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>>Anonymous  5apr2018(th)23:56  No.58559  OP  P1
new release from boogie

looks like the options work in this one

Lana.swf (25.49 MiB)
625x746, Uncompressed. 5159 frames, 30 fps (02:52).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  6apr2018(fr)02:08  No.58561  A  P2R1
Nice! We should keep the version number in the filename so it's easier to keep track of which one's the newest. This swf is v0.93.
>>Anonymous  6apr2018(fr)04:07  No.58565  B  P3R2
Does this add anything specific over the last version, like do any of the bonus names work? Also, in the last one I somehow changed the background into nighttime, but I'm not sure how.
>>Anonymous  6apr2018(fr)05:07  No.58566  C  P4R3
I think you just watched it for a really long time...

Also the swimsuit option works properly now.

>>Anonymous  6apr2018(fr)07:21  No.58573  D  P5R4
Pretty good.
>>Anonymous  6apr2018(fr)10:58  No.58576  E  P6R5
what are the bonus names?
>>Anonymous  6apr2018(fr)21:46  No.58585  OP  P7R6
Personally I find the cumshot to be a little underwhelming for a boogie flash.
That music though! Any info on the song that plays during the sex scene?
>>Anonymous  6apr2018(fr)22:11  No.58586  F  P8R7

Anyone knows the name of the music track?

>>Nanonymous  6apr2018(fr)22:59  No.58587  G  P9R8
When it zooms out slightly, spamming tab highlights a box. I've clicked it a couple times but nothing happens. There's also what appears to be a health bar or something that pops up sometimes in the top left (possibly just a debug switch) I've seen it green and red.
>>???? ????  6apr2018(fr)23:21  No.58588  H  P10R9
I wish there were quality settings.
>>WTDinner  7apr2018(sa)01:01  No.58589  I  P11R10
Sounds like a remix of Groudon and Kyogre's theme.
Also, very cute flash Boogie
>>Anonymous  7apr2018(sa)05:54  No.58591  F  P12R11
I looked through Youtube of Groudon and Kyogre themes' remix and didn't find it...
>>Anonymous  7apr2018(sa)23:30  No.58602  J  P13R12
"pikablu" lets you fuck mew.
>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)00:52  No.58606  K  P14R13
Profs name changes every time?
>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)00:53  No.58607  K  P15
Music found

second click on Youtube o-o

>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)00:58  No.58608  K  P16
or here:
this may be the original
>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)07:19  No.58613  F  P17R14

Thank you so much! I could now blast it in my car without the moans and lewd japanese!

>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)11:20  No.58617  L  P18R15
>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)11:20  No.58618  M  P19R16
Do I enter that as the name?
>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)17:35  No.58624  N  P20R17
Just click on the truck, she's hiding under it.
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