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>>Anonymous  31mar2018(sa)05:55  No.58359  OP  P1
my attempt to decensor this flash. also fixed some syncing issues with the panties during the doggy-style scene.

blazblue_makoto_unc.swf (19.02 MiB)
1000x600, Uncompressed. 7816 frames, 30 fps (04:21).
Ver20, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  31mar2018(sa)13:31  No.58369  A  P2R1
You failed me son. Dick is black as night
>>Anonymous  31mar2018(sa)17:12  No.58379  B  P3R2
decensor attempts should always be encouraged!
>>Anonymous  31mar2018(sa)20:11  No.58384  C  P4R3
It's a good work so far, are you still working on it?
>>Anonymous  31mar2018(sa)23:18  No.58386  D  P5R4
I do encourage decensoring. Though the dong is an abyss, currently.
>>Anonymous  1apr2018(su)01:16  No.58389  E  P6R5
Anyone knows if this artist made more animations?
>>Anonymous  1apr2018(su)04:43  No.58393  F  P7R6
>inb4 fixed version guy makes the dick #FFFFFF
>>Anonymous  1apr2018(su)13:22  No.58409  G  P8R7
This is one of the best H flashes out there, so seing someone wanting to improve it feels good.
I do think there has been a unc version already though, or am I mistaken somehow? One with only the H-scenes and no intro part.
>>Anonymous  1apr2018(su)21:52  No.58418  D  P9R8
Well, if there is, I can't seem to find it.
>>Anonymous  2apr2018(mo)16:40  No.58438  G  P10R9
Probably confused it with the taokaka version of the flash.
Still don't know which the original one is, but it looks like all the other edits seem to be not censored.
>>Anonymous  9apr2018(mo)04:39  No.58660  H  P11R10
>all the other edits seem to be not censored

Wait, wha...
I've never seen the alternatives with uncensored versions of Taokaka or Litchi.

>>Anonymous  10apr2018(tu)17:56  No.58728  I  P12R11
Did the actual maker of this flash ever make much else?

Tragic waste of talent.

>>Anonymous  23apr2018(mo)01:27  No.59055  J  P13R12

None are uncensored. Original is just an alternate censor (blur instead of black). Then there's the Taokaka, Litchi, and 3 recolors all of which are just the blurred censor

>>Anonymous  23apr2018(mo)20:00  No.59078  G  P14R13
You're right, it is actually blurred. Though it's so minimal it didn't even occur to me, but still, this makes this swf all the more valuable.
>>Anonymous  24apr2018(tu)08:47  No.59094  K  P15R14
Why is there a nigger dick?
>>Anonymous  24apr2018(tu)11:42  No.59098  L  P16R15
furfag shit
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