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>>Anonymous  24may2018(th)14:47  No.59933  OP  P1
3 - Kim Possible.swf (730.7 KiB)
600x700, Compressed. 865 frames, 30 fps (00:29).
Ver7, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  26may2018(sa)03:25  No.59964  A  P2R1
Now that's an all-time classic.
I remember it being one of the first KP porn flashes I've ever seen (and probably the first R34 stuff ever) and it just blew my mind.
>>Anonymous  29may2018(tu)23:24  No.60039  B  P3R2
old zone was a god amongst mortals
>>Anonymous  30may2018(we)09:12  No.60054  C  P4R3
Cum Possible
Old Zone is over rated.
>>Anonymous  30may2018(we)10:49  No.60057  D  P5R4
Why do you fags think this crappy old flash is so good?

I mean. It was good for it's time, certainly, but besides that, Zone has become much more skilled over time. His later works are simply far superior.

>>Anonymous  30may2018(we)17:49  No.60060  E  P6R5
Only his animation skills. The stuff he rule 34s now is shit. Needs to go back to anime.
>>Anonymous  1jun2018(fr)18:28  No.60096  B  P7R6
in some way yes, in other ways, I don't find it as nearly much fappable as before
zone WAS a god, during that time
noone could give him a run for his money
but now, there're so many good artists out there, and they produce much better porn than him
not art neccessarily, but porn swfs
what's the most interactivity you had in any of his late works?
what about the Ghost Nutbusters, where he didn't even release a swf

personally the biggest disappointment was the KLK flash
it was a show that was kinda fappable as it was
and he screwed it up so hard
the flash was long as shit, but it was boring scene after boring scene
he should have gone for anything but Senketsu "tentacle" rape
and it was just a scene select too
don't start about those "just like the show" finisher messages that pop up
sure, he even went so far as to recreate exactly the font and even get some jap in to help him with the naughty translation
but it missed the point of it entirely imo
compare that with the Reiko biker / HKeyGirl5 flash
I'd fap to that any time over the KLK one

today, he just spends all his days in VRChat with his crazy friends, dancing and joking around like the madman he is
not like I say he musn't, he earned it more than anybody, but his days are just long gone
he's only a flagship creator at this point, reblogging artwork of zone-tan and doing streams for sweet patreon money
he became the hipster artist who spends an eternity to create one piece of art from a show that he likes very much, noone else appreciates but his fanboys and gets a raging boner by all the butthurt from the backlash in the process while he bathes in money from HKey subscriptions, merchandise, Zone-tan promotion, paid work from the Skullgirls devs and patreon "tip jar"

RIP zone-archive.com/vote

>>Anonymous  1jun2018(fr)18:37  No.60098  F  P8R7
Zone peaked with the Bloo flash, it's been downhill and tryhard (especially the Tinkerbell flash, he thinks he can match golden age Disney animators lol) since.
>>Anonymous  1jun2018(fr)19:26  No.60104  G  P9R8
I guess when you go up to a very high standard, it’s not as easy to go beyond or stay consistent and fresh.
>>Anonymous  2jun2018(sa)05:02  No.60114  A  P10R9
I admire both the old and the new stuff. Not trying to suck his dick but you must admit he produces better content than 98% of other artists.
>>Anonymous  3jun2018(su)22:47  No.60145  H  P11R10
He peaked with the Wakfu flash, no doubt about it. Ghostbusters had very good quality, but was full of ugly monsters that turned off some people.

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