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>>Anonymous  26jun2018(tu)22:49  No.60566  OP  P1
Stargate3D - Alisa

Here's a sample of this full game for free, however there's a problem with it everytime you try to launch it, it instantly crashes down on PC's that I suppose weren't prebuilt and bought from a japanese PC version of walmart or whatever.
I've already tried Locale-Emulator, AppLocale, downright changing windows system locale to Japanese and still no dice however other games from this Stargate3D company work fine. Any anon who can make this work please share it for your fellow swfchan lurkers.!TRwgmChC!kNjLoeDdSWDyF1R7mtYiF Q

AK01.swf (2.77 MiB)
1280x800, Uncompressed. 60 frames, 30 fps (00:02).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: Yes.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  27jun2018(we)00:37  No.60569  A  P2R1
doesn't look too bad
>>Anonymous  27jun2018(we)00:38  No.60570  B  P3R2
I have it running Using NTLEA
>>Anonymous  27jun2018(we)00:57  No.60572  B  P4
here's a link to my NTLA folder!SIFizaRb!GFBRY22M2lYTYYIY-VlqJ0 2G4L5jPQzHvWTlxhhPVbk
if it says there's some kind of corrupt config on start up, just ignore it.
>>Anonymous  27jun2018(we)03:32  No.60574  C  P5R3
You have to straight up change your system display language (not region or locale, actual language) to Japanese. Or use that anon's NTLA soloution.
>>Anonymous  28jun2018(th)17:35  No.60608  D  P6R4
Anything else to do if I have a 32-bit system? The NTLA given is a 64-bit.
>>Anonymous  28jun2018(th)21:29  No.60611  E  P7R5
Even with NTLEA, it instantly closes. I can't figure anything else out. Literally autistic.
>>???? ????  28jun2018(th)21:53  No.60612  F  P8R6
>>Anonymous  29jun2018(fr)01:17  No.60618  B  P9R7
it should have both 32 (x86) and 64 bit
>>Anonymous  29jun2018(fr)01:43  No.60621  B  P10
ok for instructions

open the ntleaswin.exe

once it's running (using my default loaded confiruation ) click the button with the ...

go to the game.exe you want it to locale spoof


>>Anonymous  29jun2018(fr)01:54  No.60622  B  P11
forgot to add, if my default settings dont work for whatever reason, just set the codepage to Japanese (JIS) and locale to japan, it should work as it launches for me just fine.
>>Anonymous  29jun2018(fr)05:24  No.60625  E  P12R8
Thanks, that's the part that I was missing.
>>Anonymous  29jun2018(fr)06:45  No.60626  D  P13R9

The ntleaswin.exe is a 64bit program. So I won't be able to run it regardless. I'm thinking of extracting the main swf from the exe. I'm gonna give it a shot and upload the swf here if it works.

>>Anonymous  4jul2018(we)02:35  No.60755  G  P14R10
How the fuck do you still have an x32 PC?

Also, if everything else fails, go nab an iso of Japanese Win7/10 and install it in Virtualbox.

>>Anonymous  4jul2018(we)19:44  No.60770  H  P15R11
Win XP masterrace?
>>Anonymous  22jul2018(su)08:50  No.61149  I  P16R12
op link is dead
>>Anonymous  22jul2018(su)12:45  No.61152  J  P17R13

Yup, link is dead.

>>Anonymous  22jul2018(su)17:46  No.61154  OP  P18R14
>>61152 someone converted the whole thing into one swf
>>???? ????  22jul2018(su)20:51  No.61157  K  P19R15
>>Anonymous  23jul2018(mo)00:18  No.61162  B  P20R16
er, they didnt convert the whole thing, they extracted the main EXE that calls the other SWF files, people still need the main game folder and files for that to work properly and not as a slide show
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