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>>Anonymous  31mar2018(sa)05:43  No.58357  OP  P1
reversed the camera of the missionary scene to complete the pov perspective of the other three scenes

Hot Goomba Sex-Reversed.swf (8.36 MiB)
960x600, Compressed. 2 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver19, AS3. Network access: Yes. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  31mar2018(sa)05:49  No.58358  OP  P2
this is actually the full flash, but you've gotta download the .swf and play it in the stand-alone flash player to unlock it from the "demo" mode.
>>Anonymous  31mar2018(sa)15:48  No.58373  A  P3R1
In other words, people are still uploading one part of a multi-part swf here?
>>Anonymous  31mar2018(sa)18:06  No.58381  OP  P4R2
nah, there is only the one file, but for whatever reason it is locked to demo mode when played through a browser.
>>Anonymous  31mar2018(sa)21:50  No.58385  B  P5R3

Yea, This is specific for this flash for some reason. I understand if people upload it like this, but if someone could find out why it's like that that'll be awesome.

>>Anonymous  1apr2018(su)13:18  No.58408  C  P6R4
I saw that with the 1hg flashes as well. Very strange. Using the full version looked like the demo, but from localhost it was the full version. Only some people reported they had no issues in the browser.
>>Anonymous  9may2018(we)06:57  No.59565  D  P7R5
I can tell you exactly why it's like that. It's domain locked, though when it's unhosted and on a local machine it's unlocked.
I used to do the same in all my flashes, that way when testing it locally it was fine, but I could edit and lock content based on the website.
It's a common tactic to stop people from stealing your content and putting it up elsewhere (lol)
>>Anonymous  9may2018(we)06:57  No.59566  D  P8
It's a basic tactic in AS3 to stop people from ripping content and putting it elsewhere (lol).
You can detect where an .swf is being hosted programmatically and alter your code to reflect whether it's being "legally" hosted or not.
Most .swf's wouldn't be locked on a local machine because it's just easier to test that way and leave it in that way. Other times people may program hard-hosts so they have a whitelist of sites that WILL work, versus a blacklist of ones that WONT.
>>Anonymous  9may2018(we)06:58  No.59567  D  P9
I'm autistic. Didn't think the first one actually went through.
>>Anonymous  12may2018(sa)01:30  No.59644  C  P10R6
Funnily enough the 1hg flashes only looked like the demo on the title screen. It was still the full game, no matter where it was hosted. Maybe they fucked up to wronly hosted loading screen? But then again, why is it even in the full version. If they wanted a sitelock, they could have made one, this is just confusing imo.
>>Anonymous  5jun2018(tu)03:32  No.60190  E  P11R7
As the creator of this flash I frankly find this to be and odd edit. I mean I get why, but it's suppose to be more or less from her perspective and stuff just looks upside down now.

Eh whatever if you like it this good on you, but it just looks wrong to me.

>>Anonymous  5jun2018(tu)08:09  No.60193  F  P12R8
Proof or no dice
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