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>>Anonymous  24jun2018(su)07:21  No.60522  OP  P1
applebloom.swf (1.99 MiB)
480x720, Compressed. 2880 frames, 30 fps (01:36).
Ver17, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  25jun2018(mo)18:00  No.60538  A  P2R1
This flash reeks of a landwhale
>>Anonymous  25jun2018(mo)22:29  No.60542  B  P3R2
post sweetie belle now
>>Anonymous  26jun2018(tu)00:06  No.60545  C  P4R3
Please! Stop posting minus 8 reskins!
>>Anonymous  26jun2018(tu)01:23  No.60548  D  P5R4
Wtf, copying minus 8's most popular work, really?
>>Anonymous  26jun2018(tu)09:03  No.60552  E  P6R5
god NO! Take these people's advice you putrid landwhale!
>>Anonymous  26jun2018(tu)10:05  No.60554  F  P7R6
I don't think It's her when I saw this flash got posted her last patreon update was from May if I remember
>>Anonymous  27jun2018(we)00:30  No.60567  G  P8R7
yall niggas are retarded

I guess you all must be new fags that just want to hate on PP, cause rekins of pppu have been happening for over a year by annons who rebuilt the original and made it into a compilation of different characters, they even added different poses and stuff.

you could have easily found that out but you faggots are too busy trying to sate your own hate boner to realize there's no patreon links, PP34 copypasta would have at least 1 somewhere easily visible.

>>Anonymous  27jun2018(we)01:05  No.60573  D  P9R8
Oh I'm aware. It just sucks anyways.
>>Anonymous  27jun2018(we)16:06  No.60584  F  P10R9
Lol peachy pop's patreon page is under review maybe there is chance that her page will be closed
>>Anonymous  27jun2018(we)23:27  No.60587  A  P11R10

I smelled lard from a gigantic landwhale. is it so bad to point that out?

>>Anonymous  28jun2018(th)08:06  No.60597  E  P12R11
cool story bro
>>Anonymous  28jun2018(th)12:28  No.60601  H  P13R12
There is a difference
The Landwhale threw this shit behind a paywall.
Unlike anons who remained nameless and posted the reskins/recodes as ANONYMOUS, not begging for attention or money unlike PP34.
>>Anonymous  28jun2018(th)14:30  No.60603  I  P14R13
>hating PP
I can't tell if you're baiting or if summerfags are really this out of touch.
>>Anonymous  28jun2018(th)14:59  No.60604  A  P15R14
The usual PP whiteknights and sometimes landwhale itself cannot comprehend the anon hivemind or mentality.
Anyone who defends that scammer hails from either Tumblr or Furfagginty.
Go figure
Now they lost their shit after the Patreon was put under review and face shutdown.
>>Anonymous  28jun2018(th)16:47  No.60606  J  P16R15
Another fucking PPUUU flash.
God praise.
>>Anonymous  29jun2018(fr)00:39  No.60615  F  P17R16
PP34's page is still on, patreon didn't do anything to it
>>Anonymous  29jun2018(fr)01:04  No.60616  G  P18R17
I wasnt white knigting PP34, you guys are just retarded if you think this was made by her you complete faggot
>>Anonymous  29jun2018(fr)01:08  No.60617  G  P19
>people hating on PP32 because of a ppppu reskin that was not made by PP

>calls me a summerfag or newfag

just kill yourself

I dont care if people shit on PP just dont do it in a flash not related at all to her you dumb fuck.

>>Anonymous  29jun2018(fr)01:30  No.60619  G  P20
this isnt behind a paywall you moron, this was not created by her/it/him

if it was it owuld have the obvious PP34 watermark and "gib monay plz" patreon link, you guys are just moronic faggots.
since you clearly dont know the marks of a PP34 reskin, stolen asset, trace or shit quality flash, have a look at these

>>Anonymous  29jun2018(fr)08:05  No.60629  A  P21R18
>This triggered
>Doesn't understand point of schadenfreude
>>Anonymous  29jun2018(fr)20:53  No.60644  J  P22R19

>types 3 replies


oy vey

>>Anonymous  2jul2018(mo)13:21  No.60720  K  P23R20
pp34 has a new post, cam someone say what it talks about and if there is a flash in it?
>>Anonymous  3jul2018(tu)10:25  No.60735  I  P24R21
I know the landwhale didn't make this, you spaz. They may be retarded for thinking this was made by that untalented hack, but that doesn't make them newfags. A real newfag probably wouldn't know who PP34 is, or would ask why people hate it.
>just dont do it in a flash not related at all to her
It's not like a Minus 8 reskin is going to have much of a discussion otherwise, so I don't see the problem.
Accept your new overlords, goy. Don't make me downvote you.
>>Anonymous  3jul2018(tu)17:51  No.60747  A  P25R22
Yeah nah, no-one buys your shit, nigger.
>>Anonymous  4jul2018(we)03:33  No.60757  G  P26R23
>triggered over 1 typo of a shit artist you hate
pleas end yourself faggot
>>Anonymous  4jul2018(we)13:17  No.60761  A  P27R24
>Missed the point
>>Anonymous  13jul2018(fr)15:36  No.60967  L  P28R25
sweetie belle plz
>>Anonymous  14sep2018(fr)21:45  No.62502  M  P29R26
also Scootaloo
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