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>>Anonymous  4mar2018(su)21:13  No.57578  OP  P1


PP_TrixieRide1.swf (83.9 KiB)
882x855, Compressed. 1 frame, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver32, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  4mar2018(su)21:20  No.57579  A  P2R1
Not as blatant this time but it's still pretty easy to tell she copied the Kyrieru Shantae animation.
>>Anonymous  5mar2018(mo)04:41  No.57604  B  P3R2
Man, he's just doing it to piss people off by now
>>Anonymous  5mar2018(mo)07:40  No.57607  C  P4R3
The landwhale knows that hesheit does not have any knack for making fapworthy art. Even the self insert is obese for fucks sakes
Remember kids if you suck at what you do, blame others for not understanding your art
>>Anonymous  5mar2018(mo)08:14  No.57610  D  P5R4

Bless your autism, my man.
My brainlet wouldn't be able to do this association.

Tracing pixel-art, that's advanced level stealing.

>>Anonymous  5mar2018(mo)21:29  No.57618  E  P6R5
That seems to be PP's modus operandi. Just steal stuff and make as much money as you can and then get your fanboys to downvote every comment that calls you out on it.

Like, PP should take a break and improve. But that's too much effort I suppose.

>>Anonymous  5mar2018(mo)21:37  No.57620  F  P7R6
Honestly I'm just glad to see new porn swfs released. I don't care about copying, anybody that convert pixels into glorious vectors gets a pass from me. Have nothing bad to say about the original but vectors just beat pixels every time.
>>Anonymous  5mar2018(mo)21:47  No.57621  C  P8R7
>Wants new content
>Asset flipping and content theft is acceptable.
Nigger are you retarded or just indoctrinated by Electronic Farts?
>>Anonymous  5mar2018(mo)22:04  No.57623  F  P9R8
Like I said, I don't care about copying. Did the original artists care about copying the characters from the original game developers or cartoon series or whatever? No. Why would it be different if someone copies the copier? Tracing doesn't matter, everybody traces. Everything is a copy of a copy.

Of course it's not exactly right if she gets money while for example -8 does not. But it's been this way forever on the internet, people screw over each other. These days I'm still just glad to get new flashes. I don't like these talks about "reporting to Patreon" or whatnot just for copying/tracing/mimicking. Are we really supposed to be caring so much about these things online? Keep it up and before long nobody dares to do anything without permission and that sucks for us that just want to see content.

Anybody know how much PeachyPop34 earns anyway? An estimate? There's 590 people right now listed on the page but it looks like Patreon have started to hide how much an artist actually earn. Let's say half donates 1 USD and the other half 5 USD on average. That would be 1770 USD per month, could that be accurate? Sounds high but from what I've seen in the past when it comes to porn it wouldn't surprise me... And yeah it's not fair that for example -8 doesn't get a cut but that's the web.

>>Anonymous  5mar2018(mo)23:53  No.57625  A  P10R9
Nice mental gymnastics. Are you PP? Anything to rationalize not having to learn how to create art, I guess.
>>Anonymous  6mar2018(tu)00:01  No.57627  G  P11R10
this shit isn't even new
>>Anonymous  6mar2018(tu)05:00  No.57629  F  P12R11
>mental gymnastics
What did he mean by this?
>>Anonymous  6mar2018(tu)14:18  No.57635  C  P13R12
>Still thinks that copied content is same as creating original content from scratch.
Shit, that's basic logic. Might as well make endless clones of any given piece of art, shamelessly trace and copy.
Sure if you call regurgitated and copied shit as new.
The landwhale can't create fresh and original content. Something that new.
>>Jesus  14mar2018(we)03:20  No.57837  H  P14R13
fuckin soul starved for new content

is reposts and rehashes all that swfchan has to offer?

>>Anonymous  14mar2018(we)06:44  No.57841  C  P15R14
>Asking that in a PeachyPop thread
Wew lad
>>Anonymous  14mar2018(we)06:59  No.57843  E  P16R15
>minus8 doesn't get a cut

Of course that faggot doesn't get a cut from stolen assets. Why do you feel the need to state the obvious to support your arguments when literally everybody thinks you're a retard?

>>Anonymous  14mar2018(we)07:01  No.57844  F  P17R16
you're mom gay
>>???? ????  17mar2018(sa)18:23  No.57940  I  P18R17
It means he can't think of a response other than saying "autism" insults.
Which is pretty dumb
>>Anonymous  18mar2018(su)00:30  No.57948  J  P19R18

-8 DOESN'T WANTS A CUT, people are willing to throw money at him and he always refuses because he is rich and has a high paid job as an animator already. He even could afford to destroy his Nintendo Switch when he got angry at some faggot on the stream chat, lel.

>>Anonymous  19mar2018(mo)06:16  No.57989  K  P20R19
good swf as minus8 rip off
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