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>>Anonymous  24aug2018(fr)14:43  No.62006  OP  P1
Minus8 Parody

Just for the laughs :D

minus8 parody.swf (67.73 MiB)
1280x720, Uncompressed. 5265 frames, 25 fps (03:31).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  24aug2018(fr)17:08  No.62008  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  24aug2018(fr)17:32  No.62009  B  P3R2
source of the video?


>>Anonymous  24aug2018(fr)20:59  No.62011  C  P4R3
A parody of a parody.
>>Anonymous  24aug2018(fr)21:31  No.62012  D  P5R4
birdway on iwara
>>???? ????  25aug2018(sa)00:03  No.62014  E  P6R5
I remember that person.
>>Anonymous  25aug2018(sa)03:42  No.62017  B  P7R6
many thanks
>>Anonymous  25aug2018(sa)04:37  No.62018  F  P8R7
source which isn't just pixels?
>>Anonymous  25aug2018(sa)05:10  No.62020  G  P9R8
All these blocks. Where is the original?
>>???? ????  25aug2018(sa)05:46  No.62022  E  P10R9
The source. nguage=en
>>Anonymous  25aug2018(sa)12:39  No.62026  H  P11R10
Can you feel it, Mr Krabs?
>>Anonymous  25aug2018(sa)15:21  No.62027  I  P12R11
ok wtf
>>Destrosity  25aug2018(sa)17:11  No.62028  J  P13R12
This was a good recreation. Bravo from me.
>>Anonymous  25aug2018(sa)18:37  No.62029  K  P14R13
jesus, somebody put a lot more time and effort into this than I had expected. props
>>Anonymous  25aug2018(sa)18:48  No.62030  L  P15R14
>futa CG
Why do people do this to themselves?
>>Anonymous  25aug2018(sa)19:06  No.62036  M  P16R15
hey, it's dickgirls on girls, so what's the problem
you would have to model at least 1 dick per scene anyway, so why not slap a pair of tits on it at least, couldn't hurt
>>???? ????  25aug2018(sa)20:14  No.62037  E  P17R16
I'm feeling something warm.
>>Anonymous  26aug2018(su)01:56  No.62042  N  P18R17
>source is still blocky as hell
>>Anonymous  26aug2018(su)05:36  No.62043  O  P19R18
Thx OP for bringing this to my attention
And thx for posting the sauce
>>Anonymous  26aug2018(su)18:52  No.62050  A  P20R19
I don't mind traps, but futa, or dickgirls with tits strikes me as retarded. Just personal taste. I'd prefer blank-faced males.
>>Anonymous  26aug2018(su)20:15  No.62053  P  P21R20
it's well done but why make it with freaks instead of men?
>>Anonymous  26aug2018(su)20:41  No.62055  M  P22R21
>is okay with actual gay
>is not okay with a women's body with a dick
Wew, lad. The reason for futa is girls dicking girls.
If you mean that you are okay with a trap fucking a women that's just retarded roleplay of normal straight sex.
>>Anonymous  26aug2018(su)22:02  No.62056  N  P23R22
>I don't mind dudes, but eww girls
>>???? ????  27aug2018(mo)00:19  No.62059  E  P24R23
Dang :/
>>Anonymous  27aug2018(mo)01:13  No.62060  Q  P25R24
Sorry to be a needy anonbitch and post this in an existing thread, but I'm looking for Seismic hentai. USAEcchi and Sweet Mami 1-3. Every source I found has dodgy filehosting sites and takes hours on end to download.
>>Anonymous  27aug2018(mo)05:34  No.62064  R  P26R25
get hexchat, join rizon (channel not needed), click the desired entry in the site and copypaste the code into irc, then you'll get a download
>>Anonymous  27aug2018(mo)09:54  No.62067  L  P27R26
I don't think the complaint is that women are in it. The complaint is that chicks with dicks is dumb.
>>Anonymous  27aug2018(mo)19:20  No.62076  P  P28R27
I don't understand why people don't just use girls with strapons.

The reason why dickgirls are disgusting is because in reality whenever you see a "dickgirl" it is a mentally ill guy that have modified his body to mimick a girl, except for the penis. It is ALWAYS a guy with tits. A girl simply can't have an operation to put in a functional penis, it's impossible.

So now you know why some of us don't see a dickgirl as "a girl with a penis", because in reality it is always 100% of the time with no exceptions a man with mental problems. Girl with strapon = mm, a girl banging another girl. Girl with dick = yuck, a faggot with a mutilated body.

>>Anonymous  27aug2018(mo)21:51  No.62079  M  P29R28
Yes, real futa doesn't feature balls, but you didn't get the most important part.
It's not real. It's not supposed to be real. It's better than real. (It's log!)
If you can't watch it and not draw parallels to the real world to think "that's just a mentally ill tranny!" instead of "that anime girl magically has a penis; and can cum without any male reproduction organs!", then you just miss out on the fun.

Strapons are shit. Boring tools, wannabe penises. A strapon adds nothing to the scene, you could just use a dildo instead. The girl using the strapon doesn't feel anything.
But this here a fucking drawing, you can have a girl AND a penis that squirts out a huge ass load while both the women cum in ecstasy.

>>Anonymous  31aug2018(fr)07:59  No.62153  S  P30R29

Imagine being this retarded and being unable to separate fantasy from reality.

>>Anonymous  2sep2018(su)02:06  No.62206  T  P31R30
lmao at yalls out of control transphobia gettin in the way of you enjoying porn

buncha clown assholes

>>Anonymous  2sep2018(su)03:23  No.62209  U  P32R31
Imagine being so far gone as to fantasize about this.
My grandfather was raped by clowns, you offensive bigot. Apologize before I report you to the cyber police.
>>Anonymous  3sep2018(mo)06:44  No.62229  V  P33R32
Literally all great fantasy is rooted in reality. Human beings need something to ground fantasy in order to make it believable, even fantasy needs rules. That's why a lot of people don't see a magic dick appearing on a fully functioning female, they see a mentally ill Bailey Jay which is repulsive on many levels to most people. Stop taking other people's opinions so seriously you dumb cuck. If I was into scat, I wouldn't be mad at you for being repulsed by literal shit... so why are you surprised at straight dudes being repulsed by magical trannies? Fuck off you insecure piece of shit.

That being said, this flash is awesome.

>>Anonymous  3sep2018(mo)18:05  No.62248  W  P34R33
Why remake a straight flash with dickgirls. Why. Not everything needs a dickgirl alternative.
>>Anonymous  3sep2018(mo)22:39  No.62253  X  P35R34
Okay, this is epic
>>Anonymous  4sep2018(tu)03:47  No.62255  Y  P36R35
Welp, this is probably the worst thread I've ever seen on this site.
>>???? ????  4sep2018(tu)11:59  No.62260  E  P37R36
Oh no! An ironic memer.
There's been way worse than this.
>>Anonymous  14dec2018(fr)05:38  No.65447  Z  P38R37
Why am I not surprised that a retard has no imagination?
>>AnonZDK  14dec2018(fr)15:14  No.65454  AA  P39R38

w0w what the flying fuck did i just watch
d0ge is not very pleased
[obvious trolling]

sorry to say this but i think ive just noticed a bunch of butthurt fags ITT
calling the wannable spambot named w7-890
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