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>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)08:12  No.57696  OP  P1
I wasn't expecting an update to this.

Creambee - SSTv2.swf (2.02 MiB)
1200x720, Compressed. 5 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)08:14  No.57697  OP  P2
Looks like it's just an aesthetic update, but I guess it's nice if you, for some reason, prefer Daphne over Velma.
>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)08:25  No.57698  OP  P3
Oops, the word I was looking for was "cosmetic."
>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)08:32  No.57699  A  P4R1
I sure hope those aren't niggers.
>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)16:02  No.57705  B  P5R2
took me forever to figure out that you need to click on the "Velma Dinkley" name BEFORE it starts to change to "Daphne Blake". these switches usually can be done during the action.

i do actually prefer daphne myself. would have been nice if the update also added the ability to shoot loads without pulling out.

looks like these ones are half way there

>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)16:20  No.57706  C  P6R3
You're a little late on this one buddy.
>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)16:36  No.57707  D  P7R4
I think it's supposed to be that tanning thing Japanese whores do. Better than niggers, even if it's not by much.
>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)19:47  No.57710  E  P8R5
it's called galo, yes
also daphne makes it a lot more fappable
>>Anonymous  9mar2018(fr)02:00  No.57720  F  P9R6
I think you mean wymyn, faggot
>>Anonymous  9mar2018(fr)04:58  No.57722  B  P10R7
Yall niggas just made me remember Ganguro_Girl.swf
>>Anonymous  9mar2018(fr)05:12  No.57723  A  P11R8
>Preferring Daphne over Velma
Shit taste confirmed.
>>Anonymous  10mar2018(sa)00:00  No.57750  G  P12R9
Adding vaginal would make this even better.
>>Anonymous  12mar2018(mo)05:44  No.57800  H  P13R10
seconded ^ can we get a vag option please?
>>---  12mar2018(mo)12:11  No.57803  I  P14R11

vaginal would made this falsh awesome

>>Anonymous  12mar2018(mo)19:17  No.57806  E  P15R12
sure, let me just quickly call in on my good pal creambee on my dream phone... beep beep boop ... yes, mr. creambee, can you send me this projects fla file, so that I, a person who has no idea how to draw, can manually create the assets necessary to code a vaginal option into this otherwise finished swf
>>Anonymous  13mar2018(tu)05:15  No.57819  J  P16R13
It's like you don't know that JPEX can decode to .fla
I can't say anything about how well it does this however.
>>Anonymous  9apr2018(mo)18:10  No.58675  K  P17R14
thanks, expect your bitcoin in the mail
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