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>>Anonymous  29jul2018(su)18:42  No.61326  OP  P1
tfw using swfchan to host swf files because nowhere else takes them

fucking hate modern browsers that don't support swf

1532784942.passchan_tridentskv1.swf (187.4 KiB)
800x600, Compressed. 3 frames, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  30jul2018(mo)18:40  No.61358  A  P2R1
feels goodman
I'd be fine with swfchan becoming the last definitive bastion for swf
maybe someday it will even get a worthy fundraising
>>Anonymous  31jul2018(tu)01:31  No.61367  B  P3R2
Probably. By then, maybe all the swf files could be converted to a new file type for supporting future browsers.
>>Anonymous  31jul2018(tu)02:27  No.61370  C  P4R3
this makes me so sad to read. flash is such an amazing format. instead of abandoning swf it should be fixed, the specifications are open so it would be completely possible for browsers to integrate it into their own render engine just like how they render a jpg image. then they could sandbox it properly as well. nope! let's just throw it all away and force people to learn something else. actionscript 3 is a great language to code in as well. bye-bye 100 thousand online games, bye-bye classic internet memes. now instead of a 100 kb swf file animation we get a 1 gb movie file in less quality and with no interaction or randomization/variation, fantastic.
>>Anonymous  31jul2018(tu)07:02  No.61377  B  P5R4
Take off those rose tinted glasses *throws em off somewhere*

Flash could of been fixed but they were focused on making newer software than clean up their spaghetti code. Adobe choose to make easy money selling software for graphic design so they had no need to go make new stuff for coders.

Also this flash is nice.

>>Anonymous  31jul2018(tu)16:16  No.61385  C  P6R5
What you just said have nothing to do with nostalgia so that rose tinted glasses line doesn't make any sense. I didn't talk about the reasons why they abandon flash, all I said is that it's a damn shame and nobody should be celebrating that flash is going away.
>>Anonymous  31jul2018(tu)17:25  No.61393  A  P7R6
highly unlikely
to put it short: there's just quite nothing like flash
it would always be a step down in some regard, or easier to make flash "secure" again, at least from a technical standpoint
google just wants to see flash die, so it dies
nobody cares if html5 or JSNode or Unity is any replacement for it
>>Anonymous  31jul2018(tu)18:19  No.61395  D  P8R7
ahh yes and all of google's proprietary/default apps which are slowly replacing the free as in freedom ones on android. i don't have a facebook account and i seriously can't remove the facebook app from my phone.
>>Anonymous  1aug2018(we)01:13  No.61408  B  P9R8
Oh well. Atleast we can lavish the entertainment while it lasts.
>>Anonymous  1aug2018(we)10:45  No.61411  E  P10R9
wait a sec, are you trying to turn me gay?
>>Anonymous  2aug2018(th)19:55  No.61438  F  P11R10
>opengl can do it and better
>HTML5 can do it and better

Be glad it's dead, flash is proprietary and gay and used only for intrusive ads. Just like Java, there is no place for this 90's cancer anymore, thank god.

>>Anonymous  4aug2018(sa)21:02  No.61466  A  P12R11
Html5 can't even make a single working file that you could upload to a board, how exactly is that better?
>>Anonymous  5aug2018(su)03:28  No.61479  C  P13R12
trololol yeyeye hohoho
>>Anonymous  10aug2018(fr)02:46  No.61605  G  P14R13
swf is as secure a delivery format for online media as exe
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