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>>Anonymous  30jul2018(mo)04:41  No.61348  OP  P1
And here's an extremely rudimentary edit to make it not run worse than a one legged horse. The whole camera aspect was probably a necessary sacrifice.

-8 adult ashley edited again.swf (241.9 KiB)
550x400, Compressed. 1 frame, 45 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  30jul2018(mo)09:16  No.61353  A  P2R1
I'm so glad -8's work is incredibly easy to edit.
>>Anonymous  30jul2018(mo)18:52  No.61363  B  P3R2
Wow, you can see how much of the visual appeal is gone once you remove those motion/blur/shaky camera effects...
>>Anonymous  31jul2018(tu)02:30  No.61371  C  P4R3
The camera thing was crap anyway (sorry -8) so fantastic work OP!

It doesn't look bad now and now it's actually fappable. Cameras that move around make me more sea sick than horny.

>>Anonymous  31jul2018(tu)04:01  No.61374  D  P5R4
Yeah it's too bad, I hope there can be a camera without blur edit later.
>>Anonymous  31jul2018(tu)09:50  No.61381  A  P6R5
He probably would have put more work into it if it didn't crash his computer.
Dudes got a thing for shaky cam, gotta make some sacrifices to make it wiggle.
>>Anonymous  31jul2018(tu)17:18  No.61390  B  P7R6
I wouldn't disagree.
Most of his couch flashes were unfappable with the camera.
Still, you can't help but notice the flash was made with that in regard, the music and motion, it all comes together.
Now it's just kinda boring...
>>Anonymous  31jul2018(tu)21:42  No.61404  C  P8R7
Sure it looks better with the camera flying all over the place and with the blur effects but as it increases aesthetics it decreases fappability.
>>Anonymous  1aug2018(we)00:03  No.61406  E  P9R8
so many plebs out here
>>Anonymous  1aug2018(we)04:16  No.61409  F  P10R9
put the hell bulge back you fag
>>Anonymous  1aug2018(we)04:48  No.61410  OP  P11R10
>>Anonymous  1aug2018(we)18:43  No.61417  G  P12R11
now we just need one with bulge+fixed camera
>>Anonymous  2aug2018(th)22:09  No.61440  H  P13R12
No, now we need someone to post a "fixed" version of Ashley.
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