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>>WTDinner  26mar2018(mo)09:31  No.58222  OP  P1
I never

I never made a flash ft. Leaf from Game Grumps. I never did that.

I never.swf (531.8 KiB)
640x1134, Compressed. 8 frames, 12 fps (00:01).
Ver7, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  26mar2018(mo)10:00  No.58223  A  P2R1
ok so I can right click play but how am I SUPPOSED to do it?
>>Anonymous  26mar2018(mo)10:09  No.58224  OP  P3R2
Post the nude version too. We know you have it
>>Anonymous  26mar2018(mo)10:11  No.58225  OP  P4
I think thats the solution.
>>Anonymous  26mar2018(mo)12:00  No.58229  B  P5R3
Can someone abled check this here
and post the result itt?
Pls beware though, firefox denounces it as a malware site.
>>Anonymous  26mar2018(mo)12:50  No.58231  C  P6R4
Well, I never is one perverted artist, but why you gotta snitch on him like that?
>>Anonymous  26mar2018(mo)13:03  No.58232  OP  P7R5


>>Anonymous  26mar2018(mo)18:06  No.58234  B  P8R6
>>Anonymous  27mar2018(tu)03:02  No.58241  D  P9R7
Hello OP pretending to not be OP.
>>Anonymous  27mar2018(tu)10:06  No.58246  E  P10R8


>>Anonymous  27mar2018(tu)11:54  No.58250  B  P11R9
A sudden burst in quality appears! ill+demo+1.swf

>>Anonymous  27mar2018(tu)17:07  No.58253  D  P12R10
nice! now that's more like it
>>???? ????  27mar2018(tu)18:33  No.58255  F  P13R11
If you wanna see this person's drawings go here.

Apparently this person use the alias "WTDinner" when going on /f/ or /draw/.
I've cracked this case. :D

>>Anonymous  28mar2018(we)05:48  No.58263  G  P14R12
ft leaf? what?
>>Anonymous  29mar2018(th)17:01  No.58293  B  P15R13
Leaf is the name of Gen 1 female protagonist. Like Red ("Ash").
No love for Kris though :(
She even got replaced in the Gold/Silver remake.
>>Anonymous  10jun2018(su)14:00  No.60286  H  P16R14
Extracted all the frames. There's also some kind of signature. I'm posting using one of those uploaders because swfchan jpegs images.
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