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>>Anonymous  27apr2018(fr)18:12  No.59191  OP  P1
bug fixes for your favorite puzzle game :^)

argonvile - monstermind 1.02.swf (9.19 MiB)
768x432, Compressed. 2 frames, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Nanonymous  27apr2018(fr)23:25  No.59205  A  P2R1
>>Nanonymous  27apr2018(fr)23:26  No.59206  A  P3
That being said I actually like this game.
>>Anonymous  28apr2018(sa)03:57  No.59216  B  P4R2
>>Anonymous  29apr2018(su)04:13  No.59252  C  P5R3
there's another one:
if you're quick enough (or have a potato PC) and click on the "sequence" just before it closes, you will grab and have it stuck in your mouse and the whole game freezes.
Nice game idea but badly implemented (it's slow and not very interesting, c'mon, selecting "female" and having an option for "dicks" later on?? I'll never understand the furries)
If my dick was clever I'd fap to this but lolno.
Made me lol at the dialogue at least.
>>Anonymous  29apr2018(su)05:56  No.59255  D  P6R4

>Lol what are bisexuals


>>Anonymous  29apr2018(su)15:29  No.59280  E  P7R5
It could have been such a great game if it wasn't fucking pokemanz.
Such a great game...
Fuck furries and their hueg commission monies. I want people to cater to my very specific fetishes too.
>>Anonymous  29apr2018(su)21:10  No.59293  F  P8R6
I hope someone will be able to mod it and add a solve puzzle button
>>Anonymous  29apr2018(su)22:34  No.59294  G  P9R7
Nah, but i want a mini games solve button in case of getting fucked up in the dice game.
>>Anonymous  29apr2018(su)22:49  No.59296  H  P10R8
>Implying faggotry is anything resembling healthy psyche
Absolutely weimar
>>Anonymous  30apr2018(mo)05:23  No.59312  D  P11R9

>Being so unenlightened and simple-minded that you stick to just one sexuality

Try again brainlet cuck

>>Anonymous  30apr2018(mo)07:11  No.59319  I  P12R10
So why the hell did this pokemon porn need to have a M. Night Shamalamadingdong twist at the end?
>>Anonymous  30apr2018(mo)13:07  No.59326  J  P13R11
>>59319 i'm sorry what
>>Anonymous  30apr2018(mo)18:12  No.59328  H  P14R12
>Trusting kike promoted and invented sexuality by (((Freud))) and co
Still weimar little bit of fall of rome as well
>Furfag still tries to make excuses for his deviancies
What's next?
>It's current year anon you are a brainlet if you don't fuck kids and dogs!
>Muh Romans, Greeks
>Muh Animal kingdom
>>Anonymous  30apr2018(mo)18:54  No.59329  K  P15R13
are traps gay?
>>Anonymous  1may2018(tu)00:40  No.59335  I  P16R14
Figure it out on your own :^)
>>Anonymous  1may2018(tu)04:43  No.59338  D  P17R15

Okay you enjoy being boring I'm gonna enjoy sexy irl traps like Mariza

>>Anonymous  2may2018(we)12:46  No.59394  L  P18R16
>Can't retort
>Lol you're boring!
Enjoy going the way of Shuaiby, degenerate.
(Who was also a faggot tranny on HRT)
>>Anonymous  2may2018(we)14:31  No.59396  M  P19R17
so where's the sex in this game?
>>Anonymous  2may2018(we)14:36  No.59398  G  P20R18
The foreplay only since we are the floating hand lmao.
Kinda like Magic being that those pokemon used for private's need ((^:
>>Anonymous  2may2018(we)19:19  No.59404  D  P21R19

Okay brainlet lol

>>Anonymous  2may2018(we)19:22  No.59406  D  P22

By the way I'm still waiting for that retarded explanation of how ArgonVile is a pedo

Or did you realize you don't have any proof so now you're just going back to calling people faggots like you're an eastern european who is scared that he thinks his neighbor actually looks p hot

>>Anonymous  11may2018(fr)10:39  No.59628  N  P23R20
the way the game kept nagging about gender identity I lost interest. not sexy the way it doesn;t give you an option to argue it doesn;t give you the option "Shut up I'm not a homo and don't approve of that it's a turn-off" also the drawings... lolno. I can't believe someone took that much time to animate these shits. I can understand furry stuff like Krystal or Renamon, or rouge the bat but.. they are rounded triangles with heads arms and legs. and whats with that sound when they speak or do anything it sounds like someone's having terrible diarrhea into an air pump release valve. I realize it's supposed to be like the sounds pokemon make in the games but, in this context it sounds like they are shitting themselves.
>>Anonymous  12may2018(sa)10:58  No.59653  O  P24R21
CJ9BU4 WLZRIJ 95F5GE (name Quen)

100% save file

>>Anonymous  12may2018(sa)15:36  No.59656  P  P25R22
I have no idea how the puzzle works... even after the tutorial...
>>Anonymous  13may2018(su)02:41  No.59672  E  P26R23
Took me a second try too.
It's a puzzle solution game, like math n shit.
You have to fill the thing with the coloured thingies.
The hints are basically strategic guesses at the solution.
Every one tells you how many of the thingies in it are correct.
From those you have to deduce principles and combine them to get the correct answer.
For example if there are only reds and not a single heart, it means that no reds are in the solution.
If there are only blues and only a single heart, it means that there will be only one blue in the solution.
Etc etc.
>>Anonymous  11jul2018(we)22:05  No.60955  Q  P27
stay mad soy :^)
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