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>>Anonymous  19apr2018(th)04:32  No.58965  OP  P1
Old Spice Commercial

Remember this thing? When I first saw it I didn't bother saving it or anything but I did enjoy messing around with the interactive player. I looked back on the waybackmachine and it appears that the interactive elements, as well as the entire player itself, were done in flash. I was hoping that someone had put this on swfchan but apparently not. I don't know how soon the interactivity of the player died but the video does not load from in the present day. It doesn't seem like anyone has a proper public archive of the interactive part of that video, unfortunately can't download scripts or other flashes that the player loads to achieve this.
I guess the only options left are to find out whether someone has a copy that isn't public facing yet or ask the creators of that project whether they have a copy that they can send to one of us.

>>Anonymous  19apr2018(th)11:39  No.58970  A  P2R1
I never knew vimeo had flash support, that's cool. Very sad that they just ditch flash and break stuff like this. I don't understand what's wrong with providing the old flash files as well as the new video version... Imagine if someone upload a PDF somewhere and then a few years later you find out they have converted all previously uploaded PDF files to JPG images because they decided that they don't like PDF anymore. Sigh. Hope the Old Spice Muscle Music is preserved somewhere, looks like a fun little thing to pass time for a few minutes. Something like that is worth preserving.
>>Anonymous  19apr2018(th)12:04  No.58972  A  P3
Tried logging into vimeo and there's no account setting to provide the original flash files. Checked out the API at too and it doesn't look like there's anything there to get flash instead of video either.

HOWEVER I did look at the source code of the archived html file over at and it looks like the flash file is still online! So the game is still playable here: sic/v1.14/OldSpiceSequencer.swf

The flash file seems to be self-contained, it doesn't load any other files. So I'll upload it to /swf/. There were also archived versions of the flash on, it just doesn't load through the archived JavaScript on the html page: v1.14//OldSpiceSequencer.swf

Great to see that it's preserved! The fact that Vimeo still keeps the flashes online on their live server makes it even sadder that they don't provide links to them, though.

>>Anonymous  19apr2018(th)18:23  No.58980  OP  P4R2
Wow thanks! Vimeo never had true flash support, I was referring to their player which like most streaming websites loaded videos using flash. Old Spice made a deal with Vimeo to allow them to add a flash in after the video was complete. It's quite funny reading the press about it where people say Vimeo did something amazing that will change video streaming when it's done in a technology that's been around for more than 20 years at that point.
How did you find that file? I tried doing view source and searching for .swf which only got their video player. Did you guess and go from there?
>>Anonymous  19apr2018(th)20:16  No.58986  A  P5R3
So it was a one-thing for Old Spice. Funny that people thought it was something new. I've always said that YouTube and other video places should have embraced flash, it has so much more to offer compared to just a movie format. Google could have easily scanned any uploaded files for ActionScript that weren't put on a safe list so that all swf files uploaded were guaranteed to be completely harmless. Flash was required to use YouTube back in the day so it was already part of the site anyway. But they just didn't want to.

The URL was found in the page source on the link you posted. Search for ".swf" and you'll find this in a line of JavaScript:
http:\/\/\/web\/20120828215116\/ht tp:\/\/\/p\/flash\/old_spice_muscle_ music\/v1.14\/OldSpiceSequencer.swf
I dunno why vimeo escaped /, it's not needed. But they did so change \/ to / and you get: 4/OldSpiceSequencer.swf
Then remove the first part added by and voilà: sic/v1.14/OldSpiceSequencer.swf
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