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>>Anonymous  2apr2018(mo)18:56  No.58447  OP  P1
Ekikon's new teaser

He put this up on his new Fantia (Basically JP Patreon).

go support him if you like.

葉月ちゃんR1_1 [Ekikon Kenkyukai].swf (2.97 MiB)
800x600, Compressed. 68 frames, 12 fps (00:06).
Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  2apr2018(mo)19:38  No.58448  A  P2R1
Aaaaand I'm on the list. Great. Thanks.
>>Anonymous  2apr2018(mo)20:20  No.58449  B  P3R2
>>Anonymous  2apr2018(mo)20:43  No.58452  C  P4R3
nice, looks a lot like exotic condenser
>>Anonymous  2apr2018(mo)20:53  No.58453  D  P5R4
Become is him

He started patreon like thing : https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/5046

>>Anonymous  2apr2018(mo)21:51  No.58456  E  P6R5
is awwwriight
>>Anonymous  3apr2018(tu)01:42  No.58465  F  P7R6
Oh hey, Ekikon got a Fantia account. Cool.
>>???? ????  3apr2018(tu)03:06  No.58467  G  P8R7
._. well.....now
>>Anonymous  3apr2018(tu)05:45  No.58469  H  P9R8
If you like this you deserve to be shot.
>>Anonymous  3apr2018(tu)08:10  No.58473  I  P10R9
oh no, innocent pixels getting violated by other pixels
>>Anonymous  3apr2018(tu)14:38  No.58482  C  P11R10
Oh hey, the oldest swfchan b8 is back.
Really, when it's not black dicks, it's little cunts that make this board go round and round.

>inb4 people fantasize about weird shit
>inb4 it's not real
>inb4 gays are now ok, but pedo is not? it's the last witch hunt on this world
>inb4 people will just hate you on the internet, because it's their only fun allowed
>inb4 you can't rape an image
>inb4 it was created by some fat old asian dude
>inb4 if you watch this porn you are automatically a real child rapist
>inb4 nobody cares about real child rapists
>inb4 muh parent-anons
>inb4 people hate it because they can't comprehend it, but still care enough to leave hatefull comments
>inb4 people can't into the internet
>inb4 make a black dick edit
>inb4 more cum buttons

Did I forget anything?

>>Anonymous  3apr2018(tu)16:23  No.58489  J  P12R11
Weeeeeeeeeell this site is probably now gonna be shut down. ggnore.
>>???? ????  3apr2018(tu)22:40  No.58495  G  P13R12
Wow! You know your around here.
>>Anonymous  3apr2018(tu)23:38  No.58496  K  P14R13
Whoever makes this shit literally needs to go to prison and be raped violently on a daily basis.
>>Anonymous  4apr2018(we)00:06  No.58498  OP  P15R14
You do know that there's plenty of this on swfchan, right?


gb2 halfchan.

>>Anonymous  4apr2018(we)00:53  No.58499  L  P16R15
lmaoing at all the normies here

I'll go fuck a baby right now. If I'm lucky maybe I'll get some butthurt faggot to watch too.

>>Anonymous  4apr2018(we)03:36  No.58504  M  P17R16
If your brain operates like that, real or not, the worlds better off if you're dead.
>>Anonymous  4apr2018(we)03:58  No.58505  N  P18R17
Is this what you fags are up to nowadays?
>>Anonymous  4apr2018(we)04:04  No.58506  I  P19R18
people that like any kind (be it flash animated or shitty crayon drawn) of rape porn should be castrated
>>Anonymous  4apr2018(we)04:04  No.58507  O  P20R19
Even being a pedo is fine as long as you're a woman.

The worst crime there is these days is being a white man.

>>Anonymous  4apr2018(we)05:36  No.58508  P  P21R20
Jesus fucking christ
>>Anonymous  5apr2018(th)21:25  No.58554  E  P22R21
>scientist on the verge of curing cancer
>find out he jerks it to virtual babies
>hang him
>8 years later lying in bed with cancer
>"never compromise. not even in the face of armageddon."
>die a happy thought-police
>>Anonymous  6apr2018(fr)07:05  No.58572  Q  P23R22
nice mental gymnastics you pedo
>>Anonymous  6apr2018(fr)12:36  No.58579  R  P24R23
>Fictious example
You losers are either
A) democrat shitbags
B) NEET losers who should commit suicide
Pedos never contribute to a healthy society, fuck kid diddling inspired kike based religions.
>>Anonymous  6apr2018(fr)14:11  No.58580  S  P25R24
Y'all need Jesus and Satan
>>Anonymous  7apr2018(sa)03:40  No.58590  T  P26R25
Oh god it's like a bunch of retards with two way radios and chronic tourettes in this thread, it's glorious
>>Anonymous  7apr2018(sa)18:31  No.58595  U  P27R26
Loli shit always works baiting clueless idiots.
>>Anonymous  7apr2018(sa)20:43  No.58598  V  P28R27
two sides attacking strawmen so you can't root for either side
it's the gun control arguments all over again
>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)02:21  No.58609  E  P29R28
y-you too

not even getting the point huh? einstein might have been a pedo and his contributions to society would still outweigh any good that killing him would have done

>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)13:15  No.58620  R  P30R29
>Good for humanity
>Implying kiddy diddlers will do anything beneficial to society
Whenever you like it or not pedos are depraved criminal fucks trying to justify their mental illness.
I love seeing pedofucks panicking after FOSTA was passed 8ch hebe and younglove was erased completely.
>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)20:43  No.58629  E  P31R30
At least it's not as damaging as the mental illness of homosexuality.
>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)21:28  No.58636  T  P32R31

The fuck is "FOSTA"

>>Anonymous  9apr2018(mo)09:56  No.58666  U  P33R32

I know only one country that doesn't have gun control figured out...
(atleast from the developed nations)

You know what I am getting at.


Nice bait, mate

>>Anonymous  9apr2018(mo)20:58  No.58681  E  P34R33
"I fail to see the parallel between calling pedophiles mentally ill and calling homosexuals mentally ill so therefore you must be trolling."
>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)07:53  No.58710  R  P35R34
>This lazy to do basic research
>Doesn't give two shits about privacy
>Implying kiddy diddlers aren't faggots as well
>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)20:52  No.58733  U  P36R35

If it was intended as ironic, that wasn't very clear.

Seen too many people who sincerely believe that homosexuality is a mental illness, smearing that bullshit into every creek on the internet to reinforce their delusion.

>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)21:13  No.58737  A  P37R36
>I know only one country that doesn't have gun control figured out...
I can name several off the top of my head: sweden, germany, britain, france, spain...
I mean, if those countries implemented gun control properly, giving it to long time citizens that passed the proper background checks, they wouldn't have anywhere near as much problem with their invading muslim migrants. I guarantee the amount of teenage girls getting raped by ahmeds would decrease by at least 90% if ahmeds had a reason to be afraid of the girl's parents.
Are you a rape apologist or something?
>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)21:36  No.58740  U  P38R37
I know that it is just a tease (I hope it is)

But there are so many things wrong with this post I could write whole paragraphs about it.
It just oozes of the mentality of the redneck part of the U.S.A.

>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)22:03  No.58742  A  P39R38
https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/groom ing-gangs-uk-britain-newcastle-serious-case-review -operation-sanctuary-shelter-muslim-asian-a8225106 .html

Are you a rape apologist?

>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)22:29  No.58743  E  P40R39
It wasn't meant to be irony, it was meant to be an eye-opener.

Seen too many people who sincerely believe that pedophilia is a mental illness but insist that homosexuality isn't, smearing that bullshit into every creek on the internet to reinforce their delusion.

>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)23:18  No.58746  U  P41R40
Hah, clever, trying to use my own words against me,
still equating that people who are sexually attracted to the gender they are to that of pedophiles is quite a big stretch.

Not really, counter-question, do rapes happen in the US?
(Because implying that guns in the hands of citizen stops a significant amount rapes is just one backwards ass assumption if you wanna go down that road trying to argue in the post beforehand)

>>Anonymous  11apr2018(we)00:44  No.58748  O  P42R41

https://phys.org/news/2010-11-legalizing-child-po rnography-linked-sex.html

>>Anonymous  11apr2018(we)01:10  No.58749  O  P43
I'd also like to point out that Pedophile =/= Child Molester

Only about 30-40% of child molesters are actually sexually attracted to children

http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/10790 6320101300103

Conversely, only 1-4% of Pedophiles molest children, compared to 6-15% of the male population who are rapists. (Female rapist statistics are inaccurate)

>>Anonymous  11apr2018(we)02:04  No.58750  I  P44R42
i think we've found the new horsepussy.swf or beefcurtains
>>Anonymous  11apr2018(we)02:25  No.58753  W  P45R43
Someone should upload those two again so we get a triple shitstorm here in this happy corner of the internet!
>>Anonymous  11apr2018(we)09:27  No.58760  A  P46R44
Yes. But they are more common in states without open-carry. Clearly proving that fear of consequences prevents crimes.
>>Anonymous  11apr2018(we)16:27  No.58778  X  P47R45
>Normalizing degeneracy
>(((Legit study)))
Try again, Rabbi
>>Anonymous  13apr2018(fr)04:45  No.58866  Y  P48R46
Hey, FBI I clicked on this by accident, I swear
>>Anonymous  14apr2018(sa)03:00  No.58876  Z  P49R47
>all this flaming because of a drawing
>>Anonymous  14apr2018(sa)07:37  No.58879  AA  P50R48
as an aside some religions, and this isn't limited to Islam, forbid the drawing of humans
>>Anonymous  15apr2018(su)05:16  No.58898  AB  P51R49
A man jerking off at 2 years old girl. Flash is so short that I have no time to get erection. And flash made in animation style, so i think everything is fine.
>>Anonymous  15apr2018(su)15:23  No.58912  AC  P52R50
Sharing these drawings gets you banned on Discord and Skype
>>Anonymous  16apr2018(mo)18:34  No.58922  AD  P53R51
Ravioli ~ Ravioli ... don't lewd the cutey loli- ... JIMMY! NO!
>>Anonymous  16apr2018(mo)18:59  No.58929  C  P54R52
Microcoks and those Discord niggers catering to nu-internet-people? Impossible!
Seriously if anyone uses those services, it's their own fault. There's much more wrong with them than hentai pics getting banned.
>>Anonymous  16apr2018(mo)22:45  No.58931  AE  P55R53
No they don't. You only get banned if the discord is shared publicly like on reddit or if a user reports you for it.
>>Anonymous  17apr2018(tu)15:09  No.58944  C  P56R54
What do you mean? Do you think I implied their AI was already developed enough to automatically identify a picture to feature nude loli content?
Of course someone would have to go through your uploads first to ban you. But thanks to microsuccs newest privacy policy, they don't even need anything to do that. They just can. All the time.
>>Anonymous  19apr2018(th)20:02  No.58985  AF  P57R55
>>Anonymous  19apr2018(th)21:25  No.58987  AG  P58R56
>Implying there aren't hordes of that guys/reportfags who just report people and servers for schadenfreude factor alone
One of those people happen to me. I just want to see it all burn.
>>Anonymous  30apr2018(mo)03:36  No.59304  AH  P59R57
Oh shit, new Erotic Condenser? I see the angry retards have already set in before the god of flash has even made his release.
>>Anonymous  1may2018(tu)00:23  No.59334  U  P60R58
The 60's called
they want their definition of homosexuality back.
>>Anonymous  1may2018(tu)10:55  No.59350  AI  P61R59
Quick question, but does rape do to Muslim refugees happen in the USA? He's saying this because rape isn't just a small thing in Europe. It is endemic now, because of these refugees with no morals. They bring what they think is acceptable behavior, because of instead of being raised in proper western society, they live out their formative years in war torn sharia law states. In those states, if a man is caught raping a woman, the woman is killed and the man gets 100 lashes. They don't realize that the punishment for that should be a lot more severe because of the backwards law system they have.
>>Anonymous  8jun2018(fr)09:18  No.60257  AJ  P62R60
I really love thought-policing. Double standards ahoy mate-y. We have landed to a literal fooltown.

Fat woman x average man:
>Thicc <3
>God I love some round girls

Fat man x average woman:
>What kind of degenerate draws his fantasies
>"Pity that this artist wastes his time drawing porn that I don't like. People have such a shitty taste"
"Reverse" rape porn:
>OMG Thats so hot
>I wish a hot tall woman would rape me like that
>Yandere rape 10/10

Rape porn:
>What is wrong with all this rape fantasy stuff? Gross
>Again some dickless nerd forcing his rape fantasy to us *Sigh*
>Did you get abused as a child anon if you get off to stuff like that? Get a fucking life you pathetic faggot
Shota on adult woman:
>God I wish that was me
>Why that never happened to me?
>I always fantasized about stuff like that when I was little...(No you didn't)

Loli on adult man:
>Whoever did this deserves to die
>What a fucking loser you gotta be to get off to this. Even if its just a drawing its not okay!
I feel like I'm in tumblr or some shit

>>Anonymous  8jun2018(fr)14:00  No.60258  AK  P63R61
>>Anonymous  10jun2018(su)01:23  No.60277  AL  P64R62
you probably are if you genuinely think anything you just wrote was remotely close to real
>>Anonymous  10jun2018(su)15:20  No.60287  AK  P65R63
TL;DR 'wah don't kinkshame me'
>>Anonymous  10jun2018(su)18:22  No.60291  C  P66R64
furries gtfo
>>Anonymous  12jun2018(tu)14:13  No.60321  AK  P67R65
>Anything against pedoshit is a furry
Cool logic there, fag
>>Anonymous  12jun2018(tu)14:57  No.60322  AM  P68R66
sick fucks
>>Anonymous  12jun2018(tu)17:33  No.60325  C  P69R67
the only other people kinky enough to come to swfchan and stupid enough to call this pedoshit are furries
so go back to your containment threads, nigger
>>Anonymous  17jun2018(su)02:42  No.60397  U  P70R68
Ya, some feeble-minded people are to insecure about their own tastes they need to shame others.
Hey dipshits, pixels and drawings don't hurt people, let others fap in peace.
>>Anonymous  17jun2018(su)03:03  No.60398  AN  P71R69
>>Anonymous  17jun2018(su)03:03  No.60399  AN  P72
I T ' S A W W R I G H T

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