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>>Anonymous  28may2018(mo)00:37  No.60002  OP  P1
Slave Lords Of The Galaxy 1.0.1.swf (62.53 MiB)
1040x585, Compressed. 5042 frames, 24 fps (03:30).
Ver31, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  28may2018(mo)22:30  No.60019  A  P2R1
this the full game? other swf that is up says 1.4 (part 3) and this is only 1.0.1 (missing the version number in the flash too) but this flash is larger in file size. im just confused is all
>>Anonymous  29may2018(tu)01:40  No.60022  B  P3R2
Is actually the full game with the Selena part completed
>>Anonymous  29may2018(tu)13:00  No.60030  C  P4R3
can't interact with any objects (cheating btw). what gives? anyone got the same problem? Just stuck on the main screen not being able to go into any buildings or do anything.
>>Anonymous  29may2018(tu)13:01  No.60031  C  P5

trying to do it legit in story mode and still can't click on buildings.

>>Anonymous  29may2018(tu)13:57  No.60033  D  P6R4
Mine is working 100%. Have you tried downloading it? Otherwise you're on your own buddy.
>>Anonymous  30may2018(we)00:15  No.60048  E  P7R5
Easily the best Hentai flash to release in the last few years.
>>Anonymous  1jun2018(fr)07:08  No.60081  F  P8R6
just spent 6 hours playing this start to finish

has to be the best h flash game I've ever played, to the point that I was compelled to post about it

manages to be relatively simple and straightforward without the game feeling like a "click until you get the scene" adventure. plenty of unique scenes too

only gripe is that I was too dumb to click the "quest" button in the middle of the talk menu for like the first 20 minutes and kept trying to starve her into submission

>>Anonymous  1jun2018(fr)18:50  No.60102  E  P9R7
I remember doing the exact same thing back in the day with the first demo.
They really should up that intuitive design or make a popup about it.
If you have 4 buttons you rarely think about clicking in the middle.

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