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>>el cucko  10mar2018(sa)04:41  No.57757  OP  P1

Remember that "impossible" Zone-Tan game? The one originally known as "Ilala"?
From the same developer, this is HGame. It's basically the same game, except you don't get pushed around, and a way better artstyle(subjective).

If someone is able to make some sort of points hack for this game, that'd be very appreciated. Because this game is very grindy otherwise.

NOTE: This game is best played by downloading it. The game makes an internal savefile with every game over, which might not save your progress if using the embed.

Guide for chumps:

jiraidoHGame(UNC).swf (543.7 KiB)
800x600, Uncompressed. 4 frames, 12 fps (00:00).
Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  10mar2018(sa)07:26  No.57760  A  P2R1
How to unlock free mode.
>find game's sol file
>(run a search for E#59#CB#0E#99#BB#7E#5A#08#206.sol if you don't know how)
>open with hex editor
>go to 349=0x15d
>Overwrite 349=0x15d and 350=0x15e's "00 00" with "3F F0"
>save, open game, and enjoy free mode. Game is still shit.

refer to attachment for visual aide.

 hex editing.png

>>Anonymous  10mar2018(sa)07:39  No.57761  A  P3
Also, here is the guide:
Change Score: Allows you to subtract from your total score(click the blue arrow), making you start with x amount. You can add a minimum of 500 points. The game will start with whatever points you subtract.

"Option1": Clothing color.
These all change the colors of the girl's clothing. From left to right:
Scarf, Bra, Panties, Socks, Background.

"Option2": Game modifyers.

Blue section(mMale options):
Toughness: Gives your penis more endurance, makes it harder for you to cum.
Weaken: Gives your penis less endurance, makes it easier for you to cum.
OrgTime: Increases your orgasm time. Makes you cum for longer.
Shot: Not sure what this does, but I assume it lets you cum outside? Someone should experiment.
CoolDown: Gives your penis a cooldown period, it slowly decreases your cum meter over time. Pair it with toughness for virtually infinite endurance.
1coin: Lowers the cost of the Penis and Finger options to 500 points per use.

Pink section(Female options):
Toughness: Gives her more endurance, makes it harder for her to cum.
Weaken: Gives her less endurance, makes it easier for her to cum.
OrgTime: Increases her orgasm time. Makes her cum for longer.
EasyPoint: Increases the point rate by 3x for all actions. NOTE: This includes both the bonus, and the penalty points.(THIS IS THE FIRST UPGRADE YOU WANT TO BUY!)
Undress: Not sure what this does either, either it allows you to undress her without issue, or makes undressing her easier. Someone should experiment.

Yellow section(Additional options):
Cleaner: Cleans up your cum.
ShinGan: Makes her sensitive spots visible at the cost of 10 points per second. Upon purchasing this, the game becomes a cakewalk.(MAKE SURE YOU BUY EASYPOINT FIRST!)
Practice: Not sure what this does, and i've got no idea. Someone should experiment.
FreeGame: Disables Game Overs. You won't have to worry about losing points from this point on.

To unlock FreeGame: You have to meet ALL the following requirements:
-Have 45000 points or more after completely undressing her.
-Hit her G-Spot 5 times or more(Use the finger options successfully).
-Make her cum by rubbing one time or more.(Do it twice just to be safe.)
-Make her cum while fucking her 3 times or more.
You'll notice that you've met all of the requirements if the girl starts tearing up(just like with the zone game), her next orgasm will unlock FreeGame.


The actual game:
To obtain points, you must rub the girl in specific areas at specific times. Because you don't have ShinGen, this is initially a massive grind, because the only really "100% safe" option is rubbing her head, which gives a measly 10 points. If someone out there can make a score hack for this game, i'm sure many anons would be grateful.

Rubbing spots:
Head: 10P.
Hair: 10P.
Cheeks: 20P.
Neck: 40P.
Arms: 30P.
Mouth: 100P.
Breasts: 80P.
Thighs: 50P.
Ass: 60P.
^All points are tripled once you unlock EasyPoint.

Undressing: You will either win or lose points depending on how well you execute this. I advise you to not try and undress her until you've unlocked both EasyPoint and ShinGen, because the point loss can be massive.
-Socks: Drag them down. You don't win or lose any points.
-Scarf: Drag down the scarf slowly. The more times you click, more points you lose.
-Zipper: Click on the small hole and drag it slightly left or right. Sometimes the game wiil do this on it's own because of the girl's breathing. The longer you take, the more points you lose.
Skirt: The hardest one by far, and the very reason why you shouldn't attempt this early on. You need to drag the red line to the left and up very carefully. Misclicking or dragging outside of the red line will cost you points.
Bra: Mash the left mouse click while staying at the very center. If you click outside the center or if you don't click quickly enough, you lose points.
Panties: Drag them down one at a time. Basically the scarf but easier. You lose points depending on how long you take.

Sex: This is where the bottom-right menu starts making sense. The first option is the penis, the second option is the finger, and the third option is the finger rub.

You can rub her breasts for extra points.

You can also rub her pussy up and down to make her cum. Make sure that she cums first before penetrating her for the first time.

Penis: Works the same as the Zome-Tan game. Press space to move forward, release it to move backwards. You need to click on the tip of the penis to penetrate the girl successfully. After that, just press and release rhytmically to make her cum.

Finger: Works the same as the penis, except you don't need to click anywhere to enter her. You can't make her cum like this, oddly enough.

Finger Rub: This button will make you hit the girl's G-Spot, however you need to time it carefully, otherwise you'll lose points. You need to strike her G-Spot 5 times or more to unlock FreeGame.

"U, N and D" specify where you'll cum if you cum outside of her. U for the head, N for her chest, D for her abdomen.

The Eye button activates ShinGen mode once it's unlocked. It makes her sensitive spots visible at the cost of 10 points per second.

The "C" button allows you to clean up your cum once it's unlocked.

The bottom meter indicates whenever you're ready to cum.

>>Anonymous  12mar2018(mo)03:27  No.57797  B  P4R2
For some reason the mouse movement seems arsinine for me.
I can't get points consistently and even with shingam it just detracts points while I get nothing. Rubbing has like a 30% chance of working as it seems.
>>Anonymous  13mar2018(tu)03:31  No.57815  C  P5R3
Was this shit made by a retard or something? How do I even earn points I can't click on anything. I can only get her legs spread her socks off and her skirt up. I can poke her tits but that doesn't seem to do anything and nothing I do makes the score go up.
>>Anonymous  16mar2018(fr)09:53  No.57909  D  P6R4
you can keep your points so you can spend them by clicking "exit" at bottom right
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