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>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  8apr2018(su)09:03  No.58614  OP  P1
EroPharaoh - Play Me A Melody (18+ Commission)

Finally finished. Enjoy!

EroPharaoh - Play Me A Melody.swf (10.52 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 38 frames, 24 fps (00:02).
Ver36, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)09:23  No.58615  A  P2R1
This is really good! Great art style and multiple voices. It'd be even better with more positions and dialogue.
>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)09:31  No.58616  B  P3R2
Could only find one secret that's on the poster is there anything else?
>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)13:55  No.58622  C  P4R3
inb4 complaints about black options and "fixed version when?"
>>Shrek  8apr2018(su)17:20  No.58623  D  P5R4
Another solid yet filling game.

And also what the fuck is wrong with josie's chin on the loading screen? looks like she's got a tumor

PS. Stop milking oolay tiger you sick fuck or i'll tell PETA about this abuse

>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)18:10  No.58625  E  P6R5
There is a little easter egg when you pick the black chick and put on the betty wig.
I guess the little "impregnation" animation might be one as well... (have the xray cam active and cum in vagina and you can play a little animation)
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  8apr2018(su)19:36  No.58627  OP  P7R6
Thank you!

If you click the back wall by the right door frame, you get some voyeurs. If you select Josie and take the cat ears off, she has the bow she wears in the show - if you click it, it will change colors. If you do a handstand, all the characters will be upside-down.

Not sure what you're talking about with Josie's chin, unless you're talking about the lip-bite (which I'm guessing I didn't pull off if it looks like a tumor LOL)
And no, I already told you I'll never stop trying to get Oolay for voices, Shrek. I will eat PETA.

;) glad someone found that one!

>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)20:40  No.58628  F  P8R7
damn i wish i added fertilisation to my commission. what commission you got next dude?
>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)20:47  No.58630  G  P9R8
Discoballgag, that's a first!

>also tfw tab doesn't work >_<

>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  8apr2018(su)21:24  No.58633  OP  P10R9
I'm not sure - currently I'm looking at alternatives to Paypal (they suspended my account). I found a few potentials, but most of them don't allow adult content and I don't want to be in this same boat again so I'm considering just using Western Union or MoneyGram.


>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)22:00  No.58640  H  P11R10
How do you do a handstand?
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  8apr2018(su)22:11  No.58641  OP  P12R11
Here are some of the best ways. With practice you'll learn. Make sure you have a spotter for the early tries!
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  8apr2018(su)22:24  No.58642  SWF  P13R12
Golden opportunity to look into crypto.

Not sure why it never exploded on the porn scene. You can accept payment from anywhere in the world, it's near instant, fees are very low, transactions can't be reversed and no one can suspend your account when you remove the man in the middle.

Also opens up a way to be more incognito for people that do want to pay for porn but doesn't want to have anything porn-related on their bank statement. Crypto space is small so for now a traditional non-crypto payment option should probably also be offered but there's little reason to not offer both.

>>Shrek  8apr2018(su)22:39  No.58643  D  P14R13
i think there's a bug when i'm doing a handstand. Coz the color went grayscale and the flash itself turns into a 70's DDR.
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  8apr2018(su)23:01  No.58644  OP  P15R14
Oh yeah, someone mentioned that before - I'm going to look into that now since I don't know much about it. Hopefully people looking to commission are willing to try it out as well! Thanks :)
>>???? ????  8apr2018(su)23:39  No.58650  J  P16R15
I felt this one would've been a perfect opportunity to make a a cat pun.
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  9apr2018(mo)00:23  No.58651  OP  P17R16
I couldn't think of any cat puns that sounded good to me. I tried. ;(
>>Anonymous  9apr2018(mo)01:26  No.58653  K  P18R17
The guy has tiny hands too, but it's not extremely jarring. The girls however... that's not just tiny hands... it's a proper birth defect. And no, it's not perspective, given how dead on the viewing angle is.
>>Anonymous  9apr2018(mo)01:31  No.58654  K  P19
Okay, after playing the file some more, the hand sizes for the girls aren't that jarring as I previously said.

Still pretty small, but it's acceptable. I'm not an Archie fan, so perhaps it's something that comes with the style? Perhaps it's just something I never noticed about your style? Anyway, keeping tabs on one's anatomy skills is never a bad thing.

>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  9apr2018(mo)01:50  No.58655  OP  P20R18
I modeled them after Trump's hands, my bad.

Serious answer is that I'm not very good at hands. Definitely my weak point.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  9apr2018(mo)01:51  No.58656  SWF  P21R19
I recommend Bitcoin Cash (which is not the same as legacy Bitcoin, often called "Bitcoin Core" these days). You can start accepting payments in 5 minutes, here's a quick guide if you have an Android phone:

Search for "bitcoin" on Google Play. Scroll down a little until you find "Bitcoin Wallet" by "" and install it (it's free). Go through the welcome steps, you can skip entering an e-mail and there's no permissions needed by the app.

By default *two personal wallets are created for you, one for BCH (Bitcoin Cash) and the other for BTC (Bitcoin Core). At the bottom of the screen there's a "Receive" icon. Tap it and you get a new screen, make sure the BCH wallet is selected. Should be by default.

> *=In the future only one wallet (BCH) will be auto-created by the app, at least that's what the devs have said will happen.

At the top you tap "Request specific amount". Enter whatever you want to charge for the commission in USD, the wallet will look up what that translates to in Bitcoin Cash. Write down the amount of BCH and **hit back on your phone to return to the previous screen.

> **=Pressing confirm instead takes you to a new screen with a newly generated QR code with the address and amount embedded inside it. In this example I'm assuming you just want a text-based payment request.

Now all you gotta do is send your BCH address + desired amount to whoever wants to pay you. You can tap the address to copy it into your phone's clipboard or you can just type it manually into your computer.

There are three address formats, the best one is Cash Address, which starts with "q" (selected by default). It's pretty long but contains a checksum that invalidates the address if you accidentally type the wrong character so your costumer won't be able to send money if you give him a mistyped address. You can reuse the address for as many times as you'd like, though since bitcoin has a public ledger it might be desirable to generate a new address for every payment for a little enhanced privacy.

OK so the tl;dr version of these steps are:

+ Download the wallet app on Android.
+ Tap the receive tab.
+ Tap "Request specific amount".
+ Enter USD amount, write down BCH amount.
+ Go back to the previous screen, write down BCH address.
+ Send amount and address to the client.
+ Wait for the app to say that you've received payment.

After getting the crypto you can either gamble and hold on to it, which means it will either gain or lose USD value in the long term. Or you can sell it immediately on an exchange for close to the amount of USD you entered in the app. The long term goal with crypto is of course to never need to convert back from crypto but right now it doesn't pay all the bills. It still works for money to change hands though.

Buying BCH for USD is usually much easier than selling it, which is good since it's more likely customers will bother to obtain it. All he needs is a credit card and a ***crypto wallet, no accounts or personal info. On the other hand converting from BCH to USD on a trade market often requires you to enter your real identity information and waiting to be approved. But starting to accept crypto itself and keeping it in crypto is ridiculously fast and simple! There are several places that do accept it directly too.

> ***=Or he could buy directly into the BCH address that you tell him to send to, though its best for trust if he buys into his own address and then sends it to your address. It could also be against the terms of service to buy crypto into someone else's wallet on whatever platform he chooses to buy from.

Storing your BCH on your phone should be secure enough as long as it's not huge amounts and you encrypt the whole device. For this app the devs say your wallet's private keys are stored on your phone and they don't have access to them. Use the app's backup feature, it gives you a set of words to write down with a pen and store IRL in a secure place (tap Home > select a personal wallet > "Wallet not backed up"). If you ever lose your phone you can restore your wallet and all of its generated addresses with that backup phrase, no BCH will be lost. After backing up you can and should set a Startup Lock for the app with a PIN code (Settings > Lock App).

>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  9apr2018(mo)02:59  No.58659  OP  P22R20
Holy crap, thank you! It actually seems pretty simple, I think this could work!
I have a few questions, I know you typed up that (extremely) helpful guide but hopefully you can help me a little further!
You say it's easier for USD to BCH, but does that mean it's difficult to sell for USD? Can I sell in-app? I used to have a tiny gambling problem, so I probably won't keep it as BCH. ;) I will obsess over it.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  9apr2018(mo)05:41  No.58661  SWF  P23R21
It's not super difficult, more like a bit more tedious. There are different places with different rules but most of the big crypto exchanges need you to submit IRL identification if you want to withdraw USD from their system.

It can be for example a photo of both sides of your drivers license to prove who you are and a photo of a utility bill to prove your residential address. You submit it and need to wait until they approve your account.

Then you need to submit your bank information and get that sorted (unless you did that at the same time as submitting ID). And when you finally convert from BCH to USD and have the money in your bank account the government will think you should pay your taxes on revenue earned. Different countries have different rules, dunno what they will say if you claim it is all donations.

Compare this to when buying crypto: You enter your credit card number, you enter an address, done.

In *rare cases I've heard of people being asked where they got the crypto, this could be because the crypto that you got once upon a time (many blocks ago in the blockchain) touched a blacklisted address that belonged to some drug dealer or something. So you should always send small amounts of BCH to exchanges since it could get stuck there ("frozen until the matter is resolved").

> *=Rare because every time word gets out about an exchange freezing funds they lose business from people that start avoiding them due to this fact.

Sending smaller sums are also less suspicious, however remember that the bitcoin ledger is transparent so if you have 1 BCH and send 0.1 BCH of it to an exchange they will be able to see the remaining 0.9 BCH as well. That's why it's a good idea to not use the same receive address all the time, if you send 0.1 BCH from address X they won't see anything you have on address Y.

Anyway getting your funds frozen is not something to be too paranoid over but it's something you should be aware of. Definitely not something that should stop you from using exchanges, many thousands of people withdraw just fine every day.

+ Features to improve anonymity in Bitcoin Cash is expected to come during the year due to an update scheduled for next month but there are already similar services today that help hide transaction history by pooling a bunch of BCH and then sending them out again.

There are other ways to turn your crypto into USD than exchanges, one is to drive to a buyer IRL and meet at a café. He hands you previously agreed upon paper money and you send him crypto. Another is to find an ATM dealing with Bitcoin Cash that allows withdraws in USD. Most of them only lets you buy crypto, those that let you also sell crypto usually also requires some kind of ID. An example of accepted ID for one type of ATM is a photo of your face and a copy of your thumbprint. Naturally there are also security cameras pointed at the ATM and most of the time they stand indoors where there are other people around. Finally the most difficult way to turn crypto into USD is to buy something for the crypto and then sell that item after receiving it via snail mail, like for example a graphics card (shouldn't need to cut down the price too much if the box isn't opened). Gift cards for store credits are a good buy and can be resold without any price reduction most of the time.

>does that mean it's difficult to sell for USD? Can I sell in-app?
tl;dr: Nah, once you set up an exchange it's easy.'s app doesn't support selling but I reckon all of the larger exchanges have their own apps., and are **three popular markets.

> **=GDAX is owned by Coinbase. I've been told trading on GDAX have lower fees but is harder to learn how to use. Coinbase is actually more like a brokerage while Gdax is an actual exchange. GDAX was called Coinbase Exchange in the past.

So you send your BCH from your phone's app to an address the exchange tell you to use. Then there's usually an option to automatically sell ASAP if you don't want to bother with setting a custom price. A few moments thereafter you can withdraw USD from their system to your bank.

There are exchanges that make it possible to easily turn one crypto into another without needing an account ( is popular). So if you find an exchange you want to use that only deal in for example ETH you can swap your BCH to ETH and then sell it on the exchange. Always remember to not send too much crypto at a time to any exchange, just in case.

>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  9apr2018(mo)08:22  No.58664  OP  P24R22
Excellent. This pretty much answers all my questions, thank you so much. :)
>>Anonymous  9apr2018(mo)08:37  No.58665  L  P25R23
>Not sure why it never exploded on the porn scene.

because people like to be paid in things that last

>>Anonymous  9apr2018(mo)10:39  No.58667  M  P26R24

>Looking at bitcoin long term, not just the last year

Eh, dude, you didn't get the memo did you...

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  9apr2018(mo)18:29  No.58677  SWF  P27R25
It doesn't matter if crypto last or not, it works right now to transfer money. Person A can convert his fiat to crypto, transfer it to person B and he can immediately convert it to his fiat. Something like that is perfect for porn since it makes it much harder for person A or B to know who the other guy is and it's impossible for a third party to stop person B from accepting money because they think person B is immoral or whatever.

The reason I wrote in this thread was because here I noticed that PayPal had effectively shut down EroPharaoh and the whole original purpose of crypto is to prevent something like this from happening, to provide economic freedom across the world.

I'll mention that there are payment provider services for merchants that specialize in taking the risk in crypto. This means that someone can pay in crypto and the merchant directly receives USD like usual while the payment provider keeps the crypto. Business as usual for the merchant while the customer gets the option to spend his crypto. This would again be perfect for stores that sell stuff like sex toys where there are customers that want a little more privacy.

>>I wish I were a bird  9apr2018(mo)23:34  No.58692  N  P28R26
Don't want to bulge into this cryptic discussion, but

lol @ fertilization
and can't believe you actually made a skin change, welp
really good flash though, as usual

little bug: I had Josie nude, but when cumming it shows Melodies hair for a split second

>>Anonymous  9apr2018(mo)23:36  No.58693  N  P29
also breast set to biggest, that seems to trigger it
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  10apr2018(tu)00:11  No.58695  OP  P30R27
Dang, I thought I fixed that. Thanks for letting me know!
>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)21:00  No.58734  O  P31R28

How do you activate the x ray? I've looked around and I can't find anything

>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)21:04  No.58735  O  P32

And this breast/nude aspect too. All the secrets I found were the Archie Poster and the voyeur thing. I can't find anything else at all! help please

>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)21:05  No.58736  O  P33

nevermind I'm fucking blind

>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)21:18  No.58738  P  P34R29
wtf is up with swfchan? I can't open up links from anymore
>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)21:33  No.58739  G  P35R30
20 bucks on that you're using an ad blocker with EasyList.
>>Anonymous  11apr2018(we)07:31  No.58759  Q  P36R31
You can get around this by dragging the link to a new tab.
>>Anonymous  11apr2018(we)19:03  No.58780  R  P37R32
garbage. No handstands
>>Anon  11apr2018(we)20:04  No.58782  S  P38R33
actual discussion of swfchan!?
>>Anonymous  11apr2018(we)21:04  No.58783  T  P39R34
You saying the comments in that Toddlercon flash is not an actual discussion?
>>Anonymous  12apr2018(th)02:22  No.58805  N  P40R35
Or click the .swf part of the link.
It takes you to the swf directly with no html wrapper. Only the latter gets blocked on me for some reason.
>>Anonymous  12apr2018(th)06:08  No.58817  U  P41R36
this shit is amazing i came 3 times keep up the good work
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  12apr2018(th)08:16  No.58821  OP  P42R37
There actually is.
lol thanks
>>Anonymous  12apr2018(th)19:57  No.58830  V  P43R38
You mean the former.

Can't someone go and slap EasyList on the head and make them fix their shit?

>>Anonymous  19apr2018(th)22:29  No.58990  W  P44R39
It's time to split.
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