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>>cheapcolour  25may2018(fr)08:12  No.59951  OP  P1

i forgot to upload this one

colouredtifa3.swf (1.86 MiB)
345x500, Compressed. 4 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  25may2018(fr)08:35  No.59953  A  P2R1
smooth animation! thanks man!
>>Anonymous  25may2018(fr)09:30  No.59954  B  P3R2
Took you long enough.
>>Anonymous  25may2018(fr)14:55  No.59955  C  P4R3
Shame you didn't pick another version, but nice, anyway.

Where did Dumper disappear off to, by the way? He's not posted anything for ages.

>>Jarid  25may2018(fr)23:46  No.59961  D  P5R4
Hopefully he will return
>>Anonymous  26may2018(sa)03:26  No.59965  E  P6R5
Honestly not as good as the other two but I really look forward to these getting made.
>>Anonymous  26may2018(sa)07:21  No.59971  F  P7R6
again with the fucking dog dick
>>Anonymous  26may2018(sa)08:32  No.59973  G  P8R7
Isn't it weird how there are adult human men that never had sex, and also dogs that fucked/regularily fuck human women?
Makes ya think.
>>Anonymous  26may2018(sa)09:12  No.59974  H  P9R8
Are you implying that wizards should fuck dogs?
>>Anonymous  26may2018(sa)09:17  No.59975  G  P10R9
But I guess that would be a fitting form of revenge, if you think about it that way.
...Though now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure that most woman-dog relationships are initiated by the woman. So I guess it would only be a revenge if the bitches seduced wizards into fucking them.
Love is such a complicated subject.
>>Anonymous  26may2018(sa)16:21  No.59977  I  P11R10
can you do this with the bulgeless version? thanks
http://swfchan.com/41/204196/?Tifa_Red3NoBulge.sw f
>>Anonymous  29may2018(tu)00:38  No.60021  J  P12R11
can you do one like this?
http://eye.swfchan.com/flash.asp?id=204204&n=No+S tomach+Bulge.swf
>>Anonymous  29may2018(tu)23:58  No.60045  K  P13R12
I am a wizard and I feel resentment and arousal towards these posts. At the same time.
>>Anonymous  30may2018(we)00:54  No.60050  L  P14R13
can someone edit her black

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