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>>Anonymous  22jul2018(su)07:57  No.61148  OP  P1
asami_sato korra the_legend_of_korra by alukardtd.swf (210.5 KiB)
1280x900, Compressed. 163 frames, 24 fps (00:07).
Ver27, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  23jul2018(mo)02:24  No.61165  A  P2R1
shame it's a freak (dickgirl), good stuff otherwise!
>>Anonymous  30jul2018(mo)02:13  No.61338  B  P3R2
Closet faggot degenerate porn.
>>Anonymous  30jul2018(mo)18:43  No.61360  C  P4R3
it's not worse than manXgirl action, so no this isn't faggot porn
remove balls and it would be fine
>>Anonymous  31jul2018(tu)16:20  No.61387  A  P5R4
>doesn't care about the fact that a freak is doing the girl instead of a normal human man
>but the balls, now that's just a step too far
>>Anonymous  31jul2018(tu)17:12  No.61388  C  P6R5
have you just now discovered the internet for yourself?
must be hard to be this new
>>Anonymous  31jul2018(tu)21:39  No.61403  A  P7R6
no poppet
>>Anonymous  1aug2018(we)20:10  No.61422  D  P8R7
>He wants to watch a man in his porn
You sound hella of a gay, anon.
>>Anonymous  4aug2018(sa)20:55  No.61464  C  P9R8
yeah, a futa with balls is a freak
no balls futa on girl is the only acceptable way!
>>Anonymous  4aug2018(sa)21:30  No.61470  E  P10R9
Generally, I don't care to see men in my porn. Usually they're shown as little as possible as it is.
So I go to lesbian porn, so its women. I tend to watch strap on porn. Seeing the harness is an eyesore, so I watch strapless porn.
But I still like seeing cumshots, and most lesbians can't fuck with a strap on for shit (They have no idea how to thrust properly I swear)
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