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>>Anonymous  21apr2018(sa)17:37  No.59009  OP  P1
1524075017.argonvile_monstermind.swf (9.16 MiB)
768x432, Compressed. 2 frames, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  21apr2018(sa)17:59  No.59011  A  P2R1
>Please play my obnoxious puzzle game clone
Fun fact: Argon_vile is a pedophile
>>Anonymous  22apr2018(su)01:31  No.59018  B  P3R2

Spoiler: This retard here thinks shit like loli is pedo so he's just your average SJW

>>Anonymous  22apr2018(su)03:30  No.59021  C  P4R3
"I might jerk off to children but they're pixelated so its OK. Also the meems say ur an idiot lol"
>>Anonymous  22apr2018(su)04:32  No.59022  D  P5R4
I've been playing this shit for 4 hours straight. didn't even jerk off
when the game finally crashed I was like "oh thank god"
>>Anonymous  22apr2018(su)04:34  No.59023  B  P6R5
Just another parasite.


People say they like the character interactions more than the porn, anyway.

>>Anonymous  22apr2018(su)09:01  No.59024  E  P7R6
21% completed after 2 hours.


Kill me.

>>Anonymous  22apr2018(su)12:52  No.59030  F  P8R7

Must be hard walking around with so much sand in your vagina.

>>Anonymous  22apr2018(su)12:57  No.59031  G  P9R8
Form previous testing I believe we need a name is required and after trying password out it, I conclude it is most definitely needed.
>>Anonymous  22apr2018(su)20:32  No.59044  H  P10R9
>tfw brainlet
>tfw can't finish a character on 5peg mode
>>Anonymous  23apr2018(mo)00:02  No.59051  I  P11R10
If this had representations of real people, this could probably be a useful and marketable game.
>>Anonymous  23apr2018(mo)00:21  No.59052  E  P12R11

My bad. Name is "anon"


>>Anonymous  23apr2018(mo)01:30  No.59056  J  P13R12
Given that it's furries that pay the most for porn, that's not very true.
>>Anonymous  23apr2018(mo)18:04  No.59076  K  P14R13
>Defends literal pedo dogfucker
>Kisses said faggot's ass unironically
>Calls the anon a parasite
Cool logic there
>>Anonymous  23apr2018(mo)18:23  No.59077  K  P15
>Don't be so anal fap to cub porn already and join nambla! Don't kinkshame my degeneracies!
>You're retarded because muh fandom says so
>My opinion is popular so it must be true!
>Is part of the subfurfagdom and leeches off a overated hack and a obnoxious cunt
>Calls others parasitic.
F- see me after class if you haven't carradini'd before that
>>Anonymous  23apr2018(mo)20:31  No.59081  L  P16R14
Nice puzzle game. Shame it's furries. Fuck all the ad hominem itt though. Are you all just butthurt people who got scammed out of their furry donation money or do you just want to start another loli=pedo flamewar?
>>???? ????  23apr2018(mo)22:23  No.59085  M  P17R15
Don't question it.
>>Anonymous  24apr2018(tu)05:28  No.59090  B  P18R16

It's the latter

>>Shrek  24apr2018(tu)07:22  No.59092  N  P19R17
the puzzle was fun but the porn wasn't.

Wow i thought i never type these words.

>>Anonymous  24apr2018(tu)07:27  No.59093  O  P20R18
When Shrek says the porn is bad you know you done messsed up
>>Anonymous  24apr2018(tu)09:32  No.59095  P  P21R19
>Furfag can't back up any of it's points
>'Everyone who disagrees with me is a flamer!'
What's next? Whining how 'toxicity' is bad?
>>Anonymous  24apr2018(tu)10:15  No.59096  B  P22R20

>Assuming that I'm a furfag because I don't hate what you hate

10/10 see me after class for a spanking

>>Anonymous  24apr2018(tu)12:34  No.59099  Q  P23R21
I don't get all of you people. This isn't loli/cub

This is just feral. Feral pokemon have these proportions. This is no different from other feral pokeporn. And if you don't like it then oh well, you don't then you can go about your business doing something else.

I don't usually like feral pokeporn, but the bits of humor, character interaction, and sexual interaction are enough to keep my interest.

>>Anonymous  25apr2018(we)15:05  No.59133  K  P24
>White knights a furfag
>Defends a furfag
>Bitches about lulzy shitstorm
>Ignores the fact that Argonvile is a literal faggot and a kiddy diddler
How hard is to understand that?
>>Anonymous  27apr2018(fr)00:59  No.59170  R  P25R22
I managed to get 100%, was a real struggle. i'll include the password though it's kind of pointless because you cant see the end credits without finishing the 5 peg puzzle under the time limit. However it will save time buying all the items at the shop

Name: Link
Pass@094% : 3ZZEHM EP8FE5 GXE9LA
Pass@100% : YIDPFN E88FEJ 7RB4B3

The credits gave me a FEEL

>>Anonymous  27apr2018(fr)21:14  No.59197  F  P26

If anything you're whiteknighting normie-bitch behavior.

>>Anonymous  27apr2018(fr)21:42  No.59200  L  P27R23
How hard is it to understand that nobody cares about the creator of this very specific flash? Also you can't just call being a decent person whiteknighting. It's only whiteknighting if the original autor would notice, and I doubt anyone checks swfchan threads of his work.
>>Anonymous  28apr2018(sa)04:47  No.59217  B  P28R24

Where's the proof son

>>Anonymous  28apr2018(sa)07:37  No.59218  O  P29R25
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