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>>Anonymous  2mar2018(fr)07:33  No.57503  OP  P1
PPBF.swf (2.47 MiB)
650x650, Compressed. 3 frames, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver37, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  2mar2018(fr)07:37  No.57504  A  P2R1
no penetration again


>>Anonymous  2mar2018(fr)08:20  No.57506  B  P3R2
>Go to swfchan
>See PP
>G O S T R A I G H T H E R E
>now wait.
>>Anonymous  2mar2018(fr)10:02  No.57508  C  P4R3
The landwhale's self insert looks repulsive I give the lardass that
Would gas 14/88
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  2mar2018(fr)10:26  No.57509  D  P5R4
I looked up an antonym for "maximum effort" and ended up here.
>>Anonymous  3mar2018(sa)02:36  No.57533  E  P6R5
You're one to fucking talk.
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  3mar2018(sa)02:51  No.57534  D  P7R6
Is that why I post almost as frequent with way more interactivity and actual backgrounds, animation/detail on the supporting character, voice-acting/lip sync, and varying sounds/music that aren't ripped from Mario? Huh. I guess I AM the one to talk! ;)

I'm sorry your standards are so low!

>>Anonymous  3mar2018(sa)04:27  No.57536  F  P8R7
I like it.
>>!Wulf.Eb.mY  3mar2018(sa)05:21  No.57537  G  P9R8
>>Anonymous  3mar2018(sa)06:42  No.57539  H  P10R9
>Is that why I post almost as frequent with way more interactivity and actual backgrounds, animation/detail on the supporting character, voice-acting/lip sync, and varying sounds/music that aren't ripped from Mario? Huh. I guess I AM the one to talk! ;)

Who the fuck cares, you vapid namefag. Your reviewing digitally drawn titties on a collective of wank-material. Kill yourself.

>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  3mar2018(sa)06:57  No.57541  D  P11R10
Apparently you care! Why are you so angry? Problems at home?
>>Anonymous  3mar2018(sa)07:07  No.57542  I  P12R11
It's not bad but it's not good either. It seems like PP fails when it comes to making original stuff instead of working with a template or art samples and stuff.

Still, I'll admit that while PP has a long way to go it's better than shitting out stuff using other people's work.

>>Anonymous  3mar2018(sa)07:14  No.57543  J  P13R12
Dude, c'mon. Why do you need to act like a cunt. You all draw cartoon porn for a living, do you really need to gloat about how much better you are at drawing cartoon porn than someone else?
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  3mar2018(sa)07:46  No.57544  D  P14R13
Don't get me wrong, I don't think PP34 is incapable of doing well-done flashes. I'm talking strictly effort. Just looking at this one compared to previous's objectively lazy. Compare to this one: tellePP34.swf

Now that I'm typing this, I'm wondering if this is even their newest animation and not a repost of an old one. Can someone confirm?

Sorry about the gloating, I really wasn't trying to do that. I wanted to convey that I clearly put a lot of effort into my work (in reply to "You're one to fucking talk"), I know I still have a long way to go myself.

>>Anonymous  3mar2018(sa)09:57  No.57545  K  P15R14
Disregard the grumpy faggots that pollute this place. You do good work imo. Also, PPBF seems to be new. PP34 just seems to have some really all over the place quality.
>>Anonymous  3mar2018(sa)13:50  No.57549  L  P16R15
I really don't think that's the real EroPharaoh
>>Anonymous  3mar2018(sa)16:19  No.57550  M  P17R16
her animations were more fappable when they were stolen art
>>Anonymous  3mar2018(sa)19:56  No.57553  N  P18R17
Yeah but people get salty at her for stolen art. But, people are always looking for excuses to hate on her.
>>Anonymous  3mar2018(sa)20:24  No.57554  O  P19R18


>>???? ????  3mar2018(sa)22:49  No.57556  P  P20R19
It's just cause it's "stolen". It's because she puts it behind a paywall.
She's deleted her HF and Tumblr, so there wouldn't nothing for the public.
>>Anonymous  4mar2018(su)18:44  No.57569  Q  P21R20
It's a shame. PP used to post flashes like ta_RottytopsUpdate.swf
If this is stolen, I want to know who made the art in the first place.
>>EroPharaoh!vX.10a/Q8k  5mar2018(mo)00:22  No.57591  D  P22R21
>>57569 630595585
>>Anonymous  5mar2018(mo)04:06  No.57601  R  P23R22
grr me mad at lady who make bad flash porn she FAT
>>Anonymous  5mar2018(mo)04:32  No.57603  Q  P24R23
Oh, it's official art? That's would explain the uncharacteristic quality.
>>Anonymous  5mar2018(mo)07:47  No.57609  C  P25R24
>Hurrdurr Everyone who hates my queen is a mouthbreathing caveman!
>>Anonymous  5mar2018(mo)21:26  No.57617  I  P26R25
>implying that calling someone out on bullshit practices after they use artwork in a lazy attempt to cash in on porn flash animations makes you a brainlet

PP is that you?

>>Anonymous  7mar2018(we)02:31  No.57648  S  P27R26
Dunno if you're still in the thread but I wanked it to the gardevoir flash like a million times, please keep up the good quality homie

kudos on the voice actor too, sold me hard on it

>>Peachypop 34  7mar2018(we)02:59  No.57654  T  P28R27
Just wanted to say thanks to all my loyal patreons here.
Thanks for defending me against the brainlet haters that swarm places like this hole.
>>Anonymous  7mar2018(we)07:43  No.57657  U  P29R28
Fam, just do something else.
You could close your ears cause people are saying mean words,
Or take what they're saying with a pinch of salt and try to make things better to be more popular.
One is easier, the other will leave you exactly where you are.
>>Anonymous  7mar2018(we)19:13  No.57665  V  P30R29
PP34 CAN do good stuff at least, the futa shantae stuff is some of my favorite even if the art is stolen. Mostly the one of Shantae railing Risky to the Burning Town theme.
>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)01:12  No.57677  V  P31
literally just say "Modified from art by X" and keep making stuff like that because her "ripoff" flashes are actually pretty good.
>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)08:52  No.57700  C  P32R30
Not landwhale unless proven otherwise
>Calls other haters
>Gets called out
>Call anons brainlets
>Hesheitself is too stupid to use a tripcode
Gr8, b8, m8.
>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)22:16  No.57713  B  P33R31
I am the bone of my bait
Bait is my body and bait is my blood
I have created over a thousand of baits
Unknown to Death,nor known to Life
Have withstood pain to create many baits
Yet,those baits will never hold anything
So I pray


>>Shrek  10mar2018(sa)16:04  No.57764  W  P34R32
Do i smell a faint roast from over the horizon?

You need a bigger fire to roast that whale.

son, I am disappoint.
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