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>>Anonymous  25apr2018(we)04:17  No.59123  OP  P1
blazblue_makoto_uncensored_fixed.swf (19.02 MiB)
1000x600, Uncompressed. 7816 frames, 30 fps (04:21).
Ver20, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  25apr2018(we)06:36  No.59125  A  P2R1
How bout a translation?
>>Anonymous  25apr2018(we)09:15  No.59126  B  P3R2
Still a little rough, but lookin' good.
>>Anonymous  25apr2018(we)13:00  No.59128  C  P4R3
How about you just search for an english download? It's been out there for 2 years already.
>>Anonymous  25apr2018(we)13:00  No.59129  C  P5
Why don't you do a simple google search for the english download? It's been translated and uncensored 2 years ago. Why are you people even redoing uncensor work of this? It's called Mofu Mofu Musume PERFECT. The dlsite site circle is mohumohudou. The translated stuff is a cheesy "Welcome back master. Dinner is ready, you can have a bath or dinner or me scenario"
>>Anonymous  25apr2018(we)17:15  No.59136  D  P6R4 to_normal_translated.swf
>>Anonymous  26apr2018(th)01:40  No.59144  B  P7R5
The older uncensor is still a bit of a mosaic style, to be fair.
>>Anonymous  27apr2018(fr)03:36  No.59171  E  P8R6
The scenario is actually more of Makoto in mating season right now and wants your D first before anything else.
>>Anonymous  27apr2018(fr)21:45  No.59201  F  P9R7
wait... what was fixed?
the black dick turned into a non-black?
you nearly diddled me again, OP!
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