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>>Anonymous  9aug2018(th)07:19  No.61594  OP  P1
RC - Little Dick Riding Zoo BUTTHOLES REMOVED.swf (725.4 KiB)
550x800, Compressed. 16 frames, 24 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  9aug2018(th)11:16  No.61599  A  P2R1
Thank you! I can't overstate how much this small change does.

I just realized how strange it is that no music starts during the fucking scene. Was like that in the original too. Any kind of music would have improved the experience. The flash isn't completely mute either, there's a little melody played at the start during the intro logo.

>>Anonymous  9aug2018(th)17:37  No.61600  B  P3R2
There was really little reason to have those assholes there in the first place.
Looks much better now.
>>Anonymous  7oct2018(su)17:33  No.63962  C  P4R3
Now if only we can have an option to remove the absurd stomach bulge...
>>Anonymous  7oct2018(su)23:12  No.63969  B  P5R4
>>---  18oct2018(th)15:43  No.64142  D  P6R5
and get pussy fuck instead of gay shit
>>Anonymous  18oct2018(th)15:59  No.64143  E  P7R6

Yes, cause the dog buttholes was unsettling but the giant dog cocks shoving into orifices and cum inflation is completely fine.... what the fuck is wrong with you people

>>Anonymous  19oct2018(fr)15:19  No.64159  B  P8R7
>dog dicks
you don't see a lot of it, looks like any other dick
>shoving into orifices
that's called sex
>cum inflation
so mildly, it's like with lots of extra thick cum, it makes it much more appealing for some reason
like PUMP HER UP vibes
really, there're so many worse fetishes

so, yeah, the only bothering thing was staring at a male's (animal) butthole which added nothing to the sex scene, unless you're turned on specifically by that I guess...
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