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>>guigadj  23mar2018(fr)06:04  No.58108  OP  P1
Flame Princess is Asleep HACKED/UNCENSORED by guigadj

i'm a digital artist on deviantart/ programmer, and i HATE censorship and random timelines meant for shitting the game. then i removed them. flambo is always there and there's NO CENSORSHIP
if you want to talk with me or see my artworks and stuff: and i accept requests

Flame Princess is Asleep HACKED.swf (803.4 KiB)
1280x720, Uncompressed. 322 frames, 24 fps (00:13).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  23mar2018(fr)06:50  No.58109  A  P2R1
What's hacked/uncensored about it?
>>Anonymous  23mar2018(fr)07:03  No.58110  B  P3R2
wtf are you meant to do. is burning finn's dick off all you can do?
>>guigadj  23mar2018(fr)08:04  No.58115  OP  P4R3
how to play for dummies:

well... let's start before people continue this nonsense of fucking my work:
1- click finn button on bag
2- drag top right rock and click the orange thing
3- enjoy
ps: you NEED to get the screen size in the max area!!!! or else you wont find the orange thing behind draggeable rock!

>>guigadj  23mar2018(fr)08:07  No.58116  OP  P5
anonymous A

the original version is censored... like there's that mosaic thing in her pussy and in dick... so i removed it
aaand the hack is that flambo don't randomly appears, soooo you can always find him in top right extreme corner, just drag the rock at extreme left and there is it LOL

>>guigadj  23mar2018(fr)08:08  No.58117  OP  P6
no worries

i forgot to mention that you HAVE to click on sandwich inside his bag... but it's kinda obvious LOL

>>Anonymous  23mar2018(fr)09:34  No.58121  C  P7R4
>woman's bits are hidden
>see dick, balls, and 2 man ass
>>Anonymous  23mar2018(fr)10:25  No.58126  D  P8R5
funny that you recognized the number behind the post refering to the poster but are unable to use >> quotation marks
>>Anonymous  23mar2018(fr)14:30  No.58129  E  P9R6
I clicked on her head and now her head is gone.
>>Anonymous  23mar2018(fr)14:43  No.58130  F  P10R7
Funny how you think this is a real person and not an obvious troll
>>guigadj  23mar2018(fr)20:34  No.58138  OP  P11R8
i'm here to help again LOL

i have to thank him because i didn't know this one LOL
thank you the advice m8
to fix this, put her clotches back on and then click remove it LOL
read the comment that i told about how to unlock this hunk-a-junk game LOL i just removed the mosaic and modified to flambo always appear on screen LOL
hope you enjoy
//for all//
i didn't did the game, just removed the mosaic that original game has and stated that flambo is always upright behind the rock that you only can see with fullscreen

>>guigadj  23mar2018(fr)20:53  No.58139  OP  P12
oh... let me fix this one too

wait... i'm the troll?
that one was unexpected... i put my efforts in removing the mosaic and telling you all how to play it... well... that's what i get when i try to be a good person that uncensor action script 1/2/3 flash games.
btw, i'm reposting this one with some other modifications to make it easier for everyone, including you. i hope you enjoy, and if you feel like it, visit my deviant, and critique me, as i'm trying to improve, it will help me.
wait for it

>>guigadj  23mar2018(fr)22:00  No.58144  OP  P13
here, the another version with HELP
you're welcome m8s, hope you enjoy!

>>Anonymous  24mar2018(sa)06:41  No.58154  G  P14R9
I'm a dumbass who can't max the screen, but thanks for uncensoring this.
>>Anonymous  24mar2018(sa)06:52  No.58155  H  P15R10
if you guys are playing with the player click on scale to make the screen wider so you can see the orange button.
>>Anonymous  24mar2018(sa)07:04  No.58157  I  P16R11
no worries LOL just search something like "scale" or "fit" and click until it takes most of your screen.
>>Anonymous  24mar2018(sa)07:52  No.58158  J  P17R12
That game was censored because it was made in Korea and porn is illegal there. I hope you're happy, you probably got the author arrested.
>>Anonymous  24mar2018(sa)08:56  No.58165  A  P18R13
Thanks for the tip. I don't knock people's work but when the whole sex thing is hidden behind an easter egg I would've figured it came with instructions first.

Good. Korea needs to nut the fuck, that way Minus8 can stop being a little bitch about his art work and we can take a step in addressing their populations' retardation.

>>guigadj  24mar2018(sa)18:47  No.58183  I  P19R14
i hope not LOL. specially that i put my name into uncensoring thing.
>>guigadj  24mar2018(sa)18:56  No.58184  I  P20
yeah, if a random var reaches 1357, the game turns full uncensored LOL.
anarchists everywhere ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
relax, everyday we learn more. and i put a link here >>58144 with a full help version.
>>???? ????  25mar2018(su)05:43  No.58194  K  P21R15
Nothing. This is the vanilla game untouched. I've played this on the creator's pixiv.
>>Anonymous  25mar2018(su)10:50  No.58203  L  P22R16
holy fuk i clicked on the diamond on her head and her fuken head disappeared loool
>>Anonymous  25mar2018(su)13:28  No.58205  M  P23R17
I just can't see the thing I'm supposed to click after removing the stones.
>>Anonymous  25mar2018(su)14:20  No.58206  N  P24R18
you need to change the view (top left buttons and some klick on the T/W button of the swf-player)
2x[T/W] and then one click on the green button with the japanese stuff on it
now u see two rockt in the top right corner... move them and u will see a yellow thing :L
>>Anonymous  25mar2018(su)16:31  No.58208  O  P25R19
>Brazil artist fails to hack a flash
>God awful english
>85 IQ
>Neglects to say that this is unfappable material
Gents we are dealing with a huehue.
>>Anonymous  25mar2018(su)16:54  No.58209  P  P26R20
Download the file, run it, right click and left click 100%
>>Anonymous  26mar2018(mo)11:53  No.58226  D  P27R21
probably the same one that posts those ridiculous reverse video rips
what the fuck is wrong with them?
>>guigadj  3apr2018(tu)11:15  No.58475  Q  P28R22
and from now on, i'll stop answering the trolls in this post. I don't even care about them LOL.

sorry for my bad English, i'm trying to get better at it, thanks for the advice. and I have to say that you're right. Brasil sucks. and I sincerely apologize for my country be such an asshole for the world.
nearly nothing... I just modified some values (one for the existence of flambo for the fire suit, and another for crank up a value for a easter-egg that removes censorship).
and here ( is the version that I teach how to play. hope it helps LOL.
put her clothes back and then remove again. developer's bug LOL
nope... this was my first attempt of posting something here... and seriously... I'm kinda sad that people thinks I'm a troll while I did some efforts to do something good for them...
am I being an asshole? why the hate man?

>>guigadj  3apr2018(tu)11:22  No.58476  Q  P29
I won't stop posting my uncensored/hacked swf's here. but i'm tired of answering trolls just for fun.

I hope you guys enjoy my works.

guigadj out. visit my deviant if you want, or not if you don't. i don't care.

>>Anonymous  3apr2018(tu)12:44  No.58477  R  P30R23
You care enough to necro a thread that has died huehue
>>Anonymous  5apr2018(th)13:42  No.58541  S  P31R24
fucking lulz
>>Anonymous  8apr2018(su)23:19  No.58647  D  P32R25
Don't be disappointed in the thread, OP. All OC is always welcome, rejoice!
BR is a nice country btw, there are so many much worse. Not the best, but far from the worst.
>>Anonymous  15apr2018(su)21:02  No.58916  M  P33R26
Flambo has appeared 0% of hte time for me. Moved the rock at the top right and nothing is there.
>>Anonymous  16apr2018(mo)00:06  No.58917  N  P34R27
Again: you need to change the view (top left button in the flash itself and some clicks on the T/W button of the swf-player from swfchan)

That means: click 2x[T/W] and then one click on the button with the green japanese text on it
now u see two rocks in the top right corner... move one and u will see a yellow thing :L (click on the yellow thing and ye...)

>>Anonymous  27apr2018(fr)21:06  No.59195  T  P35R28
does it work in Microsoft edge? I don't think my fullscreen is big enough
>>Anonymous  27apr2018(fr)21:08  No.59196  T  P36
flambo is outside fullscreen
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