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>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)00:33  No.58696  OP  P1
BlackHole GloryHole v1.25.swf

Added a few new characters, and an ending scene

BlackHole GloryHole (v1.25).swf (12.48 MiB)
640x480, Compressed. 13 frames, 25 fps (00:01).
Ver17, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)02:31  No.58698  A  P2R1
Here are all the potential cheats, some of them aren't some are.

'', '', '', '', 'cheat', '', 'messageLine', 'Way to cheat -- a winner is you !', 'code active', 'keysersoze', 'Keysersoze', 'KeyserSoze', 'keyser soze', 'Keyser soze', 'Keyser Soze', 'cheatAddMoney', '-EXTRA CREDITS (+', ')-', 'Thereisnospoon', 'thereisnospoon', 'ThereIsNoSpoon', 'There Is No Spoon', 'there is no spoon', 'cheatAddSkill', '-SKILL POINTS (+', 'GreedIsGood', 'greedisgood', 'Greed Is Good', 'greed is good', 'Greedisgood', '-CREDITS(+', ') SKILL POINTS (+', 'jutsu', 'Jutsu', 'naruto', 'Naruto', '-SHADOW CLONE MODE-', 'jutsuUnlocked', 'LemmeSee', 'Lemme See', 'lemmesee', 'lemme see', 'Lemmesee', 'Lemme see', 'galleryViewing', 'strippedHairUnlocked', 'strippedMaskUnlocked', 'strippedTopUnlocked', 'strippedBotUnlocked', 'strippedFullUnlocked', 'fadeoutquick', 'fadescreen', 'gotoAndPlay', 'swapDepths', 'sceneGoingTo', 'to gallery', 'Gallery Cheat', 'LemmeSmash', 'Lemme Smash', 'lemmesmash', 'lemme smash', 'Lemmesmash', 'Lemme smash', 'to endscene', 'End Scene Shortcut', 'HammerTime', 'Hammertime', 'hammertime', 'hammerTime', 'Hammer Time', 'Hammer time', 'hammer Time', 'hammer time', 'endless', '-ENDLESS MODE-', 'endlessUnlocked', 'on the reg', 'On The Reg', 'onthereg', 'OnTheReg', 'Onthereg', 'On the reg', 'cheatRegular', '-EASY FACTION SCHEDULE-', 'cheatRegularUnlocked', 'RedBull', 'redBull', 'Redbull', 'redbull', 'Red Bull', 'Red bull', 'red Bull', 'red bull', 'cheatEnergy', '-WIIIINGS-', 'cheatEnergyUnlocked', 'snickers', 'Snickers', 'cheatSatisfy', '-REALLY SATISFIES (x', 'cheatSatisfyUnlocked', 'KitKat', 'Kitkat', 'kitKat', 'kitkat', 'Kit Kat', 'Kit kat', 'kit Kat', 'kit kat', 'cheatPatience', '-ZEN PATIENCE (x', 'rainbow', 'Rainbow', '-RAINBOW MODE-', 'rainbowAllUnlocked', 'shifter', 'Shifter', 'head', '-RAINBOW CHARACTER MODE-', 'rainbowHeadUnlocked', 'dreamcoat', 'Dreamcoat', 'body', '-RAINBOW CLOTHES MODE-', 'rainbowBodyUnlocked', 'normandy', 'Normandy', 'squad', '-RAINBOW CREW MODE-', 'rainbowSquadUnlocked', 'cortie', 'Cortie', 'Yay, fanservice!', 'character', 'costume', 'E.Honda', '', 'E Honda', 'e honda', 'EHonda', 'Ehonda', 'ehonda', 'eHonda', 'safeStyle', 'hand', '-HANDJOB PREFERENCE-', 'safeStyleUnlocked', 'C.Viper', 'c.viper', 'C Viper', 'c viper', 'CViper', 'Cviper', 'cViper', 'cviper', 'tit', '-TITTYFUCK PREFERENCE-', 'Chun Li', 'chun li', 'ChunLi', 'Chunli', 'chunli', 'foot', '-FOOT PREFERENCE-', 'Decapre', 'decapre', 'tech', '-ASSISTED PREFERENCE-', 'Startup cheat on -- have fun !', ' -- Bad Code --', 'ready', 'btn', 'onPress', 'keyListener', 'Object', 'onKeyDown', 'Key', 'isDown', 'addListener', 'onRelease', 'onRollOver', 'onRollOut'

>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)02:43  No.58699  B  P3R2
what's new?
>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)04:16  No.58701  C  P4R3
>>58698 Here's the actual implemented list
Head-start: my patreon url (or click my logo)
Give Money: "KeyserSoze"
Give Skill: "ThereIsNoSpoon"
Give Both: "GreedIsGood"
Gallery Showcase: "LemmeSee"
EndScene Showcase: "LemmeSmash"
Shadow-clone: "Jutsu" or "Naruto"
No day timer: "HammerTime"
No faction schedule: "OnTheReg"
Unlimited Energy: "RedBull"
Client Satisfaction: "Snickers"
Client Patience: "KitKat"
Rainbow Mode: "Rainbow"
Rainbow Character: "Shifter"
Rainbow Costume: "Dreamcoat"
Rainbow 'Squad': "Normandy"
prefer hand: "E.Honda"
prefer boobjob: "C.Viper"
prefer footjob: "Chun Li"
prefer tech: "Decapre"
New Character: "Cortie"
>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)17:14  No.58727  D  P5R4
really like update, to bad i don't see much difference with "prefer" options and Corie disappears if you pick anyone else.

also rainbow mode doesn't work with clothing removal it doesn't show boob detail, except its one you selected

>>Anonymous  11apr2018(we)00:22  No.58747  E  P6R5
Man Corta has come along way. From his zone edits to now FYC and this. I wonder if he could edit more flash games with mods like SDT?
>>Anonymous  13jun2018(we)17:00  No.60342  D  P7R6
>>Anonymous  14jun2018(th)03:48  No.60352  E  P8R7
>>Anonymous  14jun2018(th)18:01  No.60363  F  P9R8
>>Anonymous  15jun2018(fr)00:35  No.60371  G  P10R9
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