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>>Anonymous  26jul2018(th)08:20  No.61252  OP  P1
Potion Mixer (Magic Girl v11) untouched

Newest version of Magic Girl Kosuchumu. Hidden behind a game.

Potion Mixer - v11 by Zhang-Feng on DeviantArt.swf (36.38 MiB)
720x950, Uncompressed. 47 frames, 30 fps (00:02).
Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  26jul2018(th)08:41  No.61255  A  P2R1
Here's the official description from his Devianart.
>This is not a game. Just an experimental menu system. Sorry that Magic Girl Kosuchumu was removed because deviantart thought it was loli hentai. If anyone still wants to play the latest updates of that game just send me a note.
>>Anonymous  26jul2018(th)09:41  No.61259  B  P3R2
how am i supposed to get her to be raven and those other characters I saw when decompiled?
>>Anonymous  26jul2018(th)10:02  No.61260  OP  P4R3
919263177 for bonus content....
>>Anonymous  26jul2018(th)11:10  No.61261  C  P5R4
>>Anonymous  26jul2018(th)14:53  No.61262  D  P6R5
Potionmixer I am heading into battle, I need your strongest potions
>>Anonymous  26jul2018(th)19:51  No.61267  E  P7R6
>gets taken down for making what is objectively porn of an underage girl
>not only creates a front end to hide said porn but puts bonus content that is arguably of an even younger girl
>>Anonymous  27jul2018(fr)04:43  No.61274  F  P8R7
So, will they add the rest of it or not?
>>Anonymous  27jul2018(fr)16:08  No.61281  G  P9R8
What do you mean rest, this is a fluke to hide the original Kosuchumu loli game in devianart yet again, but now with a younger 6 years old girl
>>Anonymous  27jul2018(fr)18:11  No.61282  A  P10R9
Yup, he's even hiding comments that pointed that out.
>>Anonymous  27jul2018(fr)20:25  No.61284  H  P11R10
>Hi! I'm kosu's younger sister, chuchu! If you like to fap to me instead of Kosu, then comment "cool game" to let me know!

Cool game.

>>Anonymous  29jul2018(su)22:24  No.61332  I  P12R11
Fight on, lolihentai!
>>Anonymous  5aug2018(su)11:05  No.61495  J  P13R12
cool game
>>Anonymous  5aug2018(su)12:44  No.61496  K  P14R13
Cool game
>>Anonymous  5aug2018(su)17:38  No.61500  L  P15R14
I'd assume that message was for the site this was originally posted on you brownnosers
>>Anonymous  5aug2018(su)17:41  No.61501  M  P16R15


>>Anonymous  6aug2018(mo)05:57  No.61508  N  P17R16
There are not enough lolis suffering form my-personal-toilet-bullshit-itis, a viral attack will be necessary.
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