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>>Anonymous  20apr2018(fr)19:15  No.59000  OP  P1
an alternative flash player?

Kinda been fiddling around with an alternative flash player that actually works idea. Who want to test some?
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>>Anonymous  20apr2018(fr)23:22  No.59004  A  P2R1
do you use adobe's flash plugin and add a timeline?
>>Anonymous  21apr2018(sa)17:51  No.59010  OP  P3R2
i'm using local flash player which comes bundled with the program, as for "timeline" i have a trackbar on the bottom, like any other media player
>>Anonymous  21apr2018(sa)18:38  No.59012  B  P4R3
is where the player is located?
we should also look for free or cheap flash authoring tools. The only one besides adobe's flash that I know of is JPEX, but it's not really an authoring tool so much as a flash editor since you can't make flashes from scratch.
>>Anonymous  21apr2018(sa)22:19  No.59016  OP  P5R4
no, that's just it's name, because it's based on .net framework 4.6.1

you can get it for the next 24 hours right here

>>Anonymous  22apr2018(su)18:51  No.59041  B  P6R5
okay . . . I uploaded the zip file here and it should last until that site goes down
>>Anonymous  22apr2018(su)19:56  No.59043  C  P7R6

Is the trackbar supposed to do anything other than show the current position?

>>Anonymous  23apr2018(mo)00:40  No.59053  OP  P8R7
actually, i've reuploaded ;)

known issues for .net that are going to be addressed eventually:
* "aaaah it won't rewind"
* "ugh that drop text goes up on maximized window"
* "that loop check acts wierd"
* "where are the quality settings?" (when movie that supports advanced flash context menu plays you can change those from there)

>>Anonymous  23apr2018(mo)20:03  No.59079  D  P9R8
I still don't understand. Is this a standalone exe flash player? Or a browser plugin? Because with the projector I see little necessity to an alternative player. Even if Adobe takes it down, you'd still be able to use it.
But nevertheless, an open-source alternative to something this important is always welcome.
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