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>>Anonymous  15aug2018(we)03:43  No.61739  OP  P1
Magic Book [BrunetteMod]

blondes are boring, so i took the classic Magic Book.swf and edited all the blonde hairs to brunette. it was a royal PITA, and took longer than i expected. some of the colors were buried in 'shapeRecords'.

Magic Book[BrunetteMod].swf (4.96 MiB)
640x480, Compressed. 3 frames, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver7, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  15aug2018(we)18:06  No.61758  A  P2R1
can some one make her black - random nicca
>>Anonymous  16aug2018(th)01:24  No.61793  B  P3R2
can someone make ALL THE CHARACTERS BLACK?
>>Anonymous  16aug2018(th)05:54  No.61796  OP  P4R3

i could, but i'm not interested in that.

if you want to do it yourself, you can download JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler (Java on Windows, Linux or MacOS). open the flash, click on 'shapes'. right click on the shape that you want to change the color of, click 'Raw edit'. click the 'shapes +, then Fill styles + untill you find the RGB color. click edit at the bottom. i use the RGB tab. find the color you want, then copy the 'Color Code' so you can paste it for the rest. click ok (or hit enter), then 'save' at the bottom. do that for all the shapes you want changed.

some shape colors as i said before are buried in 'shapeRecords' then 'StyleChangeRecord' making it PITA.

good luck


>>Anonymous  16aug2018(th)15:15  No.61809  A  P5R4
what color code did you use cause her skin color in the picture is perfect
>>Anonymous  16aug2018(th)19:59  No.61816  OP  P6R5
>>Anonymous  20aug2018(mo)23:30  No.61929  C  P7R6
You weren't kidding when you said this is a pain in the ass. He seems to forget and move around his dependencies a lot, too, which makes for more fun.
I still can't figure out where he hid away the working parts for her left breast during the animation. The one that's where its supposed to be is broke.


>>Anonymous  21aug2018(tu)00:45  No.61932  D  P8R7
Changing white to black is not doing God's bidding, repent now before it's too late!
>>Anonymous  21aug2018(tu)01:37  No.61935  OP  P9R8
try in 'morphshapes'. that is where i had to change her hair color for the monster gang bang scene.
>>Anonymous  1sep2018(sa)19:37  No.62199  E  P10R9
Oh great, another couple thousand variables to scroll through, looking for the right one.
I just moved, so my computer isn't here, in case anyone wonders if I've given up.
>>Anonymous  2sep2018(su)06:03  No.62213  OP  P11R10
it's not thousands. none seem to be buried for this. just inside morphFillstyles.

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