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>>Anonymous  30jun2018(sa)08:26  No.60666  OP  P1
Vault_Meat.swf (23.2 KiB)
450x320, Compressed. 15 frames, 28 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  30jun2018(sa)08:31  No.60668  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  1jul2018(su)17:15  No.60700  B  P3R2
>>Anonymous  2jul2018(mo)04:43  No.60714  C  P4R3
Art shadman
Animation Dumper
>>???? ????  2jul2018(mo)22:15  No.60729  D  P5R4
If I heard correctly Dumper was someone who used post here.
What ever happened to him? I've never seen him.
>>Anonymous  3jul2018(tu)00:17  No.60730  OP  P6R5
I don't know but maybe he got tired of not receiving positive feedback? A lot of people only ever post if they have something negative to say and a lot of artists just stop because of it. I'm sure that's why ZONE left /f/. So much negativity every time he posted his hard work. Even now there are a lot of empty threads on swfchan, those that aren't empty are likely to have a negative reply as the first one. Just posting something like "i like this" instead of nothing at all goes a long way to make artists stick around. Even if OP didn't create the flash it still makes lurking artists see that there's positivity around and they might eventually start uploading.

Come back to us Dumper, ZONE and everybody else... I miss you!

>>Anonymous  3jul2018(tu)04:28  No.60731  C  P7R6
Actually if I remember correctly, Dumper had mostly a positive feedback from the community. He stopped posting after swfchan was down for like a week and a half when he made his last flash re--726/
This all his works in a collection he made himself
>>Anonymous  3jul2018(tu)10:44  No.60736  E  P8R7
You shouldn't go to imageboards to receive praise, that's what Reddit is for. Imageboards are for criticism and scrutiny, with praise being given sparingly. If you can't filter the valuable information from the one sentence shitposts, then make like Yandev and surround yourself with fanboys and yes men.
>>Anonymous  3jul2018(tu)11:44  No.60738  OP  P9R8
Sounds like something that someone that deep down know that he is part of the problem would say.

Let's hope he returns one glorious day.

>>Anonymous  3jul2018(tu)12:28  No.60739  F  P10R9
Fuck off, dweeb.
>>Anonymous  3jul2018(tu)12:30  No.60740  F  P11
Yep, you're going in my cringe compilation. I love collecting autists.
>>Anonymous  3jul2018(tu)17:11  No.60745  B  P12R10
Too dumb to put two shit replies into one post?
I feel you, brah, don't let the hate get to you. Come into my arms, my man.

I see what you mean, but I'd say both extremes are really bad criticism.
Either getting only praise from people who would suck up every fart, or the endless meaningless bashing on most threads.
You might try not taking it to heart, but if you have to scuffle through 100 posts to see maybe 1 even objectively discussing your work, then you can't help but let it destroy your work morale.

The problem is like >>60730 said, that people mostly only ever write something if it is negative.
Meaning there are people who find it "nice" or "ok" or even "good", but they won't necessarily leave a comment.
Humans just love getting into those "let's hate X", even (or especially) when they're newfags, just jump on the meme train, hehe amirite?

So tl;dr: if you hate it. Say it, tell what you hate about it.
But if you like it. Say it as well, say what you like about it.
Maybe even both.

>>Anonymous  3jul2018(tu)23:50  No.60752  OP  P13R11
Yeah, all I'm saying is say something nice online every once in a while. We really can't afford to only push flash artists away.
>>Dumper  4jul2018(we)16:02  No.60762  G  P14R12
None of this is true im just taking a dump
>>Anonymous  5jul2018(th)02:32  No.60777  C  P15R13
>>???? ????  5jul2018(th)04:42  No.60780  D  P16R14
Are you the real Dumper?
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