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>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)09:23  No.60858  OP  P1
1501464587.nikisupostat_dfg.swf (8.8 MiB)
640x360, Compressed. 4 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)15:22  No.60865  A  P2R1
It's so hard to find this guys stuff since it's all over the place and never complete
>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)16:55  No.60868  B  P3R2
>>???? ????  8jul2018(su)22:09  No.60880  C  P4R3
This made me uncomfortable
>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)23:03  No.60881  D  P5R4
got any more of them pixels?
>>Anonymous  9jul2018(mo)10:04  No.60896  A  P6R5
Anybody got more?
>>Anonymous  9jul2018(mo)10:24  No.60897  E  P7R6
I'm not gay but I'm disappointment that the guy didn't cum. And the artist clearly had no problem animating cum.
>>Anonymous  9jul2018(mo)14:47  No.60900  F  P8R7

Yeah he's deleted anything dealing with this character off of his pages, Not sure why though. Someone uploaded the other animation up to porn hub 595b25e156b63
The character is named Zigfreak or thats what turns this stuff up when you search it.

>>Anonymous  10jul2018(tu)07:02  No.60918  G  P9R8
Ruined by gayness... *shrug*
>>Anonymous  10jul2018(tu)10:20  No.60921  H  P10R9
You might be the one ruined by gayness.
>>Anonymous  10jul2018(tu)20:58  No.60932  B  P11R10
here, have some free shrugs
>>Anonymous  10jul2018(tu)23:41  No.60938  H  P12R11
The shrug community?
>>Anonymous  10jul2018(tu)23:55  No.60939  I  P13R12
Ruined by shitty compression to fit in a shitty 20 years old format. SWF needs to die.
>>Anonymous  11jul2018(we)02:41  No.60943  J  P14R13
This one can't be ruined
>>Anonymous  11jul2018(we)07:31  No.60944  K  P15
Yep. This one's going into my cringe compilation.
>>Anonymous  15jul2018(su)23:35  No.61013  A  P16R14
the moaning is pretty hot
>>Anonymous  16jul2018(mo)11:55  No.61024  L  P17R15
Sounds like a fucking ape/monkey to me.
>>Anonymous  16jul2018(mo)11:55  No.61025  L  P18
The fag sounds like a fucking ape.
>>Anonymous  16jul2018(mo)12:12  No.61026  A  P19R16
i think that's why i like it. It's so degenerate
>>Anonymous  17jul2018(tu)03:30  No.61042  M  P20R17
>do flash animation in flash
>no compression
>>Anonymous  17jul2018(tu)22:40  No.61062  H  P21R18
Where do you think you are, faggot? This isn't WebGLchan.
>>Anonymous  18jul2018(we)04:05  No.61069  N  P22
ayy lmao
>>Anonymous  19jul2018(th)20:14  No.61096  O  P23R19
>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)16:28  No.61120  P  P24R20

You first.
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