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>>Anonymous  31mar2018(sa)06:10  No.58363  OP  P1
the "action" part of v1.11, decensored (at least partially)

osake_riesz_ero.swf (8.94 MiB)
380x330, Compressed. 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver9, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  31mar2018(sa)09:47  No.58365  A  P2R1
This is some quality smut.

If only I could understand the moon runes.

>>Anonymous  31mar2018(sa)12:09  No.58366  B  P3R2
Hiragana google them
ん : n = un
so yeah moaning sounds*
get to work lazy ass
>>Anonymous  31mar2018(sa)13:57  No.58372  C  P4R3
Anywhere to can find the full version?
>>Anonymous  1apr2018(su)00:24  No.58387  C  P5
Is there penetration, any tut?
>>Anonymous  1apr2018(su)01:10  No.58388  D  P6R4
Yes there is. What I did was undress her, lift up her legs and then tried penetrating her. Worked for me.
>>Anonymous  1apr2018(su)04:54  No.58395  E  P7R5
>Once she's awake, she'll start touching herself if you leave her be for about 15 seconds


>>Anonymous  1apr2018(su)05:25  No.58396  F  P8R6
this file can actually replace the one in the full version to uncensor the game which is pretty neat. even after you get the bonus santa costume, its still uncensored. You can find a MEGA download of the full version on ULMF.
>>Anonymous  1apr2018(su)06:40  No.58397  G  P9R7
any link of download of the full version?
>>Anonymous  1apr2018(su)07:23  No.58398  H  P10R8
I'll chock this up to my retarded lizard-brain but how do you lift her legs up? All I get is hands on her thighs then nothin changes.
>>Anonymous  1apr2018(su)10:47  No.58403  I  P11R9
once her legs are spread, click her left leg, our right, and you should be able to lift up instead of to the right like you did to spread her legs.
>>Anonymous  1apr2018(su)13:27  No.58410  J  P12R10
quality pixelart porn
fucking gold
>>Anonymous  1apr2018(su)16:51  No.58412  K  P13R11
i can only grind her. How do i put it in?
>>Anonymous  1apr2018(su)17:45  No.58413  L  P14R12
Slowly grind against her at first. You`ll know you`re doing it right when she shakes.
>>Anonymous  2apr2018(mo)08:54  No.58428  M  P15R13
Any way to do anal? All I can do is spread her cheeks.
>>Anonymous  2apr2018(mo)13:40  No.58430  N  P16R14
Whats the name of this? Searching the filename on ulmf returns nothing.
>>Anonymous  2apr2018(mo)13:41  No.58431  C  P17R15
I don't see how to penetrate, is there a button i need to press?
>>Anonymous  2apr2018(mo)14:41  No.58433  O  P18R16
fkin hell guys... strip her panties first before raising her leg up, press the dick out button and slowly try to insert her really slowly.
>>Anonymous  2apr2018(mo)17:49  No.58445  F  P19R17
search "おさけリース [RJ183670] ulmf" on google. the last page of the thread should have the MEGA link.
>>Anonymous  3apr2018(tu)04:53  No.58468  P  P20R18
Which file is it? I know it's in data but idk which one.
>>Anonymous  3apr2018(tu)05:52  No.58470  D  P21R19
It's this one:
https://mega.nz/#!WNtBQDZC!7QAGKwgcWD2zXamfKuK-q6 vDFG2fmTfAqSRd-QaoXEo

I can't seem to get it working on my pc though. When I run the swf, it asks me (what I can only presume to be) the resolution I want to run it in. After that it throws a black screen.

>>Anonymous  3apr2018(tu)07:44  No.58471  Q  P22R20
Is it possible to fuck her ass? You can play with her ass but she covers it up like 'no no no'.
>>Anonymous  3apr2018(tu)09:48  No.58474  D  P23R21
Did you even read the thread? I realize there are a lot of posts but it's not like they're all essays.
>>Anonymous  3apr2018(tu)18:59  No.58491  R  P24R22
Did you? No one actually confirms anal anywhere.
>>Anonymous  4apr2018(we)03:22  No.58503  D  P25R23
So why don't you go ahead and ask it again right now? Maybe someone knows whether or not there is anal in this game, but is only waiting for a certain number of people to ask that question before answering.

The fact that no one has answered probably means that no one has found an anal scene yet. Can't spoon feed you everything.

>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)11:32  No.58718  S  P26R24
Do you still have the archive and could you reupload it? All links in the ulmf thread are dead - DLSite has been on a Disney-tier takedown rampage lately, and I know know one forum that makes link obfuscation part of their rules.
>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)11:33  No.58719  S  P27
*only one forum

I need to not drunk and type.

>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)11:54  No.58721  T  P28R25
goddamn quality
>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)11:54  No.58722  T  P29
goddamn quality, is there any way to not have a close up of her face when penetrating?
>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)15:31  No.58724  U  P30R26
Does she? I tried warming her up, waking her and then leaving her alone, but that doesn't seem to work.
>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)23:03  No.58745  D  P31R27
I've already deleted the files I had unfortunately. Only downloaded them to verify the link I provided before posting it here. Seems like they took it down in the meantime.
>>Anonymous  11apr2018(we)04:25  No.58755  V  P32R28

https://www.hshare.net/topic/25104-liquor-lease-r j183670/

I downloaded it from here. Don't know if it's 1.1, but it works.

>>Anonymous  11apr2018(we)05:20  No.58757  S  P33R29
That's 1.05
>>Anonymous  25apr2018(we)15:32  No.59134  S  P34
New 1.11 link in the thread. Get it while you can - no link obfuscation was used, so it'll probably be dead in a few days just like the others.
>>Anonymous  25apr2018(we)21:48  No.59140  W  P35R30
Direct url for the next 24 hours: fa0cf52466b5bb35/1/Liquor_lease.rar
>>Anonymous  25apr2018(we)21:49  No.59141  W  P36
meh doesnt work... sry seems to be bound with my ip -_-
>>Anonymous  26apr2018(th)02:57  No.59146  X  P37R31
that's also 1.05, you nigger
>>Anonymous  26apr2018(th)13:54  No.59155  Y  P38R32
anyone got 1.11?
>>Anonymous  28apr2018(sa)10:11  No.59220  Z  P39R33
what's the best swf player to play these games?
>>Anonymous  29apr2018(su)15:15  No.59276  J  P40R34
Adobe Flash player (projector.exe), assuming you're on windows
>>Anonymous  27may2018(su)20:35  No.59999  AA  P41R35
So far what i got is teasing her ass, but she covers it with a hand after a while. Nothing helps this yet, even holding both of her hands
>>Anonymous  27may2018(su)23:19  No.60000  AB  P42R36
Dude I been following your instructions and been doing this for like 5 -10 minutes and still nothing she will bump and move the first few times and then suddenly do nothing for a while and then bump and move again and then it repeats and I feel like I just get no where.
>>Anonymous  14jul2018(sa)14:45  No.60986  AC  P43R37
Came for loli shit, found this. This is the kind of woman I want, cute and hot, something to snuggle with and love tenderly at first, and thirst violently at last.
>>Anonymous  14jul2018(sa)14:48  No.60987  AD  P44R38
Anyone know how to reliably get 'Auto' to work when inserted? Takes so long to get it to auto and don't know how to get it to reliably work.
>>Anonymous  15jul2018(su)13:50  No.61006  B  P45R39
click auto on then rotate your cursor as indicated in the icon. did you even try?

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