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>>Anonymous  10mar2018(sa)18:16  No.57768  OP  P1
vt1.swf (8.08 MiB)
550x400, Compressed. 2607 frames, 12 fps (03:37).
Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  11mar2018(su)20:30  No.57788  A  P2R1
actually hot
>>Anonymous  12mar2018(mo)02:12  No.57793  B  P3R2
A classic
>>Anonymous  12mar2018(mo)03:06  No.57796  C  P4R3
Yeah ... no.
>>Anonymous  12mar2018(mo)23:28  No.57812  D  P5R4
I like this too, the video plays half speed as it should be, but woow ! I dont care what ppl think, but I wish i were that girl :D:D yumm
>>Anonymous  13mar2018(tu)02:19  No.57813  B  P6R5
umm, yes. I've seen shit like this when your mom didn't even conceive you
>>Anonymous  13mar2018(tu)03:25  No.57814  E  P7R6
why are there always people like you out there
fucking always saying "god i wish that were me XDXDXD"
go out and fucking do it, faggot

we're in the beginning/mid stages of a collapsing nation, people are much much less morally sound and more susceptible to blind following
go outside and fucking work for your dick, cunt it ain't that hard

>>Anonymous  13mar2018(tu)05:01  No.57818  D  P8R7
I feel sry for you :(
>>Anonymous  13mar2018(tu)10:22  No.57822  F  P9R8
And I feel sorry for your handlers, you daft cunt.
>>Anonymous  13mar2018(tu)23:59  No.57829  G  P10R9
God I wish that were me.
>>Anonymous  14mar2018(we)00:26  No.57831  A  P11R10
I know what you mean, it's pretty annoying.
>>Anonymous  14mar2018(we)17:09  No.57851  H  P12R11
I wish that god were me
>>Anonymous  15mar2018(th)02:54  No.57860  I  P13R12
Fine sense of humor
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