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>>Anonymous  20mar2018(tu)11:44  No.58019  OP  P1
Lana v.0.9.1 (pre-release beta thing)

Found this in boogies flash archive here:

Lana.swf (29.41 MiB)
625x746, Uncompressed. 5159 frames, 30 fps (02:52).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  20mar2018(tu)18:17  No.58028  A  P2R1
gotta fix the swimsuit
>>Anonymous  20mar2018(tu)20:27  No.58029  B  P3R2
cool, nice find OP! i selected "i like swimsuits" at the beginning so i expected her to have a swimsuit from the start....anything broken?

also WHY did he modify the right-click menu to remove zoom options and quality options?? it's completely retarded, especially with the quality options. setting this on medium would do a lot for the framerate on my laptop in fullscreen. DON'T FUCK WITH THE RIGHT-CLICK MENU. sheesh.

>>Anonymous  20mar2018(tu)20:53  No.58031  OP  P4R3
It's a beta so of course some things would be broken.

The right-click shit is fucking retarded though

>>Anonymous  20mar2018(tu)21:06  No.58032  C  P5R4
30mb and laggy, how'd he manage this one?
>>???? ????  21mar2018(we)01:42  No.58035  D  P6R5
I don't even know
>>Anonymous  21mar2018(we)12:20  No.58055  E  P7R6
options seem to only work in the cum scene
also pressing space a second time will make the music stop

hope it will get more scenes, pokegrills is always a good choice
Hentai visual novel with animated sex scenes around pokemon real human girls, consider me BROCKhard!

>>Anonymous  21mar2018(we)22:10  No.58069  F  P8R7
pretty nice, would love if the artist did Mallow
>>Anonymous  21mar2018(we)23:46  No.58070  G  P9R8
Pretty good, but has some bugs. Could use a music toggle.
>>Anonymous  22mar2018(th)01:28  No.58071  H  P10R9
I thought that Professor's names were tied to the name you used but I think it's randomized.

So far I've gotten: Weenie, Smashing, and Gayton.

>>mr. meeseeks  22mar2018(th)04:08  No.58078  I  P11R10
i think you need to take a double check on those results there, i think the game is trying to tell you something
>>Anonymous  23mar2018(fr)23:40  No.58146  J  P12R11
Huh, I've gotten Ash, and asdsd...
>>Anonymous  24mar2018(sa)09:00  No.58168  H  P13R12
I hope Boogie does a lot more Pokegirls. Shortstacks are nice but that Misty drawn a while back is just begging for an animation too.
>>Anonymous  25mar2018(su)04:18  No.58191  K  P14R13
>watched too many hentais to understand half the words she says
>it's not even close to the consensual text

To disgrace someone else's life, Chigau means "It's wrong" and Yamero is "Stop".

>>Anonymous  25mar2018(su)09:49  No.58201  E  P15R14
that is the bane of watching too much anime
I can now understand a lot of the spoken dialogue in hentai and for some reason this kills the mood a lot
hate that talking all the fucking time during porn
if you don't understand it it's more like moaning, you don't give a shit, but if you do, it's cringe central for some reason
maybe part of why I liked anime in the first place is that it had this exotic aura where you don't understand a word
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