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>>tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt  11jun2018(mo)16:59  No.60306  OP  P1


Bea1.swf (2.99 MiB)
800x550, Compressed. 3 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  11jun2018(mo)17:16  No.60307  A  P2R1
Could someone give me quick summary of why this character was popular at the time? And why she drawn thicc.
>>Anonymous  11jun2018(mo)18:18  No.60308  B  P3R2
She's an alligator which appeals to the whole scalie thing and she was drawn by theboogie here.
>>Anonymous  12jun2018(tu)03:32  No.60316  C  P4R3
how to cumshot??? jpex says cumshot scene, but there is no fukkin' way to click on something for this scene...
>>Anonymous  12jun2018(tu)03:44  No.60317  D  P5R4
Hit space to cum you troglodyte
>>Anonymous  12jun2018(tu)08:43  No.60319  E  P6R5
between bea and gregg, bea had the better storyline that people could enjoy and sympathize with her while gregg's story was just him being gay
>>damn furries!  12jun2018(tu)21:01  No.60327  F  P7R6
Does someone have the talent to edited in a humanoid face to make this actually fappable, shouldn't be that hard with it just being flat colors right?
>>Anonymous  12jun2018(tu)21:34  No.60328  G  P8R7
no, you will fap to alligator girl, my boy
>>Anonymous  12jun2018(tu)21:35  No.60329  H  P9R8
needs to be unfurry modded
>>Anonymous  12jun2018(tu)21:51  No.60331  I  P10R9
why is penis look negroid
>>???? ????  12jun2018(tu)22:25  No.60332  J  P11R10
Its the BoogieMan
>>Anonymous  13jun2018(we)18:20  No.60345  K  P12R11
Can someone make the bulge negroid and edit in a humanoid cumshot button?
>>Anonymous  14jun2018(th)03:37  No.60351  L  P13R12

when in bulge mode the game gives good sounds when typing in "HereWeG" and if you pop in the O it seems to like it even though there's no sound effect, but it doesn't have an apparent function.

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