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>>Anonymous  27feb2018(tu)19:03  No.57415  OP  P1
Removed the ability to choose the nigger dick.

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>>Anonymous  27feb2018(tu)23:26  No.57421  A  P2R1
>didn't remove the ability to choose the nigger glorifying skin tan
>>Anonymous  27feb2018(tu)23:38  No.57422  B  P3R2
wow that was quick
>>Anonymous  28feb2018(we)00:50  No.57424  C  P4R3
imagine being this insecure
>>Anonymous  28feb2018(we)03:14  No.57427  D  P5R4
I think the word you're looking for is "disgusted". The only people that want to see chimp dick are thots, cuckolds and other chimps.
>>Anonymous  28feb2018(we)04:50  No.57428  E  P6R5
>>Shrek  28feb2018(we)05:28  No.57429  F  P7R6
Awww shit niggaaaaa


>>Anonymous  28feb2018(we)05:37  No.57431  A  P8R7
>yfw games of desire uploaded this version to their website
lol they apparently didn't know this flash was edited as a joke
>>Anonymous  28feb2018(we)09:03  No.57436  OP  P9R8
>He thinks it's a joke.
>>Anonymous  28feb2018(we)22:41  No.57444  A  P10R9
>implying it wasn't
>>Anonymous  1mar2018(th)03:30  No.57449  G  P11R10
Now remove the nigger version of the girls and it will be perfect.
>>Anonymous  1mar2018(th)04:56  No.57453  H  P12R11
These thots are obviously chinks. Remove them entirely and this would be perfect.
>>Anonymous  1mar2018(th)05:42  No.57454  I  P13R12
But is the content gone too? just saving up those precious kilobytes. Always trim unnecessary fat in flashes, just like nig dicks.
>>Anonymous  1mar2018(th)06:11  No.57455  J  P14R13
lmao removing features
people are actually this retarted.
>>Anonymous  1mar2018(th)09:21  No.57457  K  P15R14

Nah I say you're more of a faggot if your focus is more so on the guy instead of the girl.

>>Anonymous  1mar2018(th)14:04  No.57469  L  P16R15
he keeps all the "deleted" dicks in a folder for later personal use
>>Anonymous  1mar2018(th)23:12  No.57480  M  P17R16
Thanks Anon. You're my hero. And the hero of Western Civilization.
>>Anonymous  2mar2018(fr)01:15  No.57482  N  P18R17
Did they really? lulz
>>Anonymous  2mar2018(fr)07:30  No.57502  O  P19R18
Yes, he's a hero to all the triggered insecure nazis with micrococks.
>>Anonymous  2mar2018(fr)09:41  No.57507  P  P20R19
You're retarded if you think this was made because someone was triggered that there was a black dick. The "fixed" meme is because of how triggered it makes people who think this is serious. Look at any of the "fixed" threads and you'll see the same thing.

Further, it's fucking obvious a joke because black dick was optional from the get-go and you had to go out of your way to select it.

>>Anonymous  2mar2018(fr)13:59  No.57514  Q  P21R20
Can you make a version that's de-cucked? I don't want any penises in there except my own. I'm not a cuck, you know.
>>Anonymous  2mar2018(fr)20:23  No.57519  R  P22R21
Why don't you see anything that's the other way around if it's "just a meme". Can't recall a time where someone took a white dick and made it black in a flash. Oh, and it's a bit hard to catch the "joke" when you see them speak about black ppl so negatively.
>>Anonymous  2mar2018(fr)23:35  No.57523  P  P23R22
1. Memes don't require a reversed version to exist for it to be a meme. What's the opposite of baneposting? Is it just regular posting? Man haha those regular posters man, good meme.
2. The meme started out with turning a -8 swf (which there was no color controls) brownish guy the exact same color as Rosalina. The momentum kept as the joke being "fixed version means turn black into white" because of the outrage that it received.
3. There are some swfs where they make blacked versions (christ-chan). Even then there's some swfs where they make someone vibrant blue (not_new_Blu).
4. Fucking make your own edit and call it "fixed" or "blacked" or w.e. the fuck you want, it's not hard at all. Don't be a fucking retard, do something instead of bitching and whining.

If you can't take offense humor, then go back to tumblr/reddit.

>>Anonymous  3mar2018(sa)00:56  No.57524  S  P24R23
You just got told.
>>Anonymous  3mar2018(sa)00:56  No.57525  S  P25
You're not a swfchan user, if you've never been triggered.
He's not an abuser, he just doesn't want it niggered.
>>Anonymous  3mar2018(sa)01:30  No.57527  T  P26R24
Now THIS is dedication
>>Anonymous  3mar2018(sa)05:30  No.57538  U  P27R25
That's one weird way to spell "tumbler", but maybe i'm behind the times here.
>>Anonymous  3mar2018(sa)18:04  No.57551  S  P28R26
>>Anonymous  7mar2018(we)02:37  No.57650  V  P29R27
>>Anonymous  7mar2018(we)08:49  No.57660  O  P30R28
But this isn't humor, it's just lazy edgelording. You can't bitch about people not getting the "joke" when there's nothing remotely clever about it.
>>Anonymous  7mar2018(we)11:58  No.57661  P  P31R29
This assumes no one finds "lazy edgelording" producing outrage to be funny. Humor has always been subjective. Claiming that a joke isn't a joke because you don't find it funny, doesn't make it not a joke. You can criticize it saying it's lazy or whatever, but you can't objectively claim it's not a joke.
In case you feel the need to reply with "I never said it's not a joke" then maybe you should google "scare quotes".
>>Anonymous  7mar2018(we)20:08  No.57666  W  P32R30
This thread has stayed active for a lot longer than I thought it would. Who the fuck is still triggered by this?
>>???? ????  7mar2018(we)23:37  No.57673  X  P33R31
Oh swfchan! You and your partial fascination of dark skin folk. :3
>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)01:51  No.57680  Y  P34R32
It's not really triggering anyone.
If anything, the 'I'm just pretending' bit only confirms why this was made. It's mockworthy, so it gets mocked.
>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)05:34  No.57691  Z  P35R33
How goes the day to day struggle of avoiding your built in nigger, I mean, your shadow, OP?
>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)08:03  No.57692  AA  P36R34
>It's not really triggering anyone
>33 replies
lol, k brah. Meanwhile, >>56968 has 10 replies, all of them meme replies. Proves that racists definitely have a thicker skin than SJW's and redditors. But hey, I get it, you faggots can't live without black dick, can you?
>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)08:05  No.57694  AA  P37
>It's not really triggering anyone
>33 replies
Meanwhile, >>>56968 has only 10 replies, all of them memes. Guess that proves racists have a much thicker skin than redditors and SJW's, you faggots just live in a state of being perpetually offended and prove it every chance you get, don't you?
>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)19:39  No.57709  V  P38R35
>either newfag or shy
>>Anonymous  8mar2018(th)20:00  No.57711  Y  P39R36
Most of these replies are edgy tryhards and the people mocking them.
Not exactly a good metric for success.

Also nice doublepost.

>>Anonymous  9mar2018(fr)00:30  No.57718  AB  P40R37

Half the posts here are because autists like you keep doubleposting by mistake
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