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>>Blarg  5jul2018(th)02:44  No.60778  OP  P1
Fighting Queen Raimi

Somebody can read so make a walkthrough.

闘技女王レイミ.swf (32.19 MiB)
800x600, Compressed. 102 frames, 24 fps (00:04).
Ver37, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  5jul2018(th)05:21  No.60782  A  P2R1
my god as if his previous games didn't have enough pointless stats
>>Anonymous  5jul2018(th)06:08  No.60784  B  P3R2
not worth it, no sex scenes in file
>>Anonymous  5jul2018(th)06:37  No.60786  C  P4R3
Did you really post an incomplete game just so someone could translate for you? Did the name Google slip your mind while you were eating paste?
>>Anonymous  5jul2018(th)11:14  No.60791  D  P5R4
Well at least I know JSK's new game is out, I guess I'll go pay for it, like a schmuck.

Also, I've never been defeated with a facefull of vagina before.

>>Anonymous  5jul2018(th)13:57  No.60794  E  P6R5
How do you get defeated with faceful of vagina?
All I ever get is the first ending and the nothing ending.
>>Anonymous  5jul2018(th)23:56  No.60801  F  P7R6
hxxps://!EuYBzIZD!0n8mzE87JTATuNe1xSPQvF J83p_EddHd3m9ijzlNiL4
>>???? ????  6jul2018(fr)01:49  No.60805  G  P8R7
A new JSK game on /fap/!?
Now we're cooking!
>>Anonymous  6jul2018(fr)10:02  No.60814  D  P9R8
Be having low health when she decides to leg flip you after losing her pants.

 vagina flip.jpg

>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)01:24  No.60845  H  P10R9
>new JSK
>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)03:40  No.60853  H  P11
Absolutely bonertastic!

How the fuck do you remove clothing though?
I've tried hitting bottom every move on max stats for all three fights, and nothing. It certainly does not appear to work like in previous JSK games.

Stats: 1st one strength obviously. 3rd was speed I think, so 2nd likely defense.
The skill with 1000 points is foresight, which lets you anticipate moves. Even though they're in japanese I advise remembering the most hard hitting ones, like the basically instant kill grapple move. She always does the same stance for skills too.
From what I think, the amount of filled bars (certainly new feature) you need for blocking depends on what skill is going to be used. Mostly 2 bars.
Also, very annoying, but you can open the menu almost at all times, but still cannot do moves while she is doing an attack. Also I had it freeze on me when I clicked the rape buttons too fast. Left one is don't, right is for rape.
Also what the fuck is that pink fighting option, I could not ever select it.

There's a returning "Chance" move she can do which starts with a 回, which used to be like a counter chance to instant rape, but I could not ever do anything when it flashed. Tried blocking in advance, clicking ... maybe you need to remove clothing first.

Not exactly sure how skills work. You can unlock 4 and they all cost 2 bars. Two hit up (vertically/horiozontally) and two same with bottom.
They do a lotta damage, but that's it.

After beating her 3 times, you unlock a different game mode ending with "...1", but I don't know exactly what it does, I think it's an infinite mode, you can beat her infinite times.

Endings: so far I got the obvious rape scene, also a reverse foot rape that occurs when she grapples you during later rounds.
When you beat her 3 times without any rape, you get a game over, tried both dialog options.
If you rape her at least once and win all rounds, you get a scene at home.

>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)05:05  No.60855  I  P12R10
To activate the chance you need the bottom choice out of the combat options pink. I'm not sure which skill unlocks that. Then you have to pause right when you see Chance appear to select it.
>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)09:47  No.60859  J  P13R11
To strip her you have to use combos. When you hit her, you'll see her pink bar in the top left go up; if you use a move before that bar goes down, she will flinch, allowing you to strip her or execute a "fatality" move.
There's quite a lot of fatalities, jsk really did well with this one.
>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)12:56  No.60862  K  P14R12
Jeez, this time JSK isn't fucking around. Seems like maxing out speed isn't enough this time. Combining maxed out speed with maxed out healing pretty much guaranteed a win every time.

Then again, I understood what exactly was happening in previous games, because they were translated.

>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)14:02  No.60863  K  P15
Does it work if she lost her top too? Because I let her flip me at low health when she had no clothes and I ended up with a footjob.
>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)16:53  No.60867  H  P16R13
Might any of you fine gentlemen upload a save file with everything unlocked?
I cannot be arsed to grind everything to max again and I didn't know about the combo feature which seems to be an integral part of this story ;)

I tried using pink when she was chancing but I guess I didn't time it well enough, I had everything unlocked though.

>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)18:01  No.60869  K  P17R14
So what am I missing here?


>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)19:13  No.60871  L  P18R15
(you need 8 actions for this)
Top right special attack 2x
go for white text
you get a chance for a h attack
>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)19:14  No.60872  L  P19
also share save pls
>>Anonymous  8jul2018(su)19:22  No.60873  K  P20R16
I actually managed to figure it out myself, but thanks anyway. Guess I can share the save, just tell me where it is, because it doesn't seem to be in the usual Appdata/Roaming/Marcomedia/[etc.]
>>Anonymous  9jul2018(mo)00:09  No.60883  H  P21R17
For me it was, alright.
Just opened it locally with projector.
User\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\*some ID that is randomly assigned*\localhost\save_data_tougi.sol
So you might wanna look for that .sol file.
>>Anonymous  9jul2018(mo)08:56  No.60892  M  P22R18
How do you unlock the second ending? I have everything besides that.
>>Anonymous  9jul2018(mo)08:57  No.60893  K  P23R19
Alright, so here's the save file.
hxxps://!8cxWjIoJ!OKsX_kptBoPgbUILZ-zMmF CoKPoKXS3AH_9Ipx3o3zY

To anyone interested, I think to get the third ending:
- don't skip the opening scene and choose option 1
- don't fuck her, just beat her normally
- after round 1, choose option 1
- after round 2, choose option 2

>>Anonymous  9jul2018(mo)09:22  No.60894  M  P24R20
I got the 3rd ending by striping her, not raping her, and then making her cum once.
>>Anonymous  9jul2018(mo)10:30  No.60898  D  P25R21
She has 3 grapple moves; the flip, the pin and the footjob. She will only do the foot job if she's aroused though.
>>Anonymous  9jul2018(mo)11:36  No.60899  N  P26R22
yo even if someone just auto-translates this with like google... like hmu...........
>>Anonymous  9jul2018(mo)21:05  No.60906  H  P27R23
gracias signore

fool elder brother

Wait, arousal?
I didn't see any bar or anything that indicates that. I thought at first it would be the bar to the left, but that is just her agility bar.
Maybe you mean that she blushes, if you cum into her X times?

>>Anonymous  10jul2018(tu)00:48  No.60910  H  P28
Okay, still don't get it.
I'm officially too stupid for JSK games now...
I tried clicking the pink option RIGHT when chance was flashing on the screen, still not usable.
Can't get the combos to work either. The small pink bar doesn't fill up to more than half, always goes down immediately.
I could chain some hits, but it didn't do anything. Also very annoying, you have to click immediately when you can to not lose the pink bar and if you spamclick you will open and close the menu, which loses the bar. So you have to time it manually extrememly well.
Damn son, I'll just browse through the endings then. Still ty everyone.
>>Anonymous  10jul2018(tu)02:05  No.60913  O  P29R24
the comboing has been kinda random for me (hit or miss) so it's not your fault but once you figure it out it's not that difficult.

the hardest h scenes I found to get were the counter hit ones (the kick specifically) they require oddly specific timing to pull off, but it may be a bug.

>>Anonymous  10jul2018(tu)11:13  No.60922  K  P30R25

Alright, listen up bitches, this concerns all of you.

That small pink bar in the upper left corner is her "stagger" bar or whatever you want to call it. You hit her, it partially fills up. If you hit her with a special when it's not empty - she flinches and you get to do some combo shit. When she's above about half heath, the stagger bar drops almost immediately, so you just won't be able to combo her. So here's what you want to do:

1. Use regular attacks (the upper menu option) to punch her in the face. It's quick and does plenty of damage. Do this until she's at about half health.
2. Save up 5 bars.
3. Use a regular attack to punch her in the groin. Notice how it fills up the stagger bar almost halfway, giving you plenty of time to catch her off guard.
4. Before the bar goes down, open up the menu. If the bar is empty, go to step 2. If it's not, use a special attack of your choice.
5. After the special she will flinch and you will see the "chance" in the upper right corner. Open the menu as quickly as possible. You should still have 2 bars left. The option with "2~5" is for fucking her (which is an instakill for that round too), but as the numbers suggest, it takes a variable number of bars to succeed. From what I understand, it depends on her health, arousal and (probably) some upgrades.

That should help your combo game. Oh and about the pink option in the menu - as the other Anon said, you want to use it when she does the attack starting with 回 when she doesn't have her shorts. Again, the cost in bars will vary.

>>Anonymous  10jul2018(tu)21:05  No.60933  H  P31R26
Wow, oddly specific. JSK really did a step up from "attack X to break part X".
Now all of a sudden the kinda useless skills and counters make sense too.
How the fuck did you figure that out anon? Impressive!
>>Anonymous  11jul2018(we)08:58  No.60946  I  P32R27
Got the 2nd ending. Not sure if this is exactly it, but I chose the bottom dialogue option every time. Stripped her completely, made her cum with the stomp H scene each time and chose the rape option each time.
>>Anonymous  11jul2018(we)12:07  No.60948  K  P33R28
I've just took what was posted here and experimented a bit. The system might look more complex, but it boils down to the same JSK formula. I still like this approach though, mostly because it gives more position variety.
>>Anonymous  18jul2018(we)05:05  No.61072  P  P34R29
Thought I was going to fuck lightning mcqueen. Only disappointment.
>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)09:19  No.61108  Q  P35R30
I'm working on a translation, but my Jap is poor and there's actually 3 new JSK games untranslated (the guy suddenly went on a rip after 3 years of nothing). If I don't get a translation up before this thread dies check the JSK ULMF page
>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)16:22  No.61117  R  P36R31
anyone god the full game? cant find it anywhere
>>Anonymous  20jul2018(fr)16:26  No.61119  S  P37

Holy shit, you lazy fucking asswipe.

>>God  20jul2018(fr)22:24  No.61127  T  P38R32
Just visit either of these link to download the full game, do consider support the creator.

hxxps:// /

>>Anonymous  21jul2018(sa)01:01  No.61130  C  P39R33
He's to busy fucking your mom, shitlips.
Jackasses like OP shouldn't be spoonfed. They should be forced to figure out where to look so they stop asking people to find things for them.
>>Anonymous  23jul2018(mo)21:30  No.61198  U  P40R34
my dick is now diamonds
>>Anonymous  23jul2018(mo)21:34  No.61199  U  P41
thank god there is god
>>Old man Wankins  28jul2018(sa)01:20  No.61290  V  P42R35
You can get also get Chances from your special moves by attacking in the same time as her.
As soon as she begins to move for an attack, open the menu and use the special attack you want. Your attack will happen as soon as her attack is over, and she will be open for a chance.

You can't open your menu while she is making strong attacks, or pins. Only try it when her bar fills up quickly. You can also use this to block at the last second.

>>Anonymous  4aug2018(sa)11:04  No.61455  W  P43R36
>win first fight
>pick second option
>screen turns black
>try fiddling with play/loop options
>game over
>>Anonymous  4aug2018(sa)11:40  No.61456  W  P44
disregard that, I suck cocks.
>>Anonymous  4aug2018(sa)21:04  No.61467  H  P45R37
rightclick play is the best way to farm points imo
also I had it freeze when I clicked the rape button too fast before it appeared
good thing it just resets with play, no progress lost
>>???? ????  5aug2018(su)00:13  No.61471  X  P46R38
This has to be the longest thread on here
>>Anonymous  5aug2018(su)01:49  No.61472  Y  P47R39
Nope. Beef curtains.
>>Anonymous  5aug2018(su)08:27  No.61489  Z  P48R40
Anyone know if this is getting translated? I actually enjoy JSK games more for some reason when they're translated. Must be the manifest destiny etched into my caucasian soul.
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