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>>Anonymous  28mar2018(we)04:34  No.58262  OP  P1
shygal titfuck

shygal titfuck

TF_Reskin1.swf (1.32 MiB)
620x700, Compressed. 3 frames, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver32, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  28mar2018(we)05:51  No.58264  A  P2R1
>releases a free animation
>it's a half-assed reskin
Was this supposed to bring in new patrons? Because effortless trash like this is just going to drive people away.
>>Anonymous  28mar2018(we)08:54  No.58267  B  P3R2
You underestimate the will of the knights of the blobfish, they rush to hesheit's aid and will shill that beast no matter the cost or odds.
Doesn't help that the thirsty whore comes here every now and then. Gets trolled out time and time again.
>>Anonymous  28mar2018(we)13:47  No.58270  C  P4R3
this is still pretty old
>>Anonymous  28mar2018(we)17:15  No.58274  D  P5R4
I wonder if it's really her or someone merely pretending.
>>???? ????  29mar2018(th)05:20  No.58283  E  P6R5
How many times will I see a PP34 animation be reuploaded?
>>Anonymous  29mar2018(th)05:30  No.58284  F  P7R6
So is there an actual reason we're supposed to hate pp34 because all I ever see in these threads is bitching about 'muh patreon'

Seriously though, this one isn't very good, the smash sisters one is easily better. And that's not the best either.

>>Anonymous  29mar2018(th)09:28  No.58287  A  P8R7
On top of locking content behind a paywall when it's clearly not on par with what other artists make, it's been proven that some of her content is traced from pre-existing art, which makes the paywall all the more scummy.
>>Anonymous  29mar2018(th)16:11  No.58292  G  P9R8
>locking content behind a paywall
PP34 is one of the few creators on Patreon who still doesn't utilize CUF though. Meaning you can still "become a patron" without paying a dime and get access to everything and then just remove your patron status.
>>Anonymous  29mar2018(th)18:30  No.58296  H  P10R9
>Takes insults towards landwhale personally
>Cries pls no bully
>referring to hesheitself multiple times.
The cunt started run out of money and people to fuck over.
We had CTRL Z the degenerate sonic furfag and that pharaoh dude posting here after all.
>>Anonymous  29mar2018(th)18:33  No.58297  H  P11
>Pls give my goddess landwhale monies
Oh okay. You can't pledge patreon for free.
There is standard 9.99 fee
>>???? ????  29mar2018(th)19:22  No.58299  E  P12R10
EroPharaoh is an example of some who uses Patreon properly.
>>Anonymous  29mar2018(th)20:47  No.58301  I  P13R11
Wrong. She recently fixed it. Turns out she was too fucking stupid to realize people could bypass her paywall like that. If she did that out of the kindness of her heart and love for artistic expression, why lock them behind a $1 patron wall then?
>>Anonymous  30mar2018(fr)08:25  No.58317  A  P14R12
Why would anyone in their right mind require people to have a Patreon account so they can access their content through a loophole? It's obvious she wants to charge people for animations and that was an oversight, especially considering she stopped advertising her HentaiFoundry account and deleted it outright.
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