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>>Anonymous  23jul2018(mo)02:47  No.61168  OP  P1
pu.swf (3.86 MiB)
800x800, Compressed. 1 frame, 58.5 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  23jul2018(mo)19:52  No.61192  A  P2R1
>-8 now has to explicitely state that a loop is just a loop without cum
>>???? ????  23jul2018(mo)20:35  No.61197  B  P3R2
Something about this one feels off.
>>Anonymous  23jul2018(mo)22:03  No.61200  C  P4R3
Jesus fucking christ that music is terrible.
>>Anonymous  24jul2018(tu)01:27  No.61202  D  P5R4
Only the gif was made by -8. The music was added by someone else. Same goes for any of the ones with the text on the bottom.
>>Anonymous  24jul2018(tu)16:53  No.61213  A  P6R5
have to say in that case, it loops pretty well with the music
I totally expected this flash to be made by -8
but yeah, he rarely uses songs with lyrics in them
>>Anonymous  24jul2018(tu)21:52  No.61220  OP  P7R6
The gif isn't a gif though. This is vector graphics. So either your story isn't true and -8 did make this, or someone traced his work and managed to catch his swf style, or there is a mute swf version of this somewhere.

It's very annoying, I see no point in ruining the flash with that text.

>>Anonymous  25jul2018(we)04:17  No.61227  E  P8R7
christ change the music
>>Anonymous  25jul2018(we)04:34  No.61228  D  P9R8
Bitch, I don't know the terms. Here is the original. https://
>>Anonymous  25jul2018(we)17:01  No.61241  F  P10R9
ffs you retard -8 made the swf then a gif was released after
>>Anonymous  26jul2018(th)02:55  No.61246  OP  P11R10
Looks like it was "your story isn't true". -8 probably uploaded that video. He didn't think the text was needed in it since people can see the timeline of a video. Meanwhile in glorious flash format there's no way of knowing if it has looped or not, that text that he felt the need to add was still completely unnecessary. It just ruins the thing.
>>Anonymous  26jul2018(th)03:03  No.61247  OP  P12
Er, well if a gif was made it was probably someone that just uploaded it to imgur, didn't need to have been -8 himself. imgur converts gifs to movies, which ruins the quality. Original gif can be downloaded if you press the three dots and press download post. Unless they change the gif as well, I know that they change jpg images to lower quality for some dumb reason while leaving png in the original quality (even though usually those are the ones that you can save the most bytes from when converting, while jpg images are probably pretty optimized already upon upload so they should leave them the hell alone).

Regardless, the gif doesn't look cropped or anything so -8 really did put that dumb text into the swf deliberately. Whyyy

>>Anonymous  26jul2018(th)05:24  No.61250  G  P13R11
>so -8 really did put that dumb text into the swf deliberately. Whyyy
probably cause people complained at him a lot about it
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