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>>Anonymous  5jul2018(th)04:52  No.60781  OP  P1
v. 10.0

New costumes have been added, but I do not know how to get them.

Magic Girl Kosuchumu - version 10 by Zhang-Feng on Devia...swf (30.37 MiB)
720x950, Uncompressed. 46 frames, 30 fps (00:02).
Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  5jul2018(th)06:06  No.60783  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  5jul2018(th)06:22  No.60785  B  P3R2
according to his DeviantArt Description: there are "bonus costumes and features available only with "a second" passcode"
>>Anonymous  5jul2018(th)07:35  No.60788  C  P4R3
The number 13 shows up on a ton of other costumes, but putting the candles 1 and 3 on the final costume's birthday cake doesn't seem to do anything.
>>Anonymous  7jul2018(sa)09:19  No.60825  D  P5R4
i found this while searching for the passcodes:

WARNING: Do not share the passcodes or they will be disabled!

>>Anonymous  7jul2018(sa)10:01  No.60828  C  P6R5
So... most likely reason is that this guy shared the passcodes with his patrons of Deviantart friends or something, and only they have them.
>>Anonymous  7jul2018(sa)19:17  No.60837  B  P7R6
okay i'm out of ideas, the passwords for level 26 and 35 had pink 13's in them, nothing either (seems to be a 'pink' herring)
>>Anonymous  7jul2018(sa)20:04  No.60838  E  P8R7
Brute force it
>>Anonymous  7jul2018(sa)21:33  No.60840  F  P9R8
past passwords had 3 to 6 digits, you are welcome to try, i got bored after 60% of the 3 digits when i realized there is some lesser order in the buttons press: 13 and 613 are valid codes and the game checks for 6 before 13 to identify which was used.
Brute forcing it may have variable results because of that so you can find the correct pw and the game can not identify it as valid because of some previous input
>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)02:08  No.60851  G  P10R9
the secret password is given if you put the number 9 in the first slot on the cake. you get a funfact about the element caesium and you use that number.
Passcode is 919263177
>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)02:37  No.60852  H  P11R10
ok i see the extra costumes but what "features" does this unlock?
>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)03:50  No.60854  G  P12R11
if you click "hide spells" there is now "next" and "previous" outfit buttons and if you click the magic ball there is a new option above the doctor which has all 4 of the summon spells at once
>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)10:01  No.60860  B  P13R12
thx... but that's all? quite disappointing imo
>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)11:21  No.60861  I  P14R13
That's been in the game. I used it for the last two versions.
>>Anonymous  14jul2018(sa)22:05  No.60995  OP  P15R14
v 10.1 irl-Kosuchumu-version-10-1-752033539
>>Anonymous  17jul2018(tu)17:45  No.61055  J  P16R15
He deleted all his shit?
>>Anonymous  18jul2018(we)04:23  No.61071  F  P17R16
Happened again one time, probably because of the obvious CP and the fact he says she is 13 one the flash. I believe v4 still had the 13 neatly disguised as a 18, it is gold
>>Anonymous  24jul2018(tu)05:47  No.61206  K  P18R17
I suppose if you just input a single code and win it all at once without playing the minigame it might seem unrewarding... why don't you try playing, see how far you get then appreciate what the code can get you? there's actually a lot more content here than I thought there would be
>>Anonymous  24jul2018(tu)15:50  No.61209  F  P19R18
Is this guy one of the dev's from Project X Love Potion Disaster?
Whiteknighting over a obviously-not-loli game won't get you anywhere, also you must be new here
Gangbang was already there for a long time, next and previous quick costume change is the new feature
>>Anonymous  24jul2018(tu)16:28  No.61210  L  P20R19
Why is this shit still here? There's a version 11 out already... it has moana and Violet Parr costumes...
>>Anonymous  24jul2018(tu)19:10  No.61216  B  P21R20
upload please?
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