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>>w7 890  7jul2018(sa)21:10  No.60839  OP  P1
hey ants pls answer

so recently i found a flash exploit on a bogus ad site
imagine if somebody uploads one here
is the swfchan sandbox is enough
or will i still get infected

>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)01:34  No.60849  A  P2
looks like you've already been infected,
with paranoia
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8jul2018(su)21:52  No.60877  SWF  P3R1
That's a question that's impossible for me to answer with the information provided. Just keep your browser and flash plugin up to date and you should be fine.
>>w7 890  9jul2018(mo)09:57  No.60895  C  P4R2

i have a RAT/rootkit running in my system right now
i need help removing it even av can't remove it
it's been a week and it's really driving me crazy
tabs suddenly close and i get random bsods
im using my ipad right now
thx i was just worried something bad may happen here

>>Anonymous  9jul2018(mo)20:45  No.60905  A  P5R3
don't enable flash anywhere besides here if you don't want "bogus ad site exploits"
if you got a rootkit, just wipe the HD clean
DON'T USE THE PC, trust me, there is no way of even determining reliably if the rootkit is gone or not
take every trustworthy file you need (like pictures or music, not .exes) and start with a fresh clean installation
I was there, it sucks, but you cannot avoid it if you don't like spyware integrated into the system
if you feel lucky you might try steamroller tactics and use ComboFix, maybe you get lucky and it can be removed, afterwards let an anti SW program run it over, like SpybotS&D

also: if you would provide any more information, like which exploit you're talking about, or which site you were on or anything really, Admin might provide you with a better answer to your question

>>Anonymous  10jul2018(tu)17:09  No.60926  D  P6R4
Hey w7 890, don't even bother with what >>60905 said about if you're feeling lucky see 813.aspx I mean if an anti virus will stop the bsods enough to transfer files and copy info from the browser then do it but don't continue to use the system as if nothing's wrong.
I'd advise in taking down every program you want, browser settings, extensions, userscripts, history, bookmarks, personal files, flash files etcetera and just starting over.
>>w7 890  28jul2018(sa)16:05  No.61307  E  P7R5
well thx guys i formatted my hhd installed linux lol
>>w7 890  28jul2018(sa)16:08  No.61308  E  P8
well thx everything is fine now

well thx guys i formatted my hhd installed linux
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