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>>w7 890  11aug2018(sa)17:14  No.61646  OP  P1
yo ants wtf is this
and this

>>w7 890  11aug2018(sa)17:16  No.61647  OP  P2
i forgot to add this

nails and coffins what could they mean
does the adloader hurt or something

>>w7 890  10nov2018(sa)07:38  No.64767  A  P3R1
is the database/server fine

and this
another pic

>>Anonymous  10nov2018(sa)16:40  No.64777  B  P4R2
I've gotten that myself sometimes.
But I think it was never an actual maintenance at that point.
One post didn't get through, no matter how often I tried. But others went fine. Then I slightely edited the post and it went through fine as well.
Seems like an odd occasional error on some threads.
>>lolifucker943  24nov2018(sa)18:02  No.65116  C  P5R3

>>why Antz  25nov2018(su)11:25  No.65126  D  P6R4
hey lolim8

dude another one
h0ly shit

>>7-tard vv8.90  3dec2018(mo)12:18  No.65292  E  P7
WTF and SAGE!!

JFC those are illegal files dude
why did u link them

>>w7-890  13dec2018(th)14:03  No.65439  F  P8R5
Yo antz is everything fine
im getting a lot of these database maintenance errors

also how can one check if he is banned

>>w7-890  14dec2018(fr)17:14  No.65458  G  P9R6
Hey Admin

DECODE THIS hint b64
bG9va3MgbGlrZSBhZG1pbiBpcyBjZW5zb3JpbmcgbXkgcG9zd HMKd2hlbiBpIHR5cGUgeWlmZi5wYXJ0eSBpdCBnZXRzIGJsb2N rZWQKdHJ5IGl0IGd1eXM=

>>Anonymous  11jan2019(fr)13:47  No.65935  H  P10R7
yo wtf

yo admin whats this
this was found here ctrl f

>>Anonymous  13jan2019(su)07:49  No.65958  I  P11
1. ctrl+f doesn't work on text that's inside the href of an <a> tag.
2. It's how the email field works on messageboards which support it. You'd put arbitrary text inside of the email field and it would show as an email link in the browser.
>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  6feb2019(we)09:44  No.66474  J  P12R8
antz plz answer

hey antz what happened to
and do you still have the files (not all of them are swfs)
also why do other porn flashes go to /show/ or /swf/ instead of /fap/

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  7mar2019(th)11:15  No.67206  K  P13R9
a glitch f
if you look closely two threads lead to
there should only be one archive per thread

also the flash named Imadethis.swf is missing one thread

>>w7-890 !elUzZM2K/o  8mar2019(fr)16:52  No.67233  L  P14R10
yo antz why is the thumbnail deleted here there isnt any CP there
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