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>>Anonymous  7aug2018(tu)06:15  No.61528  OP  P1
Rock Candy reskinned one of his old flashes. It's got knotting and better cum inflation now.

Rock Candy [Little Dick Riding Zoo] RESKINNED.swf (726.5 KiB)
550x800, Compressed. 16 frames, 24 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  7aug2018(tu)06:20  No.61530  A  P2R1
Could have done without the emphasis on the wolf rectum but other than that I think it's great
>>Anonymous  7aug2018(tu)07:04  No.61531  B  P3R2
Oh nice let's...
>>Anonymous  7aug2018(tu)16:03  No.61555  C  P4R3
I mean, what did you expect.
>>Anonymous  7aug2018(tu)19:08  No.61558  D  P5R4
I'm assuming you don't know who Rock Candy is.
>>???? ????  7aug2018(tu)20:58  No.61563  E  P6R5
RIP Ellie
>>Anonymous  8aug2018(we)00:52  No.61566  F  P7R6
Alright, someone do the honors of removing that horrendous bulge and we're golden.
>>Anonymous  8aug2018(we)00:58  No.61567  G  P8R7
Sucks to be you.
>>Anonymous  8aug2018(we)04:18  No.61575  H  P9R8
>does anal, as is his trademark
>wolf in the post-scene talks about how tight her pussy is
>she gets preggo so they fucked her in the pussy
>>Anonymous  8aug2018(we)08:35  No.61580  A  P10R9
Oh damn you're right, I got a different ending where she killed the wolves. Guess I must have triggered a secret by mistake because I can't get it again. Unless I remember wrong, but I hope not since it's only been 26 hours since I last opened the flash.
>>Anonymous  8aug2018(we)08:40  No.61581  A  P11
Nope, I remembered correctly - there is a secret. No idea how I made it appear legit but if you quickly change between the last and previous frame using swfchan's timebar you can make the flash glitch out and the story frames with alternate between the secret and normal ending rapidly. Maybe it has to do with the time of day when you view the flash?
>>Anonymous  8aug2018(we)08:43  No.61582  I  P12R10
You can get the secret ending by clicking on the the yo! on her chin after the wolf cums.
>>Anonymous  8aug2018(we)09:15  No.61583  A  P13R11
Thanks, never noticed that the cum spelled Yo! I must have been clicking around a bit before pressing end the first time without paying much attention because the cursor do change when you hover over the sweetspot.
>>???? ????  8aug2018(we)22:16  No.61589  E  P14R12
RIP Wolves
>>Anonymous  9aug2018(th)01:54  No.61591  J  P15R13
Way too much focus on the wolves. I know y'all like to train the weasel watching animal rectums but I for one do not
>>Anonymous  10aug2018(fr)16:03  No.61615  K  P16R14
sad thing i prefer the "Yo!" more then other, didn't like fact that other character died
>>Anonymous  12aug2018(su)01:29  No.61665  D  P17R15
It's supposed to be comical, because no person in a situation like that would be reasonably rendered immobile due to hunger, let alone die because of the overall circumstance of not getting to eat lunch.

Fucking autist.

>>Nanonymous  17sep2018(mo)23:28  No.62546  L  P18R16
The artist is great. Too bad they never do an vag content.
>>Anonymous  18sep2018(tu)04:06  No.62552  C  P19R17
I'd not say "never".
Just "rarely".
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