quality stuff here even withouth sound very impressive stuff.

>>???? ????  3sep2018(mo)17:40  No.62243  I  P11R9
An actual high quality game from LOK? There are too little of these.
>>Anonymous  3sep2018(mo)18:00  No.62247  J  P12R10
First blood!

nothing like a bloody cock to get the erection going

>>Anonymous  3sep2018(mo)23:05  No.62254  D  P13R11
ive looked through the games assets and there are other girls and cards i just don't know how to get them.
>>Anonymous  4sep2018(tu)09:45  No.62257  K  P14R12
Really depends if you get a thing for loss of virginity.
>>Anonymous  4sep2018(tu)12:18  No.62261  L  P15R13
What do you use to look through .swf assets? Would you also be able to remove an asset (such as a sound file) and save the .swf so it no longer plays the sound file?
>>Anonymous  4sep2018(tu)13:15  No.62262  D  P16R14
62261 jpex flash decompiler its easy anyone could use it to remove sound
>>Anonymous  4sep2018(tu)14:42  No.62263  L  P17R15
Trying it out now. So far, looks really good. Thank you, anon!
>>swords  4sep2018(tu)16:30  No.62265  H  P18R16
yu gi oh

Does the original have any sound files? didn't think so would be pretty awesome though it it would be updated or restored if it originally had any sound

>>Anonymous  4sep2018(tu)19:37  No.62267  D  P19R17
gorepete created this but no sound version unfortunately.
>>Anonymous  6sep2018(th)04:42  No.62289  M  P20R18

There is a continuation with sound:

There is also unreleased animations from the continuation(Isis Ishtar) inside this flash:
But since the creator has chronic asbergue, it's discontinued.
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