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>>w7 890  16aug2018(th)08:31  No.61802  OP  P1
file contains a secret jumpscare plz decompile first

what the fucking fuck is this my fap got ruined
this evil file contains a horrifying secret
also this file also contains b64 strings

vinylr.swf (16.78 MiB)
800x450, Compressed. 1865 frames, 30 fps (01:02).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>9o7jo  16aug2018(th)13:11  No.61808  A  P2R1

how in the fuck do you trigger it? ive gone to every stage of the sex thing, typed in the password on each stage, backwards and forwards, typed it in on the red HEY intro screen ditto.

typed it in on the secret page, i stretched in out with t/w, still couldn't find anywhere to type the password in, or anywhere where typing it in actually works...

how in the fuck are you supposed to trigger the jumpscare? you would never trigger it in a normal fap sesh unless you were looking to, and even then it is real fucking difficult.

>>Anonymous  16aug2018(th)15:29  No.61810  B  P3R2
Just low tier creepypasta-level shit. Nothing to see here.

Nice try though.

>>Shrek  16aug2018(th)17:41  No.61812  C  P4R3
What are you gay?
>>Anonymous  17aug2018(fr)02:54  No.61825  D  P5R4
Press Play, then click the red arrow to return to the menu screen and there will be a flashing question mark in the right corner, click it to trigger the jumpscare. Wow, what a fucking mystery
>>Anonymous  17aug2018(fr)05:15  No.61828  E  P6R5
it's all a big DDLC reference
>>w7 890 !elUzZM2K/o  17aug2018(fr)07:04  No.61829  F  P7R6
ive accidentally triggered that fucking thing
it i have no idea its there ;_;
is this some kind of copy protection shit
i really regeretted it /cry
just came here to warn others
>>VINYRAINBOW  17aug2018(fr)07:11  No.61830  F  P8
Do not tell anyone the pass or u will get pwned

tracker activated

remember kids this is why we should use VMs
also what the fuck was in ur vbox

>>w7 890 !elUzZM2K/o  17aug2018(fr)07:13  No.61831  F  P9
hax really lol

hey faggot what the fuck was that for
can u stop trolling pls

whats next flash exploit ?

>>Anonymous  17aug2018(fr)07:15  No.61832  F  P10
no ur gay
also u
>>Anonymous  17aug2018(fr)16:34  No.61837  G  P11R7
>Horsefucker draws shitty porn
>Can't make proper jumpscares.
Bronyscum can't do anything right
>>Anonymous  17aug2018(fr)17:29  No.61838  E  P12R8
you could not be more wrong faggot, I was just letting every person who happens to comeby this thread that the "creepy shit" is just a reference to DDLC which has no context at all in this flash.
>>Anonymous  17aug2018(fr)18:28  No.61839  B  P13R9
Never actually looked at the flash itself, retard.

Also, nice job samefagging four times in a row. We can kinda see that.

>>Anonymous  17aug2018(fr)19:30  No.61841  H  P14R10
we can see your id you mongoloid
fuck off and dont ever come back
>>Anonymous  18aug2018(sa)01:10  No.61847  I  P15R11
just let the Retard talk to himself :)
>>Anonymous  20aug2018(mo)06:09  No.61892  J  P16R12
Hey fags who wants to play
Sage the thread


>>Anonymous  20aug2018(mo)06:20  No.61893  J  P17


>>w7 890  20aug2018(mo)06:29  No.61894  J  P18
the fuck is going on

the thread has become 2 messy
time to sage


>>Anonymous  20aug2018(mo)06:56  No.61896  J  P19
OP is that you
your id looks similar
>>Anonymous  20aug2018(mo)07:08  No.61897  K  P20R13
>>BANnoymous  20aug2018(mo)08:34  No.61900  L  P21R14

so who wants to get banned

>>W7 890  20aug2018(mo)09:50  No.61907  J  P22R15
OP here

Well that escalated quickly
Ok guys sorry about that
I got a bit bored and decided to troll (;_;)
and i failed really hard lel
So pls ignore or delete my comments sorry about that
now excuse me while i drink bleach and delete system32
Btw pls do /sage
Bye anonz
Lets just pretend nothing happened
Or i will kek u

>>Anonymous  20aug2018(mo)18:53  No.61919  M  P23
>>Anonymous  20aug2018(mo)19:40  No.61921  H  P24
hey its me ur brother
>>W7 890  21aug2018(tu)14:30  No.61955  N  P25R16
I hope this works

K thx gonna sage

>>W7 890  21aug2018(tu)14:31  No.61956  N  P26
Is it
sage or
>>Anonymous  22aug2018(we)18:16  No.61980  M  P27R17
>>Anonymous  1sep2018(sa)10:26  No.62189  O  P28
>>sageman  1sep2018(sa)20:16  No.62200  O  P29


>>fucko  11sep2018(tu)18:40  No.62430  P  P30R18


>>sage  11sep2018(tu)19:43  No.62431  Q  P31

Sage goes in all fields you queer.

>>w7 890  20sep2018(th)17:58  No.62601  R  P32
kill thread pls

ok thx guys mind helping me kill this goddam derailed thread

>>Anonymous  30sep2018(su)21:29  No.63813  S  P33R19
Why the hell is there writen "password: justalice"?
>>Anonymous  1oct2018(mo)18:34  No.63826  E  P34R20
it appears the creator wanted to push the DDLC reference so hard (Just Monika), just in case you didnt get it from the Base64 messages hidden in the flash, even though none of the DDLC references themselves make any sense in this flash
>>Sage  7oct2018(su)01:44  No.63945  T  P35


>>Sageman  14oct2018(su)15:56  No.64099  U  P36

>>cute anon  21oct2018(su)06:15  No.64198  V  P37
OP is a phaggot

nothing to say about this bulshittery
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