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>>Anonymous  14jun2018(th)19:36  No.60367  OP  P1
Pinoytoons ROTWL edited

His dickhead's color is now changed on most of the scenes.

pinoytoons ROTWL edit.swf (8.76 MiB)
1080x700, Compressed. 6926 frames, 24 fps (04:49).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  14jun2018(th)23:45  No.60369  A  P2R1
Shit for cucks
>>Anonymous  15jun2018(fr)09:38  No.60375  B  P3R2
See attached pic please.

 why you do this.png

>>Anonymous  15jun2018(fr)14:15  No.60376  C  P4R3
could someone make him white and her black
>>Nanonymous  16jun2018(sa)12:52  No.60388  D  P5R4
prolly doesn't have flash and can only replace objects within the swf decompiler, but idk
>>Anonymous  16jun2018(sa)19:27  No.60389  E  P6R5
you can directly the color using decompiler
>>Anonymous  17jun2018(su)03:14  No.60401  F  P7R6
Oh look, same NTR shit and reused resources
>>Anonymous  17jun2018(su)10:06  No.60405  G  P8R7
Remember: all black guy on white girl porn is NTR while all white guy on any color girls is A-OK.
>>Anonymous  17jun2018(su)12:10  No.60406  H  P9R8

I have no problem looking porn with asian-asian, african-african, caucasian-caucasian but interracial no matter the color is an awful shit.

I find it disgusting and unappealing.

>>Anonymous  17jun2018(su)18:17  No.60413  I  P10R9
I don't think you know what the term NTR stands for, boi.
>>???? ????  17jun2018(su)22:07  No.60414  J  P11R10
Doesn't that mean cheating?
>>Anonymous  18jun2018(mo)05:14  No.60416  K  P12R11
There's nothing wrong with a little colonization.
>>Anonymous  18jun2018(mo)05:26  No.60418  L  P13
The cuck truck has arrived.
>>Anonymous  18jun2018(mo)16:01  No.60430  I  P14R12
Basically, yes.
But it has nothing to do with black x white or vice versa.
Original NTR is just your average boy next door (no homo) screwing the neighbor milf, but instead of beating him to death her husband loves it.
That's why it's called porn for cucks.
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