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>>Yuya  29apr2018(su)20:28  No.59290  OP  P1
I keep cumming from this

Anyone know who the MMD author is on ?

Untitled-1.swf (56.1 KiB)
1920x1080, Compressed. 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver34, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Yuya  29apr2018(su)20:31  No.59291  OP  P2
Aw shit

Fuck, didn't upload right but heres some shot

 download (1).jpg

>>Anonymous  29apr2018(su)21:02  No.59292  A  P3R1
Make a mega upload link of the flash so that this thing is useful and more people will talk about it. :)
>>Anonymous  29apr2018(su)22:49  No.59295  B  P4R2
this seems to be some good shit, please post the link boi
>>Anonymous  29apr2018(su)22:51  No.59297  C  P5
>Nigger dick
Nah bestiality is for omega males
>>Yuya  29apr2018(su)23:20  No.59298  OP  P6R3
Thank you for your patience! feel free to share around.

Here's a download to the mp4 version i got, unfortunately the last second might have a glitch, so handle the file carefully, its fragile!

>>Anonymous  30apr2018(mo)12:40  No.59325  D  P7R4
Anyone know how to turn this from mp4 into sfw in adobe animate cc? Or flash Idk. Tried before but didn't work either.
>>Anonymous  1may2018(tu)06:57  No.59343  E  P8R5
Don't do that.
>>Anonymous  2may2018(we)00:07  No.59367  F  P9R6
don't ever do that
>>Anonymous  3may2018(th)15:15  No.59437  G  P10R7
Probably a multi-file swf, which only works if you play it locally with all files in the same folder

it's not that easily done
the best way would be to convert it to flv and embed it into a swf, there are tools for that here on swfchan (look at the bottom of the page)
but it would still be only a shitty video instead of an actual swf file

>>Anonymous  11may2018(fr)07:41  No.59625  H  P11
You keep cumming from a blank page?
I ain't clicking that shit.
>Nigger dick
Kill yourself, my man.
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