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>>Anonymous  19jul2018(th)07:57  No.61088  OP  P1
Fixed the hands again.

Creambee - PPT V2.9.7 (fixed).swf (4.53 MiB)
1470x925, Compressed. 19 frames, 30 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  19jul2018(th)09:09  No.61090  A  P2R1
Imagine being this afraid of black people.
>>Anonymous  19jul2018(th)15:55  No.61094  B  P3R2
>>Anonymous  19jul2018(th)17:57  No.61095  C  P4R3
You could atleast mod in Samus or Paluentena ya goofball!
>>Anonymous  19jul2018(th)23:10  No.61101  D  P5R4
>tfw you're too stupid to know what a silhouette is
>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)03:27  No.61102  E  P6R5
Its fucking hilarious how every time someone goes in to fixed the race neutral silhouettes.
>>???? ????  20jul2018(fr)06:13  No.61103  F  P7R6
Fixed? I don't see it.
>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)08:26  No.61107  G  P8R7
can someone just delete all the useless reposts with these edits? what do you want out of this anon? a cookie for your efforts? jesus christ.
>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)09:33  No.61109  H  P9R8
sometimes you are right, im happy that pdpatty guy doesnt make it here, i mean, if i want irl i google that right? if i want drawn stuff i go here.
>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)09:33  No.61110  H  P10
i love this one!
>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)13:09  No.61112  OP  P11R9
Silhouettes should not be brown niggers. The color literally had red in it. Choose the whitest dick and look at how poorly it clashes.
>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)13:10  No.61113  OP  P12
t. cuck
>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)16:10  No.61115  I  P13R10

He wants reactions like yours, would be my guess.

I know I got a good laugh

>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)16:10  No.61116  I  P14

They don't delete any of the other re-post. Why would this one be any different?

And really, how many times does this need to happen before you realize it's bait? I'm kinda amazed that this same ploy keeps working every time it's used.

>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)19:53  No.61124  J  P15R11
you missed the hands on the titjob
>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)19:57  No.61125  J  P16
and on the handjob for the mushroom futa
>>Anonymous  21jul2018(sa)01:02  No.61131  K  P17R12
Imagine not being afraid of black people. It must be hard considering most people who aren't are either rich or dead.
>>Anonymous  21jul2018(sa)06:54  No.61135  L  P18R13


>>Anonymous  21jul2018(sa)07:33  No.61136  M  P19R14
how the hell do you give her zelda themed clothing while keeping peach's body
>>Anonymous  21jul2018(sa)15:23  No.61138  N  P20R15
You do the lord's work, Anon. +1 Internets.
>>Anonymous  23jul2018(mo)19:36  No.61190  O  P21R16
We had this flash movie yesterday.

My biggest gripe with this isn't edits in general. You can go along and make hundreds of useless edits catering to very specific autism, be my guest.
The real shit is cluttering the archive with unfinished versions.
Posting all and every single "version" that improves shit is bad enough as is. Now regard all the "remove blacks", "cum button", "fixed version" edits every single version, and in the end they probably won't even exist in the final version.
Wait till the shit is released, and then edit it.
It's not that hard, Whentai and FTF have done it with Zone's flashes ever since.

Remember when flash games just "appeared" and weren't dragged out in a patreon work in progress for multiple years?
I get it that you want to post that dankest new swf you paid your sweet boner bucks for, but keep it at one or two and then just post the finished work.

Then again...
Guess you couldn't appreciate the racial "shitstorm" with trolls trolling trolls every-single-goddamn-batman-thread that way.

>>Anonymous  26jul2018(th)07:23  No.61251  P  P22R17
that is a sideeffect of how the script grabs the screens.
you can also see the vibrator remote but that's not even implemented.
>>Anonymous  12oct2018(fr)22:31  No.64064  Q  P23R18
>Remember when flash games just "appeared" and weren't dragged out in a patreon work in progress for multiple years?

Yeah and people have crowdfunded Zone's stuff through HentaiKey since the beginning of time, which is why it just "came out" and Zone didn't just disappear. People have to make a living, and this guy is making ~$50k/year making porn. That's pretty damn poor for skilled labor. Work a 9-5 for two years and you'll be making $80k/year at least.

Most flash that we fondly remember just 'coming out' was often unfinished, so people came in to edit that stuff over time.

People pay for the things they want to succeed, just not in this community. Because it's not good enough.

>>Anonymous  13oct2018(sa)08:51  No.64075  R  P24R19
Shut-up nerd.
>>Anonymous  14oct2018(su)01:09  No.64085  S  P25R20
he enjoys being a faggot to get faggot ass responses like this (which is why "fixed" became a meme here anyway)
>>Anonymous  14oct2018(su)05:02  No.64095  O  P26R21
>Yeah and people have crowdfunded Zone's stuff through HentaiKey
Ahem, no?
HentaiKey is a paysite. Zone got paid no matter what. That's why he was so lenient with timely rips of his work on /f/, because it didn't hurt him whatsoever.
The only way of supporting him was using his referral link, but I can only suppose that a teeny tiny fraction of /f/ags ever used it (BASED Mornington Crescent, YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN).
The only community that built was his /vote forum, where he would take suggestions about who to make parodies about. And that's absolutely fine.
Only occasionally there was a clearly labeled demo file for his portfolio, or because the final product was too big for /f/ to fit in the filesize limit.
>>Anonymous  26oct2018(fr)08:47  No.64305  T  P27R22
does anyone have the latest one?
>>Anonymous  27oct2018(sa)20:51  No.64334  K  P28R23
It's on the board already, dinglepuss. >>>62094
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